How a Google employee sold an iMac on Craigslist, but unknowingly had access to its location for 3 years

A Google employee has taken to Medium today to describe how he sold an iMac on Craigslist, but has had access to its location for the last 3 years. In the post, Brenden Mulligan explains that he erased the computer and did a clean install of macOS before selling it, but that it has remained on his Find My iPhone account since he sold it…



I can’t wait to use a virtual iMac

iPhones will eventually become trucks, the people who use them will do lots with them, but many of the tasks we once had to turn to PCs to achieve will become available to us through wearable devices, working together.

Sound connections

Think of it this way. iPhone appealed to millions because it combined connectivity with ubiquity and ultra-personalization. The list of things we can do with iPhones continues to expand.

These days we also get to access many of the tools we most use on our smartphone through wearable devices. More recently, we have begun to leave our smartphone at home, thanks to the SIM inside Apple Watch Series 3.

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Deals: 12″ MacBooks $799; 13″ MacBook Pros from $1,199; $120-$150 off 27″ iMac 5Ks; CPO iPhones & iPads as low as $99

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New discounts have gone into effect today on a variety of Apple devices, from $ 799 certified refurbished 12" MacBooks on Amazon to up to $ 300 off 13" MacBook Pros at Adorama and B&H. Gazelle also just issued price drops on CPO iPhones, iPads and Macs with prices starting at $ 99.
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Record Low Prices: $500-$1,000 off Apple’s iMac Pro with no tax outside NY & NJ

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AppleInsider readers this week can snap up exclusive savings on a variety of iMac Pro configurations, from $ 500 off the standard model (now $ 4,494) up to $ 1,000 off a loaded 10-core system with 128GB of RAM, a 4TB SSD and Vega 64 graphics. Each iMac Pro also ships for free with no tax on orders shipped outside NY and NJ, making these the lowest shipped prices available.
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Filmmaker pits a maxed-out $14,000 iMac Pro against a top-of-the-line iMac

iMac Pro Vs iMac

After years of essentially ignoring its pro users — a group which largely consists of loyal developers and creative professionals — Apple finally seems eager to right the ship. Not only is the company working on a completely redesigned Mac Pro, the company late last year introduced the iMac Pro, an absolute beast of a machine that is easily the most powerful computer Apple has ever released. The iMac Pro features a Retina 5K display, can support up to 128GB of RAM, and can be tricked out with an 18 core configuration. And that, of course, is just small taste of what the iMac Pro brings to the table.

Naturally, the iMac Pro doesn’t come cheap. While Apple hardware is always pricey, the iMac Pro — when it comes to price — is in another realm entirely. To wit, the base model starts at $ 4,999. And if you opt to really max out the machine, you’ll be shelling out nearly $ 14,000.

That said, filmmaker Parker Walbeck recently decided to put Apple’s new iMac Pro through the ringer by pitting a fully loaded $ 14,000 iMac Pro against a fully loaded iMac priced at about $ 5,700. While we can talk about and compare specs all day long, what really matters is real-world performance; and if you’re looking to get some serious video editing work in, it’s only natural to wonder whether or not the iMac Pro’s extra power is worth the extra cash.

As evidenced via the video below, full res video playback of 8K clips in Adobe Premiere Pro appears to be much smoother on the iMac Pro than on the tricked out iMac. When looking at 4K footage shot with a 1DX Mark II, playback on both machines was silky smooth. However, when Walbeck decided to watch the 4K footage at twice the normal speed, performance on the iMac began to show a few hiccups relative to its more expensive brethren.

With respect to rendering and exporting, Walbeck found that the iMac Pro is a good 2x faster than the fully loaded iMac. This is a particularly compelling stat, especially for users who have vivid memories of patiently suffering through painfully long rendering and export times on older machines.

You can check out the full head-to-head battle below.

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