The only thing Equifax’s new credit app locks is itself

Equifax still appears to have trouble wrapping its head around the concept of trustworthy software following its massive security breach. The company has launched its promised free credit report locking service, Lock & Alert, but there's one over…
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How one former Facebook executive thinks the company should fix itself

As a privacy and public policy adviser, Dipayan Ghosh once worked to improve Facebook from the inside. Now a fellow at the New America Foundation, from 2015 to 2017 Ghosh helped to develop Facebook’s public positions on issues related to privacy, telecommunications, and ethical algorithms.

Ghosh, who previously served as a White House technology adviser under President Barack Obama, was troubled by the results of the 2016 election, and the role Facebook played in influencing voters. He quit his job at Facebook early last year and became a fellow at New America, a think tank focused on foreign policy, technology, and the economy. Together with Ben Scott, a senior adviser at New America, last week Ghosh published “Digital Deceit: The…

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WeWork is pitching itself to politicians as not part of the problem

Can WeWork do what Airbnb and Uber couldn’t? It should be easier.

WeWork has differed from its peers in the startup economy like Uber and Airbnb by escaping from the political and regulatory firefights that defined the early days of those insurgent companies.

But now the $ 20 billion office company is sharpening its political image as a friendly booster of cities’ local economies, part of an extended, months-long pitch that starts Friday at the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Washington. That’s where Adam Neumann, the company’s Israeli-American CEO, is set to argue that WeWork is a company to be courted, not feared.

“WeWork isn’t a corporation that comes to a city for the economic incentives only to close its doors a few years later,” the company said in a blog post, shared early with Recode, that lays out their new messaging. “We are your neighbor. We are a partner and we are a friend.”

WeWork purchases, divides up, and then rents out office space to entrepreneurs. While the company has encountered some push back from local housing and real estate interests, it has not confronted the same hostility that Uber did from the taxi industry or Airbnb did from hoteliers.

That’s not all due to WeWork’s tact. The challenge is easier for WeWork than it was for those other high-flying startups. Unlike Uber, WeWork doesn’t have displaced employees to fight off like taxi drivers. And unlike Airbnb, WeWork isn’t trying to dethrone a chain of entrenched corporations like Marriott or Hilton.

WeWork’s argument is, essentially, that what’s good for a local startup is good for the local economy. WeWork says that startups save money in a shared space as opposed to paying their own rents, and that there is a correlation between startup success and operating out of a WeWork.

And that trickles down to create what WeWork claims is a “2x economic multiplier” — meaning that every additional person using a WeWork means one additional new net job.

“For every city, once a successful homegrown businesses takes off, that leads to more jobs and a trend of sustained economic growth,” writes the company. “The success of the individual, the entrepreneur, and the small business creates an economic ripple effect.”

Of course, other startups have made similar arguments — and that hasn’t quelled the backlashes to their consumer-friendly innovations. Companies that grow inevitably collect enemies. But now Neumann and WeWork are beginning to more explicitly make their argument.

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Tim Cook talks about how the HomePod sets itself apart from Amazon and Google

During Tim Cook’s visit to Toronto, Apple coincidentally dropped news that its delayed home assistant speaker, the HomePod, is going to be available for pre-order on Friday in the US, UK, and Australia with units arriving on February 9. Also during the visit, Financial Post held an interview with Cook to discuss the HomePod and what the current home speaker competitors (Amazon and Google) aren’t quite doing right. Tim Cook explained that Apple’s integration between hardware and software services (and iOS) are what will set the HomePod apart from other speakers that are currently… – Latest articles

Honor 8 to get EMUI 8.0 features ported but not EMUI 8.0 / Oreo itself, other Honor devices slated to receive Oreo update listed

Huawei’s been releasing Oreo betas for several of its phones, but we still haven’t heard much about updates for Honor-branded devices. Now Huawei has published a list of all the devices that Oreo is being developed for. Oddly, the Honor 8 is mentioned in spite of a confirmation from Honor India on Twitter that the phone wouldn’t be getting Oreo.

We reached out to see what was going on.

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