Best Social Media Apps for iPhone/iPad: Your Social Life Better Connected

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Best Social Media Apps for iPhone and iPad

Social media started off its journey on the web, and gradually it found a spectacular reception on the small screens of smartphones. The only reason that could be attached to this transformation is a quick response, or reaction users wanted to register on social media. This has inspired (or forced) smartphone makers to design and develop social media apps for users, who can immediately log on to the respective media to interact with their friends & family.

iPhone app developers came up with quick solutions and designed compatible social media apps for iPhone and iPad. The apps listed here are for social media geeks, who are continuously hooked to their Facebook walls and Tweeter handles. Apart from traditional apps, we have listed lesser known but equally useful apps for you. Explore each app and download your choice of apps on your iPhone and iPad.

Best Social Media Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Social Media Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. FireChat

FireChat Social Media iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Though this can’t be slotted into social media section, it indeed gathers people on the same page with its freebies. By this, I mean users don’t need Wi-Fi or mobile data, or Messages app on their iOS devices. So how exactly does it send messages? FireChat uses Bluetooth connection of users for nearby communication. The only drawback of the app is that private messaging cannot be done quickly, and group chats with some members can get disorderly.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free

#2. Wishbone

Wishbone Social Media iPhone App Screenshot

Wishbone is for the folks who never seem to get enough of fun-loving conversations. The app is a good-looking package for almost everything you would love to stay tuned. For instance, you can keep yourself updated with everything that’s rocking fashion world and also explore music as well as humor.

That’s not all; you will also be able to catch up with things that are rollicking the lives of celebrities. Want to look at your very best in the birthday party of your friend? Conduct a vote to find out in which dress you would be able to rock the dance floor!

Compatibility: iPhone
Price: Free

#3. Periscope

Periscope Social Media iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Periscope had created quite a buzz when it was first released in March 2015. Till then, it has garnered a tremendous response from users. The app was acquired by Twitter before it was publicly launched. The app was designed in a better way than the competitors’; moreover, developers of Periscope added some unique functionality to make it different. Good looks, smart interface, and heart system made Periscope a rock star on social media; so much so that now the noun has become a verb: “How about Periscoping our event?”

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free

#4. Timehop

Timehop Social Media iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

It’s nice to peek into the past. Timehop helps you live your yesteryears. The app simply brings your old photos and posts from your iPhone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Foursquare and replays your past. It is like walking down memory lane with Timehop. Celebrate some unforgettable moments in your life and stay connected with friends.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free

#5. GroupMe

GroupMe Social Media iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

GroupMe is a home for all the groups you are a part of Family, Roommates, Friends, Coworkers, Teams, Events and more. Start adding people to their phone numbers or email IDs; even if they don’t have an app on their iPhones, they can participate in chat over SMS. You can manage notifications effectively; if you find some chats offensive, you can always mute those conversations or entire app. GroupMe boasts some exclusive emojis to express your emotions; why use words when you have the amazing list of emojis?

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free

#6. Path

Path Social Media iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Unlike Facebook, where thousands of known and unknown friends flock to post, comment, like, and share your stuff, Path has charted its own route. It allows you to create a close-knit group of your friends or family; this group could be your inmates or best buddies, or they could be your siblings, cousins, and parents. Like an Offline world, you can share photos, videos, thoughts, places, music, TV shows, movies, books, workouts, and sleep. Use creative tools to make funny and creative photos to share with members.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free

#7. Snapchat

Snapchat Social Media iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Snapchat doesn’t need any introduction. The app was launched as Picaboo, which disappeared from the market; after a few months, the same app appeared Snapchat. The short-lived messages were responsible for the instant hit among college students, who like to create photos with awkward selfies, blurry videos, and funny faces. The app has quickly impressed teens, who are particularly hard to please; even Facebook is fumbling in this category.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free

#8. Messenger

Facebook Messenger Social Media iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A Messenger from Facebook allows Facebook users to chat with one another. Apart from chat, the app lets users create groups and send photos. The app was first launched in 2011, and after three years, Facebook made it compulsory to download Messenger on smartphones for all Facebook users. However, this move of Facebook met with a strong backlash from users, who complained about performance issue and privacy concerns.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
Price: Free

#9. WhatsApp

WhatsApp Social Media iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

With the advent of WhatsApp, traditional SMS has lost its foothold. Unlimited messaging is the key attraction of WhatsApp coupled with sharing photos, videos, and audios. The app also provides a facility to make calls if your smartphone is connected to Wi-fi or mobile data. The important feature of this app is WhatsApp Web, which allows users to use all phone app features on the browser of the computer. The app became so popular that Facebook acquired it. It is the most downloaded apps in the US today.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free

#10. Hootsuite

HootSuite iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

So, you find it a bit difficult to manage all of your social accounts? Go for Hootsuite to get on top of your multiple social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn right from within this app.

Use this app to quick post messages to your favorite social app. Take the utmost advantage of the AutoSchedule feature to effortlessly schedule messages for a number of days. Check out all of your accounts and deal with them from within the app. To use the app without any restriction, update to the premium version (USD 29 per month).

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad

That’s all, for now!

What’s your favorite?

I know some of the apps mentioned above have caught your eyes. May I know their names and the features you have liked in them?

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Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone/iPad: Get Thin with Your iDevice

Weight Loss Apps for iPhone iPad

When it comes to losing weight, you need accurate guidance to shed those extra pounds. This can only be done if you know how to carry forward your exercise regime. To make your task a bit straightforward, we have compiled the best weight loss apps for iPhone and iPad.

So, choose the perfect weight loss program and hit the ground running to kill tons of pounds with less stress! Keep an eye on your progress to remain tuned. And if you ever need some inspiration, ask your personal guide to fix the doubting Thomas!

Weight Loss Apps for iPhone iPad

Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Runtastic Six Pack

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout iPhone and iPad Weight Loss App Sceenshot

Runtastic Six pack is an all-rounder app. You can use the app anywhere and anytime. The app helps in reducing weight, waist and toning abdominals. The app has two realistic female and male avatars for guiding you.

The app comes with more than 50 workout videos, pre-step workouts and 10-week six pack plan. You can even enter your customized workouts for specific target areas. The app keeps a check on your heart rate and visualizes your body fat & provides you perfect plan to tone it down. The app gives you your progress graph and has the inbuilt reminder that will never make you lose your workout.

Price: Free

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#2. BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator iPhone and iPad Weight Loss App Screenshot

BMI calculator can be very effective in letting you keep an eye on your weight. The app tells you what your ideal weight should be. It calculates your Body Mass Index and your waist-to-Height Ratio depending on your age and gender.

It has a clean user-interface that allows you to enter your height and weight values. With this app, you can also decide your exercise pattern to reach your goal.

Price: Free

#3. Fooducate

Fooducate iPhone and iPad Weight Loss App Screenshot

Fooducate app displays the exact food value. You need to scan the barcode of your food product to know its nutritious value. The app will show pros and cons of the food and will give you better substitutes for it. You can even enter your own food to track and check. The app gives personalize features after you have subscribed to it.

The upgrade features include customized feedbacks, tips by age, gender, weight, health conditions, etc. You can buy them for the in-app purchases that range from $ 1.99 – $ 14.99.

Price: Free

#4. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club iPhone and iPad Weight Loss App Screenshot

Nike Training Club is specially designed for women. The app has structured workouts for the four-week program. You can customize or select your favorite drills to be toned, or shaped. The app has various workouts with visual and video support.

The app features free workouts from famous female athletes to keep you motivated. You can access to your progress that gets stored in the app and share them on social media to compare results with others. The app has a progress bar that will calculate minutes for each workout and help you in reaching your aim.

Price: Free

#5. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo iPhone and iPad Weight Loss App Screenshot

Endomondo Sports Tracker app allows you to track your fitness regime. You can add every sport and its details you have done. The app will send you audio feedback for each Kilometer covered by you.

You can even keep a training diary to analyze and compare your sessions. You can even fix in a goal you want to cover, and audio guide will help you with it. Upgrade to the premium account for $ 2.99 or more to avail customized benefits.

Price: Free

#6. Lose It!

Lose It iPhone and iPad Weight Loss App Screenshot

Lose It! offers a more effective weight loss program. With the DNA-based insights, the app lets you know which food, drinks, and activities could be pivotal for you in losing a lot of pounds.

You can quickly log food just by snapping its photo. You will be able to search the huge database or use the barcode scanner to easily scan foods. It allows you to track several important things like calories with macronutrient, water, health, and body measurement goals.

The app is integrated with a number of apps & devices like Fitbit trackers, Misfit trackers, Fitbit scales, Withings scales, Healthkit and more. Though Lose It! is available for free, you can upgrade to the premium version $ 39.99/year to unlock additional features.

Price: Free

#7. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

MyFitnessPal is a full-fledged fitness app. You can select from over 350 exercises or create your own custom exercises to speed up the weight loss.

The app lets you easily log cardio exercises like running, walking, biking, swimming, yoga, etc. You will also be able to enter strength exercises such as sets, reps, and weight per set.

You can set daily step goal and view the graph of your step history. But what stands out for this app is the support for over 50 fitness apps and devices including Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Garmin, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, Strava, Runtastic, Misfit, Withings, HealthKit, UA Record and more.

Price: Free

#8. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Weight Watchers is really smart in not just providing you the right tips required to get fitter but also stay motivated. With the help of this app, you can eat better and keep track of your food.

Quickly scan and find the values of your food. Avoid eating junk food to ensure you remain on track. Share photos and videos about your progress with the ever-growing community.

Moreover, you can sync the app with Apple Health to convert your daily steps into FitPoints to get the perfect measurement for the activity.

Price: Free

#9. Weight Loss Fitness

Weight Loss iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This one offers training plan depending on your personal parameters and goals.
Bolstered by red rock apps personal fitness platform artificial intelligence, the app provides real-time plan adjustment based on your feedback and progress.

You have the absolute freedom to manage your workout schedules and choose the number of workouts to do per week. Can’t spare a lot of time every day for exercise? No problem. The app offers training sessions of even 6 seconds. So, you don’t have any excuse for saying no to the workout. With the video and audio coach support, it helps you stay on track.

Price: Free

#10. MevoFit

MevoFit Weight Loss iPhone App Screenshot

Based on your goal, create a low-calorie diet plan and get on with the program to lose the extra fat and achieve the desired figure. MevoFit offers healthy food advice ensuring you stay away from the junk food. The app has an advanced calorie tracking mechanism that keeps you informed and never lets you cross the line.

It has a massive database with more than 5,00,000 food items. If you aren’t good at typing or don’t find it convenient, you can use even your voice to quick log food items.

Keep an eye on your distance, pace, calories using the advanced running tracker. Take the full advantage of over 50 workout routine and plans to remain focused towards accomplish your goal!

Price: Free

That’s all!

Your favorite?

Now that you have got the top fitness apps get a more personalized plan to be fitter and healthier than ever before. And yes, do let me know which one of these apps have got more points from you!

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How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock in iOS 11 or Earlier on iPhone/iPad

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad

Find My iPhone features “Activation Lock” which has been specifically developed to safeguard your iOS device and Apple Watch. Once it’s enabled, it doesn’t allow anyone else to use your device. One must enter your Apple ID and passwords to reactivate your device, erase contents or turn off Find My iPhone. But what if you have found someone else’ lost iPhone or bought a used iOS device from an online portal and discover that Find My iPhone is enabled on the device. In such cases, you may want to know how to bypass iCloud activation lock in iOS 11 or earlier on your iPhone or iPad.

Though unlocking iCloud activation from your iOS device is complex, you can get through it with the help of third party bypass iCloud activation lock tool. More after the jump:

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 11, 10, 9, 8 or Earlier

Which iPhone and iPad Support Activation Lock?

Following hundreds of reports of iPhone theft, Apple introduced “Activation Lock” with iOS 7. So, any device running iOS 7 or later support this theft deterrent featuring. For instance, you can Bypass or Unlock iCloud Activation Lock from your iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X along with pretty much any iPad.

Can You Remove iCloud Lock By Jailbreaking It?

Some sources claim that iCloud lock can be removed by jailbreaking it. However, it’s completely false, and you must not give ears to such claims.

At best, jailbreak allows you to tweak some functionalities of your device or customize it. By the way, it’s no longer as relevant today as it used to before.

You have two options when you find an iPhone or iPad with Activation Lock On:

If you find any iOS device with iCloud Lock on, you have two options:

Bypass Activation Lock: If you bypass the iCloud Lock of any iPhone or iPad, you will be able to access only certain features of the device. It might help you access some personal information of the owner of the iPhone so that you can contact them to return the device.

Remove iCloud Lock: But if you end up buying an iOS device with the iCloud lock on and can’t contact the seller of the device, you will have the option to remove the Activation lock from the device. It will require you to wait for a few days and also spend some money.

How to Use Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Tool

Though there are various websites that claim to successfully unlock Activation Lock of iPhone or iPad, there are two sites and Official iPhoneUnlock that have a fairly reliable record. Besides, they don’t take much time to get the job done.

When it comes to removing Activation Lock from an iOS device, you shouldn’t trust everyone. Besides, make sure not to be trapped by scammers who try to lure people with a lot of freebies.

Why do we recommend these two sites? We suggest these two sites purely based on their track record and customers’ feedback. If we find any other sites doing a reliable work, we would recommend them as well.

Remove Activation Unlock Using Official iPhoneUnlock on iPhone and iPad

Official iPhoneUnlock takes 1 to 3 days and charges £19.99 (about $ 27 USD) to unlock iOS devices.

Step #1. First off, visit

Step #2. Next up, click on “iCloud Unlock” from the Sidebar menu.

Step #3. Up next, enter the iPhone model, IMEI number of the iPhone you want to unlock the iCloud account. If you don’t know how to get it, then dial *#06# to get the IMEI number.

Unlock iPhone and iCloud Account

In case, the iPhone is locked, and you aren’t able to use the dialer, then you need to tap on the “i” on the device screen to get the IMEI number. (If nothing works, eject the sim tray on your iPhone. The IMEI will be printed on the sim tray – be careful as sim trays are sometimes changed.)

Step #4. Now, make payment and wait for 1-3 days to get your iCloud account unlocked.

For more information visit

Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone Using is considered to be one of the most trusted services that unlock iCloud activation lock. It charges £39.99 (approximately $ 50 USD) per unlock. You will have to wait up to 3 days to get the lock removed.

Step #1. Head over to website, select the model of your device and provide its IMEI number. There are three ways you can get the IMEI code.

  • To get IMEI code, dial *#06#
  • On iPhone 5 or newer, the IMEI is printed on the back of the device.
  • If your device is not activated, you will see “i” button on the screen, tap it. Now, you should see the IMEI code.

Step #2. You have to give the model of the device you wish to unlock. Head over to and pick the iPhone model and provide the IMEI number.

Step #3. Next, click on the Unlock now! button.

Step #4. Now, you can pay the fee using either Visa or Mastercard. Make sure to enter your email address to remain up-to-date about the unlock process.

Step #5. Next up, click on “Buy now!” button and offer your payment details.

Now, you will have to wait for 1-3 days.

Bypass iCloud Activation Without Lock Removal Tool

If you don’t want to use the bypass tool, there is a way to remove the iCloud activation lock. However, the trick is not so reliable as it may not function consistently.

Step #1. First off, you need to reboot your iPhone on which you want to bypass Activation Lock.

Step #2. Next, kickstart the setup process and then you have to select your country and language.

Step #3. On the “Choose a Wi-Fi Network” screen, you need to tap on the “i” button next to the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect to.

Step #4. Next, you have to scroll down to “DNS.” Then type in one of the following.

  • USA/North America:154.51.7
  • Europe:155.28.90
  • Asia:155.220.58
  • In the rest of the world:109.17.60

Step #4. Now, tap “Back >” at the top left-hand corner of the screen and then click on your Wi-Fi network.

Step #5. Next up, you will have to enter your Wi-Fi password and tap on “Join” at the top right corner.

Step #6. Tap on the back button at the top right corner to get back to the Wi-Fi page and Now, your iOS device will try to activate by going to a new screen. Don’t let it do so. Tap on the back button at the top right corner to get back to the Wi-Fi page.

Now, you should see “” at the top. Scroll and tap on the menu in order to access apps and several features. Choose the app, which you think, can provide the right information about the owner of the iPhone.

For instance, you can open FaceTime and look for the email address that would help you find out the information of the user.

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Check Out Below Videos to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad

Source: EverythingApplePro

So far we have focused on removing or bypassing Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad. Now, we would like to talk about some of the other crucial aspects, which you need to remember before buying or selling your iOS device.

Check for Activation Lock Before Buying the iPhone From Someone Else

Roundabout 50% of iOS devices are legally sold with Activation Lock on. In some cases, the seller doesn’t remove iCloud lock intentionally to ask for more money later, and in other cases, it happens accidentally. To avoid being trapped, you should check whether the device is locked or not before buying it.

Before buying an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch from an authorized Apple reseller, you must ensure that the device is erased and isn’t linked to the previous owner’s account. Besides, you need to ask the seller whether or not they’ve removed Activation Lock.

Turn on the device. If the passcode lock screen or the Home screen appears, that means it hasn’t been erased. Then, ask the seller to completely erase the device. Settings → General → Reset → Erase All Content and Settings. If you’re requested for the previous owner’s Apple ID and password, that means that the device is still associated with their account.

In case the previous owner isn’t present, you can ask them to remove the device from their account by signing in to When you are prompted to “Set up your iPhone/iPad” the first time you turn it on, it means Activation Lock is disabled on it.

Check the Status of iPhone or iPad Before Buying

Another important thing you need to keep in mind before buying an iPhone from an unknown seller is to ensure that the device is not stolen. Earlier Apple allowed viewing the status of any iOS device using Activation Lock tool. But now it has removed the option in the wake of some reports that Chinese hackers were taking the undue advantage of it. However, you can still check the status of any device.

Head over to site and enter the IMEI of the device you want to purchase. The tool will compare the IMEI against several source databases and deliver the quick result. The IMEI number is generally printed on the back of devices. But if it’s not printed there, you can check it from the Settings app.

If you are still reading this post, I think you know the pain when someone finds his/her iPhone with iCloud lock enabled. Hence, it’d be better if you unlock iCloud lock before selling it.

Important things you need to do before selling or giving away your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

There are certain things you need to do before selling or giving away your device. First and foremost, you must remove your personal information. Make sure not to manually delete your contacts, calendars, reminders, documents, photos as well as any other iCloud information if you are signed in to iCloud on your device. It will wipe out your content from the iCloud servers and any of your devices which are signed in to iCloud.

If you have paired your Apple Watch with iPhone, unpair them.

Take Backup

Make sure to back up your device. Connect your device to the computer and open iTunes. Then, select your device from the top left menu. Next, click on Back Up Now.

Sign out of iCloud and the iTunes & App Store

On your device running iOS 10.3 or later, tap Settings → [your name]. Then, you need to scroll down and tap Sign Out. Next, you have to enter your Apple ID password and then tap Turn Off.

If your device is running iOS 10.2 or earlier, tap Settings → iCloud → Sign Out. Next, you have to tap Sign Out again, then tap Delete from My [device] and enter your Apple ID password.

Next up, you need to tap on Settings → iTunes & App Store → Apple ID → Sign Out.

Erase All Content and Settings

Then, head over to Settings and tap General → Reset → Erase All Content and Settings. If you have enabled Find My iPhone, you might be asked to enter your Apple ID and password.

If prompted to enter your device passcode or Restrictions passcode, do it. Then tap Erase [device].

What if you don’t have your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch anymore?

Just as you haven’t followed the steps above before selling or giving away your iOS device.

Tell the new owner to erase all content and settings. Settings app → General → Reset → Erase Content and Settings.

In case, you are using iCloud and Find My iPhone on the device, head over to Then sign in using your Apple ID and passwords. Next, click on Find My iPhone → All Devices → select the device, and click Erase. After you have erased your device, click Remove from Account.

Note: Just in case you are unable to follow either of the above steps, change your Apple ID password. Though it won’t remove your personal information stored on your old device, it will stop the new owner from removing your information from iCloud.

In case you are using Apple Pay, you have the option to remove your credit or debit cards at

Go to Settings to check out which devices are using Apple Pay. Next, click the device which is next to Apple Pay → click on Remove.

What if you find yourself in a situation when you have forgotten your Apple ID passwords? Will you straightaway go for the removal of Activation Lock from your iOS device? No.

Things you need to do if you forget your Apple ID or password:

Apple can help you find your Apple ID if you happen to forget it. You have the option to reset your password from your device or your Apple ID account page.

One of the simple ways to never forget Apple ID is to use password managers. We have compiled a long list of the best password manager apps for iOS. Besides, iOS 11 has got a built-in password manager to let you easily manage your account and password.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you would be able to bypass the Activation Lock of your device using the solutions mentioned above. I would recommend you to first unlock the Activation Lock by yourself. Just in case, it doesn’t work, then use “” or “Official iPhoneUnlock” as both are very reliable and user-friendly. Besides, they don’t charge much and successfully remove the Activation Lock within 1-3 working days.

Besides, follow the ways mentioned above to manage your Apple ID passwords or use Find My iPhone smartly so that you never run into the mess.

Have any question? Let us know that in the comments below.

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iPhone Battery Drain? These Best iPhone/iPad Battery Saver Apps Are For You!

Best iPhone Battery Management Apps

Battery issues on the iPhone is a consistent pain in the you-know-where. It’s a common problem which all of us have encountered on our iPhones at some time or the other. On most occasions, the issue is caused by power-hungry features, which can be managed properly to maximize iPhone battery. But if you wish to go a step further and have detailed information about how the battery is performing on your device and its actual health status, these best battery saver apps for iPhone and iPad can be of immense help.

Monitor system level operation on your device and find out the real status of the battery. Once you have caught the culprits red-handed, you know how to deal with them!

Best iPhone Battery Management Apps

Top Battery Management Apps for iPhone and iPad 2018

#1. Battery Life – check runtimes

Battery Life iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Battery Life is what you need to keep a tab on the battery consumption on your iOS device. It shows your device’ total runtimes. For instance, you can check the talk time, Wi-Fi and LTE browsing, video, audio time. The app also displays the in-depth data of your battery so that you remain aware of its condition.

Today widget allows you to track the battery life of your device with ease. The neat user-interface coupled with the support of several languages including English, Albanian, Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, etc. makes this app very useful.

Price: Free

#2. Battery HD+

Battery HD Plus Express iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Battery HD+ is an easy-to-use battery monitor for your iPhone and iPad. With this app, you can quickly find out how much juice is left for your Internet browsing, talk time, video watching, music listening, etc.

Thanks to Today widget, the app lets you comfortably track your device’ battery. Once your device is fully charged, it alerts you that it’s time to remove the iPhone from charging.

Moreover, Battery HD+ has the support of multiple languages like English, Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish and more.

Price: Free

#3. Battery Health – Your Doctor

Only a doctor can let you find out what ails the battery of your iPhone and what should be done to fix it. Pick out Battery Health to have the comprehensive information of your device’ battery and its wear level.

Take a look at the total runtimes of the battery. It also provides hardware tests for your device. For example, you can get to know the functionality of the 3D Touch, GPS, flashlight, volume button and more. What’s more, Battery Health also offers additional information about storage, memory, CPU, GPU, network and more.

Price: $ 1.99

#4. Battery Saver

It’s important to know the health of the battery as only then will you be able to know how well it can perform. With Battery Saver, you can instantly find out the real condition of your device’ battery and prevent it from losing steam.

The app shows the memory status of your device and also lets you monitor the available disk space and filled space. Besides, you will also be able to keep a tab on the battery status of your iPhone.

Price: Free

#5. Battery Doctor Express

Battery Doctor Express iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

What I have really appreciated about Battery Doctor Express is the ability to provide detailed information about the power usage on your device. For instance, you can get to know which activities like reading, playing or audio playback are consuming most battery on your device.

Check out the real-time power consumption ranking. It will provide you the better idea of the system operation and be able to prevent your iPhone battery from draining. Besides, you can also keep track of available power level and time estimation.

Price: Free

#6. Battery Life Doctor

Battery Life Doctor is a pretty simple app, which has an attractive user-interface. The app offers accurate system information so that you know which activities are draining the battery of your device. You can view the crucial data of your battery and get to know its real health.

You will check the available time estimation. And with battery fully charged reminder, it alerts you when your device is all set to go.

Price: Free

#7. Battery Care

Battery Care iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Battery Care” works as a smart guide and assists you in keeping a tab on the battery usage. The app provides some valuable tips that can be pivotal in extending the battery life of your device. Besides, they can also be very helpful in charging your device securely.

The in-depth battery data offers you the right insight about power usage and how to reduce it. Furthermore, Battery Care supports multiple languages including English, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

Price: Free

Empower Your iPhone Battery to Last Long!

Now, take the full advantage of these apps to perfectly manage the battery life of your iPhone. I’m sure they can be of enormous help in powering up the device to last longer.

If there is any apps we have missed to include in this list, do let us know that in the comments below.

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