Google is improving Progressive Web Apps on Chrome and Chrome OS

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Near the end of last year, Google told developers that it was working to phase out apps in the Chrome Web Store, in favor of platform-independent Progressive Web Apps. While PWAs already fully work in Chrome and Chrome OS, Google has been trying to make them look and feel more like desktop programs. Kenneth Christiansen (a contributor to Chromium) has shared some screenshots of how the work is progressing, and it looks fantastic.

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Google is improving Progressive Web Apps on Chrome and Chrome OS was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Android P leak says Google improving notch design support, more deeply integrating Assistant

Essential Phone notch design

Android P is expected to be teased at Google I/O later this year, but details of the update have started trickling out today.

Google will reportedly update Android to better utilize notch designs on smartphones, like the one found on the iPhone X and the Essential Phone. Details on Google’s plans are light, but Bloomberg says that Google is hoping this move will get more iPhone owners to consider switching to Android.

Also said to be coming in Android P is deeper Google Assistant integration. Google is considering integrating Assistant into Android’s home screen search bar and allowing developers to integrate Assistant into their third-party apps.

Finally, the name. Each version of Android gets a dessert nickname, with each new version moving one letter down the alphabet. Android 8.0 is Oreo, and internally, Google is referring to Android P as “Pistachio Ice Cream”. Google may opt for a different dessert when it launches Android P to the public, though.

Android P is going to be another major release for Google, and it’ll be interesting to see how the company embraces the notch design that we’ve seen on the iPhone X and Essential Phone. Besides trying to woo iPhone owners over to Android, this move will be a smart one because we’re sure to see more Android phones launch with a notch in the near future, like the Huawei P20. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

Alexa and Waze add depth to Ford’s improving SYNC infotainment system

At the beginning of the year, Ford announced it was adding two big names to its SYNC in-car infotainment system for iPhone users: Amazon Alexa and Google’s Waze. This week I got a brief first look at how both of them work.

The company was in town showing off the Ford EcoSport, a small economy SUV originally launched in China, which has since made its way to Europe and, now, the United States. Equipped with the latest version of SYNC 3, these tiny SUVs are about to hit American streets for the first time, with Ford hoping to take a new bite out of the growing market for trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.

Alexa had already been in Ford cars in a more limited capacity, so let’s start with Waze. The Google-owned navigation service has been…

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New ‘Hearthstone’ Changes Aimed at Improving High Ranked Experience

Earlier today Ben Brode made an announcement regarding some changes that are coming soon to the standard ranked play format for Hearthstone [Free]. Now all ranks will require 5 stars to advance and players will only loose 4 ranks at the end of each monthly season. To adjust for the longer initial trek to rank 20, the first card back monthly reward will now require winning just 5 games. He said that experience is different depending on where you end up on the ladder. At the top of the ladder players experience a little too much backsliding from one season to the next. People at the bottom of the ladder feel like getting to rank 20 feels like a wall you hit very quickly.

So how will this play out? Higher ranked players are going to love this. If you play enough ranked hearthstone to get past the point where ranks require 5 stars, this is clearly a win. For players just getting into or coming back to ranked from a hiatus, the required amount of stars to get into the low teens is going to be almost doubled. Ultimately this is a push towards the people that play the game enough to get high ranks but don’t want to grind back to their previous position each month. The unfortunate side effect of this is that without any controls, people will start congregating at higher and higher ranks. The low-end star inflation seems like it may just be a stop-gap and Mr. Brode even came back to confirm that additional steps may need to be taken to prevent rank bloat.

This seems like the type of move that might have a vocal backlash but end up affecting far fewer players negatively than first perceptions may indicate. How many low rank players are out there worried that they can no longer easily get to 13-15 and then stop for the month? How many players starting out have hopes of only bouncing around in the high teens? Even if the initial journey takes longer, the appeal and prestige of the better ranks should now be even more palpable. I guess it will be up to the players to see long term gains outweigh potential short term frustration. In the mean time, Legend and upper numbered rank players can rejoice!

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12 Excellent Apps for Improving Your Physical and Mental Health

It’s a new year and many people are already failing on their 2018 resolution to stay active and healthy. If you have an iPhone or an Apple Watch there are many apps that can help you get back on (and stay on) track. Press the Right Arrow to Browse 12 Apps for Staying Healthy and Tracking Your Activity.

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