How to turn Google Assistant into a powerful list-making machine

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Google Assistant since its debut, it’s that some of the service’s most useful features are the ones that require a little bit of effort to set up.

Sure, Assistant can do all sorts of handy stuff out of the box — like perform calculations and conversions, provide weather and traffic updates, and give up-to-the-minute information on almost anything imaginable. It can send messages, play music, and control your Android device in numerous ways. But those are all things Android has long been able to handle by way of Google’s former Voice Search system. Assistant basically just repackaged and rebranded them.

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UK data watchdog opens its own investigation into Uber hack

After reports emerged that Uber had suffered a massive data breach, the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has said it has "huge concerns" about the company's data protection policies and has confirmed it has launched its own investigation…
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Turn your brain into a supercomputer with an improved vocabulary and reading speed — and take an extra 15% off

Look to take your communication skills to the next level with this double-barreled pairing of self-help exercises, the vocabulary-building Vocab 1 and the reading comprehension boosting 7 Speed Reading EX. Both software programs are on sale together right now — with an extra 15 percent discount — down to just $ 24.65 from TNW Deals.
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CVS Pharmacy v4.0 lets you turn photos into photo cards, offers same-day in-store pickup

CVS has offered photo printing for some time now on its Android app, but photo card printing from your phone has just arrived. Starting with version 4.0, you’ll be able to purchase 4″ x 8″ photo cards of your photos via your phone, and then pick them up on the same day in-store.


Just in time for the holidays! Turn your phone snaps into beautiful photo cards the same day.

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