Google looking into swipe issues being faced by Android 8.1-powered Pixel/Nexus users

Last week, it came to light that the Android 8.1 update has introduced swipe issues in Pixel and Nexus branded devices. Well, acting swiftly, Google has now confirmed that it’s investigating the problem. Orrin, a Google forums community manager and also a company employee, posted today that they are looking into swipe issues, and will be reaching out privately for bug reports. To quickly refresh, affected users say actions like swiping up to bring lock screen, swiping to dismiss lock screen notifications, or swiping to answer/decline calls either requires extra effort or multiple… – Latest articles

Google is looking into Android 8.1 lockscreen swipe issues on Pixel devices

I’d wager that most owners of Pixel phones use the fingerprint sensors on the back to unlock their phones, but there are circumstances in which using the backup PIN, pattern, or password is necessary. Many Pixel owners, myself included, have noticed that it’s become rather difficult to swipe the lockscreen up on Android 8.1 Oreo. Google is aware of the problem and is looking into it.

The most prominent issue is having to swipe all the way to the top of the screen to reveal the PIN/pattern/password input, but that seems to only be because it’s the most-used action.

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Razer moves into wireless power, debuts HyperFlux mouse and pad

 The wireless charging movement is getting one more boost today, this time from the world of gaming. Razer, the tech giant that has built a brand (and very loyal following) as a gaming-first hardware company, is announcing HyperFlux, a new wireless power technology that will be making its first appearance a new mouse, the Razer Mamba HyperFlux, and a corresponding power mat. Priced at… Read More
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With the GH5s, Panasonic turns its mirrorless hybrid champ into a videographer’s delight

Panasonic has unveiled an update to its well-respected GH5 mirrorless camera that adds a handful of new features (like better low-light performance) but takes others away (like in-body stabilization). The resulting device, the mirrorless 4K GH5s, isn’t really a direct upgrade to the GH5, which handled both stills and video with aplomb. Instead, it’s set to appeal to pro and experienced videographers with a particular set of needs.

The biggest change in the GH5s is the new “dual ISO” 10.2-megapixel sensor. This is half the resolution of the 20.2-megapixel sensor in the GH5, but in return offers better performance in low-light. Panasonic says users can get up to ISO 51200 native “with minimal noise,” and up to ISO 204800 when extended ISO…

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Smart Insoles Stroll Into the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show

At the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), MEGAComfort — a leading Occupational Health and Wellness company focused on work-life wellness solutions — will announce a new generation of Energysole.

From the official announcement provided in advance to MMW:

Designed to support users 24/7, both in the workplace and their everyday lives, Energysole is a comfortable, smart insole that uses ImpactSense Technology to provide highly accurate data, such as a pronation and supination analysis, a proprietary movement score and more, directly from the soles of users’ feet.

Energysole is clinically proven and field tested to reduce pain and fatigue. Not only does it provide superior comfort, but its state-of-the-art, patented sensor technology also educates users on how to live a healthier lifestyle with more energy, focus and motivation. Energysole tracks, measures and analyzes activity up to 50 times per second, making it more accurate than comparable wearables and insoles on the market. Unlike most wearables, which need daily charging, Energysole features a replaceable, long-life battery that provides at least three months of continual wear.

“As a practicing Podiatrist with more than 20 years in the field, I know that feet are the foundation of the body, carrying the burden of weight while supporting the knees, back and hips. If feet are not properly cared for, the result is damage to the body that escalates over time,” said Dr. Kevan Orvitz, founder and CEO of MEGAComfort. “When employees are suffering, they aren’t the only ones who are impacted – it affects their employers and families, too. They become less energetic and productive, morale decreases and pain may also lead to lost time injuries. What’s great about Energysole is that it provides the necessary foot support, shock absorption and data to prevent fatigue and injury. It also reduces risk of slips and falls, making the workplace safer and lowering expenses related to workers’ compensation claims.”

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