Apple under investigation by DOJ, SEC for disclosures of its iPhone slow-down update

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Apple’s battery fiasco continues to grow as the US government gets involved. According to a Bloomberg report, the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating if Apple violated securities laws with its disclosures surrounding a software update that intentionally slowed down the performance of older iPhones. The DOJ and SEC have requested more information from Apple on the subject.

No other details have been reported since the investigation is still new. It’s possible that the government is looking into Apple violating the securities laws that require publicly traded companies to disclose accurate financial information, including risk factors associated with investing in the company. The DOJ and SEC may consider the update that included the slow-down practices a risk factor that could affect the company’s stock and one that wasn’t properly disclosed to investors. As of writing this article, Apple’s stock fell 1.02 percent to $ 166.21 per share.

But this new investigation doesn’t signal definite wrongdoing by Apple—just an investigation by the government to see whether or not wrongdoing occurred. It’s also unclear which securities laws the DOJ and SEC are referencing—and since the probe is private, it’s hard to anticipate when more information about the investigation will be made public.

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Microsoft updates Office for iPhone & iPad with real-time collaboration, drag & drop

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Microsoft on Tuesday released major updates to the iOS versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, adding features like real-time collaboration, and drag-and-drop support on iPads with iOS 11 or later.
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Review: iOS Game Controller for iPhone & iPad from Gamevice

Jealous of devices like the Nintendo Switch, with their physical controllers? Help is on the way, thanks to Gamevice ($ 79.95–$ 99.95). Gamevice is a collapsible/expandable controller that encloses an iPhone. It’s somewhat adjustable for different-sized iPhones as long as they aren’t in a case. The Gamevice is comfortable to the touch and has handy buttons, joysticks, and a diamond pad. They sell different versions for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices and have a Lightning, microUSB or even USB-C port. The Gamevice supports over 1,000 games and there is a handy reference page on their website.

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There are even branded models available, with optional decals for games like Street Fighter or The Walking Dead, and the Street Fighter one even includes a $ 5 iTunes gift card so you can purchase the app. Considering it sells for the same price as the base model, that’s a no brainer, as you could buy any app you want. You can even use the Gamevice to control devices like DJI Spark drones or specific robotic toys from Sphero! There’s also a headphone jack, which is nice. You could spend $ 10 just for that or $ 30 for an adapter with a headphone jack and Lightning port so you can charge while listening.

The device itself is powered from your iOS device’s Lightning port, and while it doesn’t have a built-in battery to charge your iPhone, there is a pass-through Lightning port for charging while in use.


  • Adjustable for many different sized iPhones
  • Comfortable controls and finish
  • Versions for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices
  • Works with many games
  • Branded models available
  • Pass-through Lightning port for charging
  • Works with drones and certain Sphero-based toys


  • Only works with naked iPhones
  • Separate version for iPads
  • No battery built in

Final Verdict

If you’re feeling envious of friends with their portable gaming devices, like the Nintendo Switch, there’s an option for iPhone and iPad users, as well as Android users, thanks to Gamevice.

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Report: iPhone X Was Among Top Three Best-Selling Smartphones Last Month In Five Major Markets

Despite continued rumors and claims by analysts that the iPhone X is showing poorer sales than Apple had anticipated, new data tracked by Kantar Worldpanel has that very same iPhone X as one of the top three best-selling smartphones for the month of December.

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