Virtual nation Asgardia has launched itself into space

Last year, Russian scientist Igor Ashurbeyli announced the formation of Asgardia — a new virtual nation that will ultimately exist entirely in space. Since its debut, Asgardia has attracted over 300,000 registrants, created a constitution and, as of…
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ESPN looks to reinvent itself with a SportsCenter for Snapchat

More than three years ago, ESPN opened a 194,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art production facility known as Digital Center 2. That space was built to house five studios, including the home of its flagship show SportsCenter, which has been airing on T…
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Apple slams story of cash hidden in Jersey to reduce taxes, calls itself ‘largest taxpayer in the world’

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In a rare blog posting, Apple listed a series of inaccuracies in the "Paradise Papers" tax story reported by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, while outlining its business in Cork, Ireland; emphasizing that the company is the "largest taxpayer in the world" and repeating that it "pays every dollar it owes in every country around the world."
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Here’s How CRISPR Gene Editing is Allowing us to Rewrite Life Itself

CRISPR gene editing is a revolutionary technology that allows us to create, and recreate, life. This video covers the basics of what you need to know about this breakthrough.

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Lexus says its new luxury barge will drive itself by 2020

Lexus is the latest automaker to leap into the fray of highly automated driving, announcing that its “Highway Teammate” advanced driver assist system (ADAS) will be available in 2020. The system, which offers “automated driving from entrance ramp to exit ramp on motor-vehicle-only roadways,” is featured as part of the sleek, glowing LS+ concept that Lexus is showing off at the Tokyo auto show this week.

Highway Teammate will “enable automated merging, lane changes and diverging, as well as keep a vehicle in its lane and maintain vehicle-to-vehicle distance,” the Toyota-owned brand states. But as far as the types of sensors and cameras that it will be using to power its system, Lexus won’t say.

When its released, Highway Teammate will…

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