Verizon now offering open enrollment for Total Mobile Protection insurance

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Are you a Verizon customer who passed on insurance when you first bought your new smartphone? If so, you’re now getting a second chance at enrolling.

Verizon is now offering open enrollment for its Total Mobile Protection insurance program. Typically you can only enroll within 30 days of buying a new device, but between April 2 and May 31, 2018, anyone can sign up.

Total Mobile Protection costs $ 13 per month for smartphones and smartwatches, $ 10 per month for basic phones and tablets, or $ 39 per month for TMP Multi-Device, which gives you protection for any 3 devices on your account. Additional devices can be added to TMP Multi-Device for an additional $ 9 per month.

As for what you get with Total Mobile Protection, you can get a cracked screen repair as soon as the same day. You can choose if you’d like to have a repair technician come to you, if you’d like to go to a repair location, or if you want to mail your device in.

Total Mobile Protection also includes coverage for loss, theft, and damage, including water damage; coverage for post-warranty defects; next-day devliery and 24/7 claims service; quick reimbursement for cracked screen repair when travelling internationally; and a Tech Coach that can answer questions about your device and the products that it connects to.

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AT&T now offering open enrollment for Device Protection insurance program

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Heads up, AT&T customers, because open enrollment for device insurance is now live.

AT&T is offering open enrollment for its Device Protection insurance program through April 30. Typically when you want Device Protection, you need to sign up for it within 30 days of your device purchase, but right now you can enroll even if you’re outside of that window.

There are a few options available when enrolling in AT&T Device Protection:

  • Mobile Insurance is $ 8.99 per month per enrolled phone number and offers coverage against loss, theft, damage, and out-of-warranty malfunctions for phones and tablets. You can get as soon as next-day device replacement and as soon as same-day screen repair for select phones in select areas.
  • Mobile Protection Pack is $ 11.99 per month and includes the Mobile Insurance benefits as well as personalized ProTech support, access to chat with tech experts, and 50GB of cloud storage for photos and videos
  • Multi-Device Protection Pack is $ 34.99 per month and will cover up to three devices, including tablets and laptops not connected to an AT&T plan. Benefits include everything included with the Mobile Protection Pack, but it ups the photo and video cloud storage to 300GB.

If you’re interested in enrolling your device in AT&T’s Device Protection, you can begin the process by hitting up the link below. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

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UnitedHealthcare adds Apple Watch Series 3 to insurance discount program

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U.S. health insurer UnitedHealthcare is adding the Apple Watch Series 3 to its Motion program, which lets people earn up to $ 1,000 per year off their insurance premiums — assuming they meet daily fitness goals.
AppleInsider – Frontpage News

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Family seeks additional $600,000 from Apple above insurance payment after blaming iPhone charging cable for house fire

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A family in British Columbia has demanded Apple pay it $ 600,000 to help cover uninsured losses endured from a farmhouse fire in October 2016, one claimed to have been started by an overheating cable used to charge an iPhone 6.
AppleInsider – Frontpage News

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Gabi gets $9.5M to help car and home owners find better insurance once it’s available

The Best Guide To Selling Your Old Phones With High Profit

 If you own a car or home, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is finding the right insurance plan that’ll cover everything you need and save you some money — but those plans are always changing, and consumers are getting stuck footing a bill they don’t necessarily need, according to Hanno Fichtner. That’s why he started Gabi, which gives car and home owners… Read More
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Apple’s cyber insurance project is a smart way to sell more iPhones and iPads

Cyber Insurance Apple

Apple on Monday announced a new initiative that will help businesses protect themselves against cyber attacks or deal with the aftermath of one. The company partnered with Cisco, Aon, and Allianz, to introduce a new type of product: insurance against cyber incidents.

Cisco and Apple will provide the technology supposed to keep business users secure against cyber threats including malware, ransomware, and other similar threats. Aon and Allianz, meanwhile, will offer cyber resilience evaluation services and insurance coverage against cyber attacks.

Apple explains in the press release that Aon will offer a cyber resilience evaluation, meaning that they’ll assess a company’s “cyber security posture” and recommend ways to improve it.

Cisco, meanwhile, will provide its Ransomware Defense product that’s able to see threats once and block them everywhere. “The solution includes advanced email security, next-generation endpoint protection and cloud-delivered malicious internet site blocking, to strengthen an organization’s defenses against malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats,” the announcement explains.

Apple, meanwhile, will provide hardware solutions including iPhone, iPad, and Mac that come with strong security and always-on hardware encryption. That said, Apple did have to patch a variety of unexpected security issues in the past few months.

“The choice of technology providers plays a critical role in any company’s defense against cyber attacks. That’s why, from the beginning, Apple has built products from the ground up with security in mind, and one of the many reasons why businesses around the world are choosing our products to power their enterprise,” Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said. “iPhone, iPad, and Mac are the best tools for work, offering the world’s best user experience and the strongest security. We’re thrilled that insurance industry leaders recognize that Apple products provide superior cyber protection and that we have the opportunity to help make enhanced cyber insurance more accessible to our customers.”

Allianz, is in charge of the insurance business, providing insurance to Apple and Cisco partners. Again, the new endeavor target business customers not regular consumers. But businesses will have to buy Apple gear and Cisco cyber security products to take advantage of great cyber insurance plans. This certainly seems like a smart play from Apple, which might help it increase its iPhone, iPad, and Mac sales to businesses of all sizes.

A video posted on Cisco’s site explains how the entire process works.

Apple – BGR

Apple, Cisco partnering for enterprise cybersecurity insurance program focused on iPhone, iPad, Mac

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A new "industry-first offering" from Cisco, Apple, Aon, and Allianz has been launched, allowing businesses small and large to utilize Apple devices, and Cisco security hardware, and in doing so, qualify for a "enhanced cyber insurance" program protecting the company from the financial impact of a cyber attack.
AppleInsider – Frontpage News

Verizon raising monthly price of Total Mobile Protection insurance, lowering phone replacement cost

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Verizon customers, there are some changes coming to your carrier’s Total Mobile Protection insurance program that you should be aware of.

Verizon today announced that on January 25th, the price of Total Mobile Protection will increase from $ 11 per month to $ 13 per month. This pricing will take effect for existing customers on March 6th, so there’s no way to avoid the price hike.

Also coming to Total Mobile Protection is expanded availability of its cracked screen repair, with a repair technician available to come fix your display in more than 170 U.S. cities. If you’re not in one of those cities, you can take your device to one of 300 authorized repair locations across the U.S. 

Customers unable to have a repair tech come to them or go to an authorized repair location can to mail your phone from anywhere in the U.S. to Verizon and the carrier will return it in a few days.

If you’re traveling internationally, you can get your cracked screen repair performance and then be reimbursed for the work.

Cracked screen repairs have a $ 29 deductible.

One final detail change coming to Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection program is a lower cost for a replacement device if your phone is broken or lost. Customers enrolled in Total Mobile Protection will pay $ 89 for a replacement device. That price applies to more than 150 models. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

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