Google Lens w/ visual search and assistance now rolling out to Google Photos for iOS 

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Last month, Google announced that Lens — its set of visual search and analysis tools — is coming to iOS. First introduced at last year’s Google I/O developer conference, it will be rolling out over the coming weeks to all users using Google Photos.



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This week on AI: Apple’s HomePod reviewed, ‘iOS 12’ plans, iPhone AR & more

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At long last AppleInsider finally had a chance to review the HomePod, Apple’s first entry into the smartspeaker universe. Other points of interest during the week included plans for "iOS 12," and more hints that future iPhones will have rear-facing 3D sensors.
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Apple DMCA request confirms source code leak of iBoot, iOS’ key initial security app

The source code for Apple’s iBoot, the little-known but critically important secure bootloader for iOS, leaked online yesterday. Apple this morning confirmed the leak by filing a DMCA copyright takedown request with the code’s host, GitHub.

Though the publication of iBoot was enthusiastically dubbed “the biggest leak in history” in the initial Motherboard report, the source code is believed to be from three-generations-old iOS 9. It is thus likely mostly a concern for users of older iOS devices lacking the “secure enclave,” a hardware security feature found in all Touch ID devices since the iPhone 5s.

iBoot is not labeled or marketed by Apple in any way. It is, however, the first app that runs when you turn on an iOS device, silently transitioning from a black screen to the white Apple icon to iOS’ colorful Home screen.

iBoot is designed to guarantee that a valid, trusted version of iOS is being loaded. Unlike other portions of iOS that have been open-sourced, it’s been kept opaque for security reasons. Apple considers bugs in iBoot to be so important that it pays security researchers up to $ 200,000 per vulnerability.

The disclosure of iBoot’s source code could considerably improve hackers’ chances of spotting issues, and reignite a jailbreaking scene that all but dried up as iOS’s hardware and software security improved. Motherboard speculates that the leak could also enable programmers to emulate iOS on non-Apple platforms.

That said, it’s unclear how much of the iOS 9-vintage code remains in the current iOS 11 and near-future iOS 12 iBoot process, nor how improvements to the secure enclave hardware may have mitigated risks to almost all iOS devices currently being sold.

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This week on AI: Apple rakes in $88.3B holiday, ‘iOS 12’ features delayed, iPhone X production cuts & more

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The standout news was Apple’s most lucrative quarter ever, fueled by the iPhone despite an apparent decline in units. We also caught a glimpse of what’s coming — and not coming — to this year’s "iOS 12."
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AppleInsider podcast talks ‘iOS 12’ features, pro filmmaking on an iPhone, and Apple earnings

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This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Victor and Neil talk about rumored cuts to "iOS 12" and what stability means, the idea of running iPad apps on an Mac, and what we learned from Apple’s earnings call and its biggest quarter ever.
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Mario Kart Tour will race onto iOS… sometime in the next year

In news that’s worthy of celebration, Nintendo says that Mario Kart Tour, a new instalment in its crazy popular kart racing franchise, is coming to iOS. In a tweet, Nintendo said that, “The checkered flag has been raised and the finish line is near.” However, it’s not revealing exactly when the game will be speeding […]

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ABC Pressures Apple to Make Changes to iOS’ News App

American broadcaster ABC News has confirmed that it’s experienced significant audience growth since joining Apple News, reports Digiday UK. But it’s calling on Apple to implement more customizable push notifications.

The firm said that since enabling Apple News alerts, its added over 400,000 subscribers to its database. In comparison, more than two million people use the company’s self-developed mobile news service. The firm revealed that more people open the alerts issued through the ABC News App, though.

According to ABC News Digital vice president Colby Smith, open rates for the app stand between 2 and 5 percent. He attributes the success of the ABC News app to personalized alerts.

With the app, users can opt to be sent news alerts based on their interests, the types of articles they read and their location among other areas. Currently, Apple News doesn’t offer these options.

Smith said that ABC has spent “a lot of time on is using explicit and implicit indicators to send personalized alerts”. Speaking about the ABC News app, he said: “If we send an alert about news that’s happening by your intersection, you’re naturally more likely to open that alert.”

For many news publishers, Apple News has become a useful tool for reaching out to new subscribers. Smith said that out of the 400,000 Apple News users, around half of them open alerts.

This isn’t a bad statistic, but users would likely be more inclined to click on to alerts if they were relevant. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t announced any plans to roll out personalized alerts.

Smith explained that Apple News is also becoming useful for referrals but that growth is still a tad low. At the moment, he’s experiencing “double-digit percentage points”.

The news executive also spoke about ABC’s audience development team. He said: “They are becoming an increasingly vital part of how we react to the landscape,” said Smith.

“This can also require strategic decision-making in terms of when to put content on individual platforms. For instance, some things we might publish on Apple News but won’t publish on Facebook.”

“It’s important to have that one group that can oversee all of those distribution decisions and relay important feedback to editorial.”

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‘iOS 12’ features put on hold said to include multiplayer AR games, automatic sorting of photos

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A second report sheds more light on the features not expected to make the cut for this year’s "iOS 12" update, as a redesigned home screen app grid, multiplayer support for augmented reality, and new algorithmic sorting of photos are now reportedly likely to wait until "iOS 13."
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Apple delays refresh of home screen in ‘iOS 12’ to focus on performance & reliability – report

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Apple apparently had big plans on tap for this year’s major iOS update, but is said to have delayed some of the tentpole features, including a new home screen and in-car features, until 2019, allowing it to instead focus on squashing bugs and improving performance.
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