‘Power Hover’ Developer’s Next Game is Helicopter Jumper ‘Helihopper’ and It’s Coming Next Week

After releasing the excellent behind the back hovercrafting game Power Hover [$ 4.99] back in December of 2015 (has it really been that long already?) developer Oddrok spent all of 2016 adding new content to the game before releasing two new games last year: Drop Not! [Free] in April and the excellent Power Hover spinoff Power Hover: Cruise [Free] in August. Not a bad couple of years for a tiny studio! Well, they’re kicking off 2018 with a bang and already have their fourth game primed and ready for release next week. The game is called Helihopper and here’s the trailer.

The “jump from one tiny platform to another” genre has exploded in the mobile scene over the past couple of years, but as Oddrok tends to do they’ve taken the well-worn base concept and injected many interesting elements and a gorgeous art style into it to bring something totally fresh. You’ll pull back to slingshot your copter from one helipad to the other, but you’ll also have the ability to swipe while in the air to do short side hops and things like the wind and different types of landing pads will play a factor in how your copter moves and reacts.

Helihopper will be level-based with 65 levels to complete as well as 9 different endless levels for high score chasers. There’s a pilot leveling system that sees you leveling up as you complete missions in the game which can go towards unlocking the 10 different helicopters for you to use. It sounds like quite a fully featured game built around a simple concept that should work great on mobile, so look for Helihopper next Thursday, January 11th and you can give it a try for yourself for free. In the meantime, check out the discussion about the game in our forums.


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‘Hover Disc 3’ Out Now, Features Fun Curling-Inspired Action with Apple TV Support

The fun curling-inspired Hover Disc 3 [] is out today on iOS. This game has you competing in up to 4-player matches as you launch your discs around an arena, trying to get near the center of different target points. Much like curling, you get points for being near the center of the target, and multiple discs in the target give you multiple points, with more points for being closer to the center. You get the points at the end of each turn you complete. But opponents can knock you out, and if they get closer they cancel out your discs. Plus, there’s areas where your discs become unusable, and it’s possible to win despite scoring zero points if your objective is to eliminate your opponent’s discs. There’s a variety of boards to play on, including multiple-target ones.

Hover Disc 3 is free to download with a Pro version IAP and avatar packs to buy, but features support for iOS and tvOS. In fact, you can use your iOS device as a controller for the tvOS version on Apple TV, so you can play with friends around the TV. You can also do hotseat multiplayer with four people taking turns on one device. Online multiplayer is in the game, but I struggled to get it working at launch. However, this could be due to assorted internet or Game Center errors. Thankfully, while you’re waiting for a random match, you can play through the singleplayer training exercises. And, the developers have notifications that you can receive for when various multiplayer sessions are scheduled.