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Today we’ve got everything you need to know about HomePod’s first controversy, Berkshire Hathaway’s latest massive AAPL investment, and KGI Securities prediction on upcoming iPhone sales.

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Capcom Just Updated ‘Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective’ Adding iPhone X and iOS 11 Support

Capcom’s Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective [Free] is still considered one of the better Nintendo DS games. It released pretty late in the life cycle of the console but had great reviews across the board. It even won some awards at the time. I was pretty glad to see it release on iOS a year later. The sad thing is, the game never got the sales it deserved. Ghost Trick on the App Store has had quite the rocky history with OS updates. As with many Japanese ports, iOS updates sometimes break things and in a lot of cases, games remain broken for too long. Last year saw a double whammy in updates with iOS 11 dropping support for 32-bit apps with the Appocalypse and the iPhone X releasing introducing another aspect ratio to design for. Watch the Ghost Trick trailer below:

Ghost Trick got updated for iOS 10 support a while back and today it receives an iOS 11 and iPhone X support update. I tried Ghost Trick on my iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2.5 and could play it without issues before updating. I saw no change post updating either as expected. The screenshots on the App Store are now iPhone X ones and you can tell the “iPhone X” support just adds more artwork in the non game portion of the screen on both sides. A lot of old ports saw black bars added on the left and right when iOS moved to 16:9 aspect ratios and Ghost Trick for iPhone X has extended the artwork on the sides (not the game visuals) a bit more to fill up the screen.

I’m still impressed that Capcom has updated this given it is obviously not super successful. On the other hand Bioshock is still nowhere to be seen. If you haven’t played Ghost Trick yet, now is a great time to check it out. You can play the first two chapters for free as well. Read our review of it here.


How to Take Screenshot of Instagram Stories without Sending a Notification on iPhone and Android

How to Take Screenshot of Instagram Stories Anonymously

If you don’t like anyone to take the screenshot of your stories, there is good news! And if you love snapping the stories of your friends to view them offline there is bad news! Instagram is reportedly going to notify users whenever anyone tries to screenshot their stories.

This new feature is aimed at increasing the privacy and will be certainly appreciated by many. Don’t be disappointed at all as there four simple ways to screenshot Instagram stories without sending notification on iPhone and Android. Willing to take a glance at these methods? Here you go!

How to Take Screenshot of Instagram Stories Anonymously

How to Screenshot Instagram Stories without Sending a Notification on iPhone and Android

Use Airplane Mode

The simplest way to take the screenshot of any Instagram story without getting caught is to use Airplane Mode.

Step #1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device. And tap on the profile under the stories.

Open Instagram and Go to Story on iPhone or Android

Step #2. Now, head over to the story which you want to capture.

Open Story on Instagram on iPhone or Android

Step #3. On your iOS device: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up Control Center and tap on Airplane Mode button to turn it on.

Enable Airplane Mode on iPhone

On your iPhone X, swipe down from the top right corner to access CC. Then tap on Airplane Mode button to turn it on.

Use Airplane Mode on iPhone X

On your Android device: Just swipe down from the top of the screen to bring up Quick Settings menu and then turn on Airplane mode.

Step #4. Next, capture the screenshot.

Take Instagram Story Screenshot Anonymously on iPhone or Android

On your iOS device: Press the Home button and ON/OFF button at once (On your iPhone X, you need to press side button and volume up button at once.)

On your Android device: Press power and volume down button.

Use the Web App

Another simple way of capturing Instagram stories without sending notification is to use the web app.

Step #1. Open any web browser on your mobile device and head over to instagram.com.

Step #2. Now, sign in to your account.

Step #3. Next, navigate to the story you wish to snap. Then, capture the screenshot.

Use Third-Party Apps

There are several third-party apps that allow you to save Instagram stories. You can comfortably browse through all the stories posted by your friends and save them to your photo library.

We have made a complete guide on how to save Instagram photos and videos to Camera Roll on iPhone. Head over to this post if you are using the iOS device.

To save stories on your Android device, use the FastSave app. It boasts more than 10 million users and lets you save Instagram photos and videos with ease. Moreover, it’s available for free.

Use Another Mobile Device to Snap the Shot

There is one more way to snap the stories! You can use another mobile device to capture the photo of the stories and save them to your photo library to catch up with them at your own pace.

That’s done!

Over to You:

What’s your take on this new feature? Share your feedback in the comments below.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Teaser Videos Offer First Look At iPhone X Animoji Competitor

Samsung has released a series of new video teasers for Galaxy S9, with one offering our first look at the company’s answer to iPhone X Animoji feature.

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6.1-inch LCD iPhone Predicted to Replace iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

The historically accurate Ming-Chi Kuo, of KGI Securities is back this morning with his latest research note. Kuo not only corroborates a number of his own previous predictions about Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup — but sheds some additional light on what else we can expect.

In his memo, Kuo doubles-down on his previous 2018 iPhone forecast, reiterating that the lineup will include two OLED display-equipped models in addition to a new mid-range 6.1-inch LCD-equipped model boasting Face ID, a bezel-less display, and a design similar to iPhone X.

Meanwhile, thanks to a number of strategic decisions on Apple’s part, Kuo says it’s likely that the handset will outright replace the company’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as its all-new mid-range offering and could be sold at a much “more accessible price” of around $ 699, Kuo predicted.

He goes on to cite Apple’s decision to use “slightly less premium” components, including aluminum alloy instead of metal, and a cheaper LCD display — all while incorporating the iPhone X’s stunning, bezel-less design and premium style — as reason to believe it will be Apple’s most popular handset of 2018.

Not only that, but Kuo boldly predicted that Apple could sell as many as 100 million of the new 6.1-inch iPhones in their first year on the market. And while that may seem awfully optimistic, it’s worth noting that if one, 6.1-inch handset will in fact replace two, 4.7- and 5.5-inch models, Kuo might actually be on the right track.

After all, during its most recently reported quarter alone, Apple sold a whopping 77.3 million iPhones.. Consider that, relative to some of the company’s previous iPhone sales figures, and it doesn’t seem improbable at all, really, that Apple could sell 100 million of a single iPhone model in one year.

Only time will tell; but it’s going to be an interesting season either way if the only new iPhone options we’ll have to choose from are a 5.8-inch model for $ 999+, a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus that’s certain to cost much more than that, and a 6.1-inch model for only $ 699.

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Qualcomm unveils 2-gigabit LTE modem amid rumors Apple’s iPhone going Intel-only

Article Image

Qualcomm on Wednesday revealed the Snapdragon X24, its latest LTE modem for mobile devices, with peak download speeds hitting 2 gigabits per second — though Apple may choose to forego the technology in its next iPhones.
AppleInsider – Frontpage News

Tech Deals: $250 Off iPhone 7 Plus, 20% Off iPhone X Leather Case, 12.9-Inch iPad Pro With $150 Discount, More

The middle of the week is always an excellent time to lift your spirits with the viewing and purchase of some wonderful technology. As always, we are there for you with a selection of hand-picked deals which are all designed to save you money. And we have some wonderful deals on hardware and accessories today. Check them out below, and remember, act quickly!

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New version of the iPhone X with an even bigger screen might cost just $699 this year

iPhone X Plus Release Date

According to comments made during yesterday’s shareholder meeting by Apple CEO Tim Cook, the iPhone X has a customer satisfaction rating of 99%. He didn’t elaborate on exactly where that figure came from, but it’s safe to say that Apple’s tenth-anniversary iPhone is a hit with Apple fans. The iPhone X is by far the most impressive iPhone Apple has ever released, both in terms of power and design. The glass and stainless steel housing is stunning, and the “notched” OLED display started a trend that at least a half-dozen Android phone makers have already begun to copy.

If the iPhone X is so great, why doesn’t every Apple fan have one? Why buy the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus instead? The answer to those two linked questions is twofold. One reason is many people don’t want to lose Touch ID, which has been replaced on the iPhone X by Apple’s often-fickle Face ID solution. The second reason is price, plain and simple. While Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup isn’t expected to bring back Touch ID, a new report from the world’s top Apple insider says that the problem of price will indeed be addressed.

The iPhone X is among the first in a new breed of ultra-premium, ultra high-priced smartphones. It’s built using premium materials, it’s packed full of premium technology, and it’s priced at $ 1,000 and up. Even with the many financing options out there in big markets like the United States, that’s still a whole lot of money to cough up for a smartphone. Meanwhile, the iPhone 8 starts at just $ 699 despite offering nearly identical performance and features.

Of course, the reason for the price discrepancy is fairly obvious: the iPhone 8 costs far less because it doesn’t feature the same premium materials and components. It doesn’t have the iPhone X’s pricey OLED display, it’s made of aluminum rather than stainless steel, and it doesn’t have several expensive internal components from the iPhone X like the dual-lens camera, additional RAM, a stacked board, or an L-shaped battery setup.

In 2018, Apple will apparently drag its least expensive flagship iPhone into the future. In a note to clients on Wednesday seen by MacRumors, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo offered new details on the third new iPhone X successor Apple supposedly plans to release in 2018.

In addition to a new version of the 5.8-inch iPhone X, Kuo says a larger Plus model will be released with a 6.5-inch OLED display. On top of that, Kuo has reported that Apple will release a third new model to lower the cost of entry to its modernized iPhone lineup. The third model will feature the same almost-all-screen design as two OLED models, but it will feature a “notched” 6.1-inch LCD screen and less expensive components.

On Wednesday, Kuo added one more important detail to the puzzle: price. According to the analyst, the 6.1-inch iPhone X successor Apple releases this coming September could start at just $ 699, in line with the current iPhone 8. Despite having a larger display than the sequel to the iPhone X, the 6.1-inch version will apparently have an LCD screen instead of OLED, an aluminum mid-frame instead of stainless steel, less RAM, a smaller battery, and a conventional non-stacked SLP. It also won’t support 3D Touch, according to Kuo.

All three of the new iPhone models covered in Kuo’s note on Wednesday morning are expected to be released in September.

Apple – BGR

Best Valentine’s Day iPhone Apps-2018: Roundup of Loving iPhone Apps

Best Valentine's Day iPhone Apps

They say, “True love can’t be defined in words or expressed. It can only be felt.” But these Valentine’s Day iPhone apps are designed to let you put your romantic feelings across as effortlessly as you can ever imagine. As no otherworldly thing can be more amazing than your sweetheart, you must come up with something marvelous to make him/her feel special. And, you know why it’s so interesting to pamper your loved one…

Whether you wish to create a beautiful card, send touching quotes or play love quiz with your dear one, these Valentine’s Day apps ensure you are able to win over your darling with aplomb. Let’s dive across to pick a nice app to bring plenty of smile for your loved one!

Best Valentine's Day iPhone Apps

Valentine’s Day iPhone Apps – 2018

#1. Valentine Day Photo Frames

Valentine Day Photo Frames iPhone App Screenshot

Take your love quotient to an all new level by presenting your sweetheart an exclusive photo. It features multiple frames to let you design a spectacular photo. Pick out a fantastic photo frame, select a pic of your love, perfectly adjust it, add colored text and you have created an appealing photo for your Valentine. There is also an option to share your creation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Price: Free

#2. Valentine Day Countdown!

Valentine Day Countdown iPhone App Screenshot

It’s a wonderful feeling to express your deepest feelings to your love. With this app, you will be able to express your heart out effortlessly. There are tons of Valentine Day quotes to let you put your deepest feelings into a heartfelt message.

Price: Free

#3. Daily Love Quotes

Daily Love Quotes iPhone App Screenshot

The feeling of love is not limited to Valentine’s Day, though it is the day when your love meter is booming red. This app will give you beautiful and romantic love quotes on your iPhone as well as Apple Watch. Flaunt the poet inside you to your partner, without disclosing the source of the quotes. The app will surely add a spark to your love life. The app is completely free with some ads, but you can remove them by spending a dollar.

Price: Free

#4. St. Valentine’s Love Horoscope

St Valentines Love Horoscope iPhone App Screenshot

Valentine’s Day is the occasion when everyone’s heart is filled with love and emotions. This forces you to think whether your loved one is compatible with you and also will two of you stay together for a lifetime. This is when horoscope comes in action. This free app offers you to check compatibility between you and your beloved one. There are many other features, but they need to be purchased. Overall, the app is decent to serve your Valentine purpose.

Price: Free

#5. Valentine’s Day 2018

Valentines Day iPhone App Screenshot

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for your soul mate or family; it is also associated with your friends. So spread the love with your friends this Valentine with beautiful stickers. You can edit your group picture with frames, and other Valentine themed material. And when you are done, you can share the picture on Facebook with just a few taps, and don’t forget to tag your friends. The app is free, but it offers certain premium features which need to be purchased.

Price: Free

#6. Valentine Expressions

Valentine Expressions iPhone App Screenshot

Ah well, another fantastic app with cool designs to put a broad smile on your valentine’s face. A wonderful collection of Valentine objects, customization options and of course, add your beautiful love note!

Price: Free

#7. 1800Flowers.com

1800Flowers.com iPhone App Screenshot

If you are planning to steal the heart of your sweetheart by sending beautiful flowers, you don’t need to look beyond “1800Flowers.com”. The best thing about this popular app is that it lets you deliver gifts in 195 countries.

You can send various types of flowers like roses, carnations, tulips, sunflowers, orchids, lilies, daisies and more. It delivers flowers same day and also lets you track the delivery. So whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or birthday party, you can use this app to send flowers on any special occasions.

Price: Free

#8. Love Quiz!

Love Quiz iPhone App Screenshot

Assuming that you have already checked the horoscope, sent a romantic card, wished your friends and relatives, now it is time to enjoy the evening with your loved one. Download this quiz app designed specifically for Valentine day. The app will present you with the different quiz which you and your love will have to solve. This will help you know more about each other, and also it will give you quality time with your partner. The app is free, but there are different quizzes which can be purchased.

Price: Free

#9. Romantic Card Maker

Romantic Card Maker iPhone App Screenshot

We often run out of ideas at the time of looking for a Valentine Card for our loved ones. It’s then we seek help from apps on our iPhone. Romantic Card Maker will come to the rescue, where you can design your own card. The app also has a broad range of card which you can choose to send. Apart from that, it displays a countdown for Valentine’s Day, offers romantic ringtones, and let you share your card on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. The best part is that it is completely free.

Price: Free

#10. Valentine’s Wallpapers

Valentines Wallpapers iPhone App Screenshot

Right when you look at your iPhone the first thing in the morning, how about seeing beautiful wallpapers that set the mood for the day? If you’re smiling as you read this, you’ve got to try this app. It’s free, and you get tons of HD-quality iPhone Valentine’s wallpapers. Okay, I’ll admit one thing: not all of these wallpapers look great, but some of them are just priceless.

Price: Free

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