Renders Envision an iPhone Concept With a Curved Display

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Technically speaking, the glass on the iPhone is already curved slightly at the edges, but if the rumor mill is any indicator, Apple is looking to go big with curved displays at some point in the future. Continue reading
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Apple adds new alert when your iPhone battery is failing

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iOS 11.3 has a new warning that users of older iPhones should dread. It’s a notification that the device shut down because the battery couldn’t provide peak power. Here’s what to do if this happens to you. What went wrong As batteries age, they get less powerful. And sometimes when an iPhone’s processor demands extra […]

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How To Get Dark Mode Theme On WhatsApp In iOS 11 Running On iPhone

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You can now enable WhatsApp dark mode theme on your iOS 11 running iPhone. Here are the details on how this works.

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mophie releases new 10W Charge Stream Pad+ Qi wireless charger for iPhone and more

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mophie has today released its newest wireless charger, the Charge Stream Pad+. Coming in at $ 60, this new offering puts out up to 10W of power, comes in two colors, and features a removable power cable.



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4 Reasons Why ONLY Apple Should Fix Your Broken iPhone Screen

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Going to a third-party vendor for iPhone screen replacements (or doing the repair yourself) may seem like a great idea. But trust us, it’s not. Despite the fact that it’s probably cheaper, getting your iPhone’s screen replaced by a third-party will instantly void your warranty and might damage your handset if it’s not done properly. […]
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How to Check Apple Watch Battery Levels on iPhone

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If you’re an Apple Watch user you can check your battery level right on your Watch, but did you know you can also check the battery on your Apple Watch from the iPhone it’s paired to? This tip will come in especially handy during colder months when it might be easier to pull out your iPhone than to pull up the long sleeve covering your watch. If you’ve been wondering how to check the battery on an Apple Watch from your iPhone, read on to find out. 

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How to Check Battery on Apple Watch on iPhone

This tip only works if your iPhone is paired to the Apple Watch in question.

  • Swipe right on your Home or Lock screen to bring up the Today View of your notifications.
  • Scroll down the notifications until you see the heading Batteries—your Apple Watch battery life will be displayed there.

how to check battery on apple watchcheck apple watch battery

If you can’t find the Batteries notification on your Today View screen, that means you need to add the Battery widget. To do this:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of your notifications and tap Edit.
  • This will take you to Add Widgets; from there, find Batteries and tap the green plus sign to the left.

how to check apple watch batterybattery widget iphone

Now you’ll be able to open the Today View on your iPhone and find out the charge of your Apple Watchw any time you need to!

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Best iPhone Selfie Apps to Take and Edit Wow Selfies

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Best Selfie Apps for iPhone and iPad

Regardless of you acknowledge it or not, the selfie isn’t simply a photograph of yourself, rather it is a photograph of you made by you. Everyone takes selfies and even individuals like Ellen Degeneres, James Cordon, and Prince, Barack Obama have all as of late been spotted.

The extent that I recall, the word selfie has been out there for much longer and this fever isn’t going so natural way, so why not a rundown of iPhone apps that can help you take and edit your best selfies ever?

Best Selfie Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Selfie Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Facetune

Facetune Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

Wish to take an awesome selfie? You don’t need to look beyond Facetune. Use it to refine your smile and even brighten your teeth to look your absolute best. It lets you remove pimples and brighten dark circle under your eyes. You can even change your eye color to have a dashing look. There is also an option to reshape facial structure, remove stray hairs and more.

Price: $ 3.99

#2. Candy Camera

Candy Camera Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

If you are failed to capture stunning selfies which can create a lot of buzz on social sites, give Candy Camera a shot. Boasting of more than 100 top class filters, it instantly enhances the quality of your pics. Even better, there is also a skin correction filter to give your look a huge boost. You can easily change saturation, brightness, resolution, contrast as per need. Once you have captured and edited your selfie to your heart’s content, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter to get a lot of appreciation.

Price: Free

#3. MIKU

MIKU Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

How about getting some of your most memorable selfies edited by professional designers? With Miku, you can completely transform the appearance of your images. Based on your need, you will get rid of the unwanted parts like pimples, wrinkles, stray hairs, etc. What’s more, the app also allows you to eliminate red eyes, whiten teeth and make your waist look slim.

Eliminate object, change or blur the background. You can also fix the damaged or old photo. Better still, the app doesn’t take more than a couple of hours to edit your shots. In most cases, it takes just half an hour to get the work done. One important thing: it edits only one of your image for free. Afterwards, you will have to pay for each one of your photos. (To read more details about this app, head over to this hands-on review.)

Price: Free

#4. Retrica

Retrica Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

You wouldn’t find a more dashing selfie app than Retrica to snap fascinating shots. Having been ranked number 1 in several countries and loved by over 250 million users, it’s designed to get the best out of your every shot. There are more than 100 terrific filters to make your pics look out-of-the-box. The fun-loving layouts do magic to your images. Use the stamp to adorn your favorite photos and share them with your loved ones.

Price: Free

#5. Selfie Star Studio

Selfie Star Studio Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

With Selfie Star Studio, you can decorate your photos to the best of your liking. Make the utmost use of animated character stickers, decorative stickers, custom frames and animated screen overlays to embellish your selfies. There is also a countdown timer to let you snap pics more comfortably at the desired angle. Better still, you can create an automatic collage of your photos and unleash it on your favorite social networks.

Price: Free

#6. Camera+

Camera+ Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

Camera+ is one of the most loved camera apps. What makes it superior is the ability to let you capture sharp photos. You have the option to choose from multiple scene modes such as Sunset, night, portrait beach and more. There are plenty of effects to transform the appearance of your pics with little effort quickly. With so many crop sizes available, you can easily make your shots look a lot better.

Price: Free

#7. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect iPhone Selfie App Screenshot

I have found “YouCam Perfect” spot on! The app works elegantly in letting you snap hot selfies that can catch a lot of attention on social networking sites.

You can brighten up your eyes, remove blemishes, smoothen wrinkles and even slim your face to make your shots look stunning. Use a wide range of advanced filters to add the desired charm to your photos.

There is also an auto beautify feature which ensures your shots look appealing even without editing. Besides, you can unlock more powerful tools like mono-tone effects, sakura effects, fairy tale effects and more through in-app purchase.

Price: Free

#8. Picr

Picr Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

This is an impeccable app for those with a fixation on the impacts of maturing or truly loves taking a gander at themselves. This application reminds you to take a picture consistently and demonstrates a grid on the screen or an overlay of the last picture you took, so you can line up every shot perfectly.

When you’ve gathered enough pictures, you can make an animated movie of the results, and it can likewise add content and music to the videos. Browsing through the photos is also quite simple, and the effect is quite powerful.

Some could call it creepy. However, this is the application you do need. Consider that you can utilize it to take pictures of your child so you or a grandparent can perceive how they’ve developed. Stunning?

Price: Free

#9. B612 – Trendy Selfie Camera

B612 - Trendy Selfie Camera iPhone App Screenshot

Snap hottest selfies in different poses and adorn them using a number of advance effects! “B612” is your must-have selfie app thanks largely to the awesome AR filters.

You can browse through multiple exciting filters and choose the one that’s well-timed for your photos. There are also a lot of hilarious stickers to add some fun to your images. You will also be able to save your fav shots to your Camera Roll and share them with your friends via social apps.

Price: Free

#10. BeautyPlus

BeautyPlus iPhone App Screenshot

Discover in which pose you look at your glamorous best! BeautyPlus is your go-to selfie camera to snap attractive photos. Make the most of several AR filters to decorate your images.

There are a number of editing tools to let you design photos to your heart’s liking. For instance, you can erase blemishes, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, and contour skin. It also allows you to blur the background and use enhanced lighting.

Price: Free

That’s it!

Since all these selfie apps are pretty good, picking out one might not have been easy for you. Would you like to share your feedback about which one of these apps won you over? Let us know that in the comments.

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Are Apple’s rumored new iPhone features Android ripoffs, or revolutionary?

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Apple Touchless Control

After three consecutive years of iterative iPhone updates that included almost no design changes, Apple in 2017 released a completely redesigned iPhone. No, I’m not talking about the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which recycle Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus designs for the fourth consecutive year. I’m talking about the iPhone X, which is a completely reimagining of the iPhone.

Now that the wheel has been reinvented, however, Apple is expected in 2018 to once again release iterative iPhone updates. Things will get a bit more interesting this year if Apple does indeed release two additional new iPhone models alongside its iPhone X successor, but all three phones are expected to feature the same design as the current-generation iPhone X. But if we look a bit further down the road, the company may be working on new iPhone models that are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before from Apple. I first discussed them on Wednesday, but I wanted to quickly revisit the topic following a wave of presumptive coverage from tech blogs.

Bloomberg on Wednesday reported that Apple’s iPhone engineers are working on some pretty interesting things that could hit the market in the not-too-distant future. As I covered yesterday, touchless gesture control features are reportedly being developed for upcoming iPhones, and Apple is supposedly even testing a new iPhone design that is curved instead of flat, like every iPhone that has been released so far.

Now, it’s important to acknowledge that those are the only two facts pertaining to Apple’s future plans that were included in that Bloomberg report (facts is italicized because the report cites only one anonymous source for each of those claims). Everything else was background, filler, or speculation, like the notion that Apple might be considering a curved iPhone design in order to “differentiate design” in a “crowded marketplace.” Coverage on other sites also included no additional facts, only speculation.

There’s nothing wrong with speculation, of course, but a narrative developed on many sites that seems like it could be way off base. The basic idea presented in posts like this one from my favorite blog Gizmodo (other than BGR, of course) is that Apple’s touchless gesture control and curved screens aren’t novel new ideas. Instead, they’re similar to things that were done on Android phones years ago.

This may be true. Apple may be cooking up pointless touchless gesture controls like we’ve seen on earlier smartphones. Apple might also be toying with curved phone designs merely to “differentiate” its phones in a “crowded marketplace.” Does that really sound like Apple, though? Does the company ever really do silly things like just to be different? Would Apple release a curved phone to differentiate itself after seeing that no one liked Samsung’s curved phone in 2013 or LG’s curved phones in 2014 and 2015? That sounds… unlikely.

What am I getting at here? In a word, chill. Until more light is shed on the internal projects at Apple that Bloomberg revealed, we have absolutely no idea why Apple is working on these new iPhone features, or how they’ll tie in with other new iPhone features. As I mentioned in yesterday’s coverage, these two features may actually be releated. Apple has been working for years on all sorts of exciting new tech, including displays with 3D holographic capabilities.

What if Apple is developing touchless gesture support in order to allow people to interact with objects that appear as though they’re floating in front of the screen? What if Apple is testing curved iPhone designs so that the sensors reading these touchless controls can detect gestures performed so close to the display? We don’t know, and we won’t know anytime soon. Until we get more information, however, let’s try not to jump to any conclusions.

Apple – BGR

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The best games that came out for iPhone and iPad this week – 5th April

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It’s Thursday, and here at 148’s spacious office that can only mean one thing – it’s time to round up all of the best games that have landed on the App Store this week. There’s a few here, and I reckon there’s going to be something for pretty much everyone on the list.

Especially if you’re a fan of classic adventure games. More on that later though. Download links are included, should you wish to flit off to the App Store and pick up a game ASAP. And if you think we’ve missed anything, feel free to shout about it in the comments down there at the bottom of the article.

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