Habbo’s ‘Hotel Hideaway’ Now Available After Lengthy, Unorthodox Soft Launch

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The long-running Habbo franchise gets its latest game, out now on mobile, called Hotel Hideaway [Free], and it’s a social MMO where you get to interact with other hotel denizens on a giant, permanent vacation resort. You can do all sorts of stuff. You can spin the wheel for prizes, you can buy new outfits, get a new hair color, mine for new materials from interdimensional rifts…you know, typical vacation stuff. There’s also a whole gesture system where you can combine different body parts and movements to do different things, like shaking a giant foam fist at other people. The whole game’s a lot about interaction and talking with people, so please don’t be a jerk. This hotel is supposed to be classy, don’t go telling people to die! But, as a social MMO, I guess that’s what people are gonna do.

Now, there’s just one catch: Hotel Hideaway has technically been out on the App Store since 2016. It’s ready for prime time now, and I guess this does mean that the game has an established player base now that it’s ready for the general public. But it does show that the idea of what a “release” is, and what constitutes a “soft launch” are dramatically changing.

This is in line with larger attitudes of a “release” in the grand schemes of things. After all, Fortnite [Free] just ran an invite-only event, and the game is still technically “Early Access” though it’s, uh, making money hand over fist. Friday the 13th is technically in soft launch in the United States. PUBG came out of early access on PC, but it’s still got issues, and is nowhere near content-complete.

Of course, you could also say that “Early Access” is kind of a joke now anyway with games-as-service’s dominance as a model for games. Games are always changing and seeing updates, and what’s really the difference between Hearthstone [Free] and Fortnite or Habbo in their release states other than the label?

Even Hideaway Hotel is going to see some improvements in the near future with the addition of augmented reality modes that we saw at GDC. Truly, in the age of games-as-a-service, when does a game truly ever “release,” and when is it “complete?” In this era, are these terms just merely arbitrary words? Perhaps!

It would help if Apple just had an Early Access section the way that Google Play does. Make the apps lightly visible in some form, and available to anyone who’s curious without complicated restrictions. Then, when the developer is ready to make a big deal about it, and think it’s ready for public consumption, they can pull it out of early access and start making a big stink about it. Happens with restaurants, where they might have soft openings where they open but don’t tell a lot of people about it. Still, being “open” for a couple of years like Habbo Hotel Hideaway is perhaps taking things to a ridiculous degree!

Regardless, Hotel Hideaway is now released because Habbo says it is. It’s tough to keep a secret about a game release, but it’s something that people do: maybe they’re involved in something that they don’t necessarily tell the world about, but it might be a big deal to the part of the world they choose to reveal that part of themselves to. Games can do that too, I guess! Habbo Hotel Hideaway is out now, whatever that really, truly means.


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The line between Airbnb and your average hotel is thinning

Airbnb is rolling out programs like hotel bookings and loyalty programs that make it look more like the industry it is trying to disrupt.

Airbnb, after years of battling with the hotel industry that it seeks to somewhat supplant, is beginning to look more like that very foe.

The $ 30 billion company unveiled Thursday a series of additions to its product that thin the lines between Airbnb and hoteliers. Airbnb said that guests would be able to book rooms through the portal in boutique hotels, bed-and-breakfasts and vacation homes, allowing its customers to have the option to nab stays on the turf of its rivals.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky argued that the changes were about making the service less niche and more attractive to a broader range of customers. He conceded that the company’s image perhaps scared some higher-end guests away, worrying that “people felt like it’s not for them.”

“Airbnb is still an alternative,” he said at a splashy product rollout on Thursday in San Francisco, in front of a screen that read ‘Airbnb for Everyone.’ “We still haven’t done the ‘everyone’ part.”

All told, the changes amount to a morphing of the company’s 10-year-old zero-sum ethos toward the hotel industry: Airbnb is acknowledging that the hotel industry has some draws that their platform does not, and it’s taking a step to encroach onto that stream of revenue and customers.

While some hotel rooms have already been listed quietly on the platform, the formal addition of rooms at boutique hotels or vacation rentals will pose a threat to booking competitors like Priceline and Expedia.

Airbnb also said it would create a Superguest program that sort of resembles a hotel loyalty program, expected to launch in full by the end of the year. The company will also soon offer a new luxury line of homes and experiences, called Beyond, for stays like at a remote coutryside villa.

And as part of a broader new focus at the company to clean up the lower-quality homes offered on the platform, it is also launching what it calls Airbnb Plus, a tier of properties that the company says it will have inspected in person and verified as top-of-the-line — homes that are “insanely nice,” as Chesky called them.

The company is also allowing customers to more finely cull its listings through expanded categories in the portal, such as searching for a home with rustic architecture or a host who can play guitar.

The launch comes amid recent tension at the company that forced out the company’s chief financial officer, Laurence Tosi, who was expected to take Airbnb public as soon as this year. With his sudden departure earlier this month, the company has ruled out an IPO until at least 2019.

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Google making hotel and flight search better, including ability to book from search results

Google book hotels from search results

One week after announcing that it’d begin predicting flight delays, Google has confirmed that more new travel-related features are rolling out.

Google is improving hotel search on mobile, complete with better price filtering and the easier-to-find amenity information. When you find the perfect hotel room, you can book right from Google.

When you’re researching flights for your destination, Google is making it easier to find hotels there, too. In the coming days, you’ll see a “Hotels” tab at the top of your screen when searching for flights that’ll let you click over and check hotel availability and pricing in your destination city.

Google hotels flights tabs

The reverse also applies to flights. So if you’re looking at hotels in your destination city, you can tap the “Flights” tab to slide over and check prices and fare options. Once you find the flight that best fits your needs, you can book it right from Google.

Another new feature that Google is rolling out is More Destinations. This feature will appear in the top left of your screen when you’re exploring one destination, and when you tap it, it’ll recommend other trips that you might be interested in.

Rounding out the new features is one called Your Trips. This will show all of your past and upcoming travel reservations from Gmail. All of the info is private, but you can email the details to others if you’d like as well as make edits and access them offline.

Google More Destinations travel feature

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‘Bloggergate’ fiasco leads Dublin hotel to ban bloggers in the most hilarious way possible

An Irish hotel has banned bloggers and other influencers after a 22-year-old YouTuber broke down in tears when she was refused free accomodation. Elle Darby, a UK-based social media influencer first emailed Charleville Lodge in Dublin to seek a tit for tat arrangement seeking a free five night accommodation in exchange for bringing attention to the boutique hotel. She touted her 87,000 YouTube subscribers and 76,000 Instagram followers before continuing: My partner and I are planning to come to Dublin for an early Valentine’s Day weekend from Feb 8th to 12th to explore the area. As I was searching for…

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Russia Unveils Plan to Build a Luxury Hotel on the International Space Station

Luxury Hotel In Orbit

The idea of taking civilians into space has taken off in the last couple of years, with SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic all investing in the concept to varying degrees. SpaceX is said to be leading the charge on private spaceflights, though it’s unclear when the aerospace company intends to start offering space tours. Meanwhile, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are aiming for 2018 and 2019 launches, respectively. Now Russia is getting in on the space tourism business, but it’s taking things a step further, with plans to build a luxury hotel in orbit.

According to a detailed business proposal seen by Popular Mechanics, the Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities — Russia’s own space agency — is planning to build a 20-ton, 51-foot long luxury hotel module on the International Space Station (ISS). The module would have four sleeping quarters, a pair of “hygiene and medical” stations, a lounge area, exercise equipment, and Wi-Fi. Building costs are estimated between 16.4 and 26.2 billion rubles ($ 279 million— $ 446 million).

Russia's Science and Power Module
Russia’s Science and Power Module (NEM-1). Image Credit: Russia Space Web.

The ” luxury hotel” in orbit would resemble the Science and Power Module (NEM-1) already under construction that Russia plans to send to the ISS in 2021. The new module to build and would be paid for with a combination of private and state investments, including those of potential passengers — who would be expected to pay installments — with initial payments being used to fund the module’s development.

Race Against the Clock

As explained by Popular Mechanics, RKK Energia — Russia’s leading space station contractor — has come up with a long-term plan to pay for the module. The contractor wants to book at least 12 passengers who would be willing to pay $ 4 million up front followed by two $ 12.6 million payments during the two years leading up to the actual flight. A final $ 10.8 million payment would be required just before the launch.

In total, one passenger would have to pay $ 40 million for a trip to the hotel module, and that’s only for 1-2 weeks. A month-long stay with an optional spacewalk would cost another $ 20 million.

Unsurprisingly, there are some challenges facing the project, with the most pressing issue being the amount of complexity required to build the hotel module. Despite existing blueprints, Russia’s engineers may not be able to successfully build it.

There’s also the matter of the ISS itself, which is scheduled to be retired in 2028. According to RKK Energia, the hotel module could reach the ISS by 2022 (at the earliest) but would need at least seven years to make back its building costs. So if the ISS is retired on time, RKK Energia wouldn’t have enough time to make a profit.

Despite Russia’s intentions, we’re still in for a bit of a wait before we can start taking vacations off-Earth. For now, it looks like we’ll have to settle for the brief “in-orbit” flights, like those offered by Blue Origin’s New Shepard capsule.

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Google uses Machine learning for price tracking and deals on Flights, Trips and hotel search

Just in time for the holidays season, Google has added a bunch of new features to its services like Flights, Trips and Hotel search. The company uses Machine learning for price tracking and deals and has also added new discounts feature.  The company uses its machine learning and statistical analysis  technique to analyze and suggest users … Continue reading “Google uses Machine learning for price tracking and deals on Flights, Trips and hotel search”
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‘Million Onion Hotel’ Review – Got a Million Onions but a Leek Ain’t One of ‘Em

When it comes to the noble hobby of video gaming, there are a whole bunch of tried and true concepts to build new products from. Not even one of those concepts involves mashing onions as quickly and strategically as possible in order to make fruits appear that you mash to rack up points while space cows trot across the bottom of the screen and little cartoon characters throw off their clothes and embrace passionately in the starry sky. But thanks to Million Onion Hotel [$ 3.99], we can finally live the dream, friends. This is a fast-paced yet strategic arcade-puzzle game, and if nothing else, I can say that you probably haven’t ever seen anything quite like it before.

The story here is that in the distant future, there’s an island divided neatly down the middle into two countries. They have a very uneasy alliance, with war just one bad move away at all times. In the middle of the two countries sits a special hotel with an onion soup that’s famous far and wide. A VIP guest arrives to try to get his hands on the soup recipe, and things quickly start to get out of hand. Before the night is through, every guest of the hotel will have to learn the meaning of love and peace. If they survive, anyway. Got all that? It’s not really so important, particularly when you’re just starting the game. But it doesn’t hurt to know.

Million Onion Hotel is the brainchild of Yoshiro Kimura, best known to Western gamers for titles such as Little King’s Story and Dandy Dungeon. He has always marched to the beat of his own drum, and that’s certainly on display in this game. As he also did with Dandy Dungeon, Kimura has pulled together a lot of familiar elements to make something entirely unusual, wrapping it up in a bizarre yet compelling story that plays out in brief cut-scenes during the course of the game. While Dandy Dungeon was a bit of a long haul, however, Million Onion Hotel can be decidedly brief once you know what to do. It feels more arcade-inspired, even as the meta-game requires you to play multiple times to unlock a special ending.

Okay, but what do you actually do in this game? This is a fast-paced puzzle game where you’re presented with a five-by-five grid that represents the hotel. Various objects and creatures will make their way onto the grid, beginning with simple onions that spring up from the ground. While many objects vary in terms of how you need to interact with them, most of them can be removed by tapping on them once or twice. Once you do, the square underneath them will change color to red. Make five red squares in a row and you’ll be rewarded with a time extension, clearing the board and putting you to the job of doing it all over again.

At certain intervals, you’ll run into boss fights where you need to collect and use knight onions to whittle down the boss’s life bar before they can run out your clock. The enemies get harder and appear more often the longer you go on, and more dangerous and direct threats to your timer will appear frequently. Run out of time, and that’s the ball game. Your score will be tallied and any cards you’ve unlocked will be awarded to you. The game ramps up so quickly and severely that you’ll likely be pawing at your screen like a maniac by the end of the session. And that would be your first mistake.

Like the titular hotel, there’s more to Million Onion Hotel than initially meets the eye. For example, the later bosses will seem nearly impossible to beat if you just walk into them cold. But what else can you do? You’ll probably notice the fruits and hearts that are tallied at the end of your game, but where do you get them? If you go into the sub-screen to read the cards you’ve earned, and you should because the translated notes are delightful, you can check out the requirements you need to satisfy to unlock the others. Wait, I can rescue people? I didn’t even see people! How does that work?

With its zippy pace, Million Onion Hotel pushes the player into sloppy play, but it also strongly hints that there’s something else you need to be doing. You’ll probably sort out the fruit thing easily enough by chance or by paying attention to the tutorial. Simply, if you can make more than one line at a time by tapping on an object, the background will shift and some fruits will appear. Keep following that train and you’ll soon realize that you can collect extra knight onions and rescue characters by making strategic matches, which results in a boosted score, more unlocked cards, and some stockpiled attacks to give you a leg up on the next boss you fight. It’s essential to learn this way of playing if you actually want to see all the game has to offer.

Your first serious goal after you’ve learned the ropes will likely be to survive long enough to see the whole story play out. After that, you can try to unlock all of the special cards, some of which have some tricky stipulations. Finally, when all else is finished, the game settles in nicely as an enjoyable score attack. Million Onion Hotel is frankly so frenetic that there’s always room to improve your score. I imagine many players will hit their own skill ceiling and, provided they’ve seen at least the main ending, call it a day there. In that sense, Million Onion Hotel isn’t quite as replayable as other puzzle games might be.

The game shines the brightest while it’s still showing you all of its tricks and oddities. The cut-scenes are bizarre and go in unexpected and sometimes inexplicable directions. The new enemies are often quite off-the-wall, and their accompanying sound effects and animations can be very amusing. Even the way the playfield evolves as you make your way through the story is neat, but can only surprise you once. Don’t get me wrong: there are secrets packed within secrets here, but the novelty of the game’s many quirks is at its most effective on that first playthrough. At some point it settles down from being a trippy experience into just being a cool game.

If you’ve got an appetite for unusual games, have good reflexes, and a keen ability to assess patterns quickly, Million Onion Hotel was made just for you. If you don’t? Well, you’ll probably have a good time with it anyway. It can be really confusing at times, but usually in a good way. As iOS gamers, we’re fortunate enough to have a wealth of stylish puzzle games with personality to burn, but I can promise you that none of them are as adorably eccentric as this onion-plucking pleasure cruise.


Out Now: ‘Final Fantasy Dimensions II’, ‘Runic Rampage’, ‘Sonic Forces: Speed Battle’, ‘Million Onion Hotel’, ‘Strain Tactics’, ‘Peregrin’, ‘The Muscle Hustle’, ‘WitchSpring3’, ‘YO! And Friends’ and More

It’s the middle of the week, “hump day” as they say, and that means a load of new iOS games are now available in the App Store. It’s yet another strong week, as if I even had any free time between all the great new stuff that’s come out on mobile in recent weeks as well as my Stardew Valley and Super Mario Odyssey addiction on my Switch. It’s a great time to be a gamer, and a terrible time to be a productive member of society. So if you’re ready to lose all your free time to even more new games, check out the full list below and let us know which ones you’ve got your eyes on this week.


Abi: A Robot’s Tale

iTunes Description

Technology can lead us astray, but it can also be our redemption…
One day in the distant future, the obsolete household robot Abi finds the hibernating industrial robot DD, and together they escape the warehouse in which they have been locked away. Once they get out, they discover that humans have mysteriously disappeared from the earth. Where did the humans go and what can explain their disappearance? It’s up to you, Abi, and DD to find out.

Forum Thread: Abi: A Robot’s Tale (By Lilith Games)


iTunes Description

Are you sure you’re able to steady your nerves and have quick reflexes? Be ready to prove it! Move “Axe” and let it twirl to collect as many points as you can! Be careful, it’s harder than you can even imagine and for each point you collect Axe will turn faster and faster! Don’t go beyond the arena and don’t touch the sharpened walls otherwise you will blow yourself to smithereens! Try to overcome your best score to show your ability!

Forum Thread: Ahead! (By LC Multimedia)

Battle Knife: Online PvP

iTunes Description

Battle knife is an online multiplayer 1v1 knife throwing game.

Experience player versus player knife throwing combat like never before. Gameplay will be fast and quick. Your aim will mean everything.

Face opponents who are out to destroy you. Challenge all the warriors and show them what you are made of. Rise on the leaderboards and let the world know who is best.

Forum Thread: Battle Knife: Online PvP (by Lifebelt Games)


iTunes Description

Run, slide, shoot, and jetpack as you navigate through dangerous terrains. Collect parts to upgrade and unlock new bots. How far can you run?!

– 2 Different Game modes.
– 3 worlds, and over 75 levels. (and more to come!)
– 5 Unlockable Robots.
– Watch & Share replays.
– Cloud Save.
– Leaderboards & Achievements.
– Epic boss fights!

Forum Thread: Crashbots (By Appsolute Games)

Dead Rain: New Zombie Virus

iTunes Description

a story of survivors in a zombified world

This is one of the best platform games you will ever forget!

“The world is infected with an unknown virus and plagued by unending rain.
Infected people behave like zombies, and trees are growing from their bodies.
It seems that these trees sprouting from zombies are growing fast as a result of the endless rain. You must find your daughter who got lost during the hurried escape.”

Forum Thread: Dead Rain : New Zombie Virus (By JungWoo Park)


iTunes Description

Set out to uncover the long forgotten world of Elvenar. Create a flourishing fantasy city and discover a magical world full of mysteries. Restore Elvenar to its former glory and create a home for many other fantasy races!

Elvenar is based on the successful browser city-builder, that was published by InnoGames. Finally, the online fantasy game is available for phone and tablet as well, providing cross-platform access.

Elvenar is free to download and install. However, some game features can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. A network connection is also required.

Forum Thread: Elvenar (By InnoGames)

Era of Arcania

iTunes Description

A unique mobile experience presented by 37Games.

A reality of Gods and Demons is created in a Fusion of Western myths and Oriental fantasies. You’ll act as an explorer to embark on epic adventures with your friends. In Era of Arcania, you’ll have the chance to write your own legends through exploration, battles, and even love!

Forum Thread: Era of Arcania (by 37GAMES)

Far Tin Bandits

iTunes Description

The Far Tin Bandits is a completely new action game filled with fast, fun, far tin shooting action!

With a motley crew of seven uniquely skilled mutant beans, load up your barrels and shoot your way through a variety of fast and furious levels, leaving no tin unopened. The Far Tin Bandits shoot, split, spin, curve, explode, expand and smash their way through locations featuring runaway mine carts, winding whirl pools, tenacious totem poles, ghoulish graveyards and much more.

It’s fast, furious, far tin, fun.

Forum Thread: Far Tin Bandits (By 2cherries Studio)

Final Fantasy Dimensions II

iTunes Description

A journey that links the past to the future!

◆◇Game Introduction◇◆
A fascinating cast of characters of different races and eras.
An incredible story that leads you through the past and future to save the world.
Combine your strengths to defeat powerful foes in intense battles.
FINAL FANTASY Dimensions II is an RPG that brings a new legend to the world of FF.


The Fingermaze Game

iTunes Description

The Fingermaze is an exclusive mobile game, that adapted all the unique features of a mobile phone into one daring experience full of action and thrilling situations.
Use your finger to find your way through an adventurous maze of obstacles. Try to collect all three stars on your way to the goal and try to not get squashed, cut, electrocuted or burned.

Forum Thread: The Fingermaze Game (By P. – E. Hartmann)

Floyd’s Sticker Jam

iTunes Description

FLOYD’S STICKER JAM is an adventure combining TIME TRAVEL and STICKERS. Neat, huh?

A casual shoot-em up where you get to replay each level with your past-self, making yourself more and more powerful every time! Death is a Strategy…
More replays means more bullets, and in a shoot-em-up, more bullets, is kind of a good thing. In this game,*you* are the Bullet Hell.

Fight Epic Bosses to earn Shiny Stickers Packs!

Forum Thread: Floyd’s Sticker Jam (by LemonChili)


iTunes Description

Warning!! This game is very frightening game!
Find a music box in darkness.
Do not forget to wear your headphones. Stay focused on what you hear on your headphones!
If you hear a sound from the left, there is something on your left.
Can you find a music box among many ghosts?
If you do not focus on hearing in this supernatural and mystery field, you will be hard to survive…

Forum Thread: GOOSEBUMPS! (by Zzoo)


iTunes Description

Meet with Jodeo. It’s a 2D jelly critter. There’s something it’s curious about; What is happening in the upper dimension? What if 3d object and 2d physics are in a same game? How 2d object can interact with 3d object?

Jodeo has 14 creative conditions and 30 different experiments based on that imaginary principle.

Forum Thread: jodeo (By gamebra.in)

KISS Rock City

iTunes Description

Who doesn’t want to be a rock star? There’s only one problem: you don’t have enough money and you clash with your band over every decision. Just about to give up, you meet the super famous and glorious band members of KISS. What follows is a stardom adventure to form the next best rockband – and KISS offers to help you! Sing along with original KISS tunes and stick around for the funny story.

Forum Thread: KISS Rock City (By Sproing)

Legend of Brave

iTunes Description

Legend of Brave
Legend of Brave is a 3D online real-time APRG game of 2017 that covers the most popular game types on the market: collection over 100 kinds of Cute Pets & cool Mounts; blood PVP, PVE battles; Devil Dungeon Challenge and so on. There are more modes waiting for you, come on with friends to fight against the darkness.

Forum Thread: Legend of Brave (by Morefun Technology Limited)

Legends of Magic Mobile

iTunes Description

Battle monsters and find powerful gears in this hardcore mobile RPG. Legends of Magic Mobile is all you could ever ask for an action RPG on mobile.

Become a powerful Templar Mage and free the land from monsters. Find powerful gears to help you defeat even more powerful monsters.

Explore a huge world and interact with its inhabitants. Communicate and find out how the story unfolds.

Forum Thread: Legends of Magic Mobile (by Illogical Games)


iTunes Description

Place letters.
> Collect Words.
> > Clear the field.
· · ·
Multiplayer mode.
Global rankings.

Forum Thread: Letter² (By Philipp Stollenmayer)

Links Fusion

iTunes Description

Links Fusion is a relaxing minimal puzzle game with a peaceful ambient mood. It’s a simple story about connecting fields by blending and matching colors. If you like puzzles give it a try

Forum Thread: Links Fusion (by Marcin Marzewski)

Logic Sudoku

iTunes Description

1. “Logical Sudoku” is a puzzle game for beginners and advanced players.
2. Two game modes: classic mode (Sudoku) and advanced mode (KenKen).
3. Whether Sudoku or Kenken, each mode has three sub modes based on the game difficulty.
4. Choose any mode and any level you like,enjoy the leisure of easy level, the temper of medium level, and the madness of hard level.
5. There are some features: auto-check, duplicates highlight, try writing and tips. That can help you to solve the puzzles.
6. In addition, you can learn the progress of the game and the level of the ability to solve puzzles by the game statistical feature.
7. Each puzzle has only one answer, and the key is to find a breakthrough.
8. Try it now! Let’s experience a puzzle trip!

Forum Thread: Logic Sudoku (By Mudotek Mobile Games)

The Memoranda

iTunes Description

Memoranda is a game about forgetting and being forgotten! A point and click adventure game with magic realism elements that tells the story of a young lady who gradually realizes she is forgetting her own name. Is she really losing her memory or is there something else that could explain the strange circumstances?

The story happens in a quiet little town where a few ordinary and strange characters live together. Including a World War II surviving soldier to an elephant taking shelter in a man’s cottage hoping to become a human. There is one thing all these characters have in common: they are losing something. It could be a name, a husband or even someone’s sanity!

Forum Thread: The Memoranda (By Digital Dragon)

Merge Farm!

iTunes Description

Welcome to the world of Merge Farm! the newest farming and merge game from Gram Games.

Merge Farm! isn’t your average farming game. Use merging mechanics to achieve your task to grow your farm, and harvest delicious fruits and veggies.

Plant tons of crops across your farm and merge those crops to grow bigger plants that produce more fruit and veggies! Take your massive harvest and sell them to grow your farm even further! What are you waiting for, let’s start merging your farm!

Forum Thread: Merge Farm! (By Gram Games)

Million Onion Hotel

iTunes Description

Million Onion Hotel is an action puzzle packed with a lot of elements!! A mysterious world of crazy sound and unique pixel arts and animations!
In BitSummit2014, This won the Media Highlights Award, Bit King Popularity Awards chosen by visitors’ vote, and the game was chosen for IndieCade official Selection the same year.
And now, It is released At last !

Forum Thread: Million Onion Hotel (by Onion Games, K.K.)

Monster Ninja

iTunes Description

Join hero Monster Ninja on his endless adventure to save his planet Doe from bad influence of Evil Shaman.

JUMP, SHOOT AND MOVE as far as you can, compete in online ranking against other players and unlock all achievements in this super funny endless game. Take advantage of great, intuitive controls by combination of using touch controls and accelerometer sensor and master your skill to become true ninja warrior.

Jumping from one platform to another, shooting enemies, fighting with Evil Shaman’s magic, flying on dragon or lightning bird, using super weapons like rocket launcher, laser gun, etc., lots of different obstacles and many more – it’s time to become Monster Ninja!

Forum Thread: Monster Ninja (by Adam Juva)

The Muscle Hustle

iTunes Description

You’ve never played a wrestling game like this before! The controls are simple and fun; they might remind you of pool, marbles, or pinball. Classic wrestling moves and unique combos add exciting tactical and strategic depth. Bounce a monster strike at the exactly the right spot to KO your rival, save your signature move for a massive bodyslam, or bank a shot for a multi-hit combo.

Collect, train, and promote hundreds of wrestlers. Combine the unique stats and abilities of your hyper heroes to build the perfect tag-team for each match and battle it out in extensive single player campaigns or the real-time PvP league.

Forum Thread: The Muscle Hustle (By Foxglove Studios)

Nory’s Escape

iTunes Description

“Nory’s Escape” is a new kind of level based runner game. You draw magic paths with your finger and help little Nory escape an evil witch. Hours of fun, secret levels to unlock and a challenging gameplay await you in 18 handmade levels with beautiful graphics and smooth animations.

“Nory’s Escape” is an indie game, has no ads or InApp payments and it comes with Game Center support. Have fun with this unique and original game.

It is perfect for Apple Pencil.

Forum Thread: Nory’s Escape (by TEAMNory)


iTunes Description

Peregrin is a story puzzle game, combining myth, fantasy and sci-fi. Peregrin’s story is a moving take on the struggle to overcome both personal and collective loss – beautifully realised in an epic mythical style.

Take control of Abi as she leaves her scavenger tribe to embark upon an epic journey into the wastelands of the divide. Mysterious monoliths and strange artefacts await her there, revealing the secrets of these fallen lands.

Peregrin’s absorbing gameplay revolves around the use of Abi’s arcane powers. Use them to take temporary control of the creatures you encounter – from simple animals to the divide’s hostile guardians. Turn the unique abilities of each creature to your advantage in solving puzzles and surviving battles.

Forum Thread: Peregrin (By Domino Digital)

PES Card Collection

iTunes Description

In PES CARD COLLECTION (PESCC), you collect cards of the world’s most famous football players to create the ultimate team! While you search for the perfect formation for your team, you can enjoy training your players and developing your squad. When you feel like gauging your team’s progress, you can do so by playing matches in real time against rivals from across the globe.

Using data from the long-running PES series, matches in PESCC play out in gorgeous 3D. This allows you to feel the joy of every goal you score and the pain of every one you concede as if you were really there. You can even let others know your exact emotions by sending unique stickers during a match.


Ping Ping!

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The ultimate addicting game that anyone can enjoy! Play Ping Ping!

Enjoy various modes of play. Using the right angle is key!

Enjoy Ping Ping on the bus, subway, or on the way to work or home!

Forum Thread: Ping Ping! (by Superbox)

Pocket Build

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Have you ever wanted to make your own little fantasy world? A farm, some kind of castle, or just an epic fantasy city? Pocket Build is an open world game where you can build with no limitations or restrictions. Build whatever you like, whenever you like, however you like. The possibilities are endless!

Castles, trees, fences, farms, bridges, towers, houses, rocks, land, it’s all their for the building. The only limit is your imagination!

Forum Thread: Pocket Build (by MoonBear)

Roly Poly Monsters

iTunes Description

The ‘Roly Poly Monsters’ are back with a bang!

Enjoy a bloody awesome sequel to the 50 million played internet hit.
The game is brutally simple – or should we say simple and brutal?

– Tap the screen to fire an exploding cannon ball
– Kill all Roly Poly Monsters on the screen.
– Play accurately – your cannon balls are limited!
– Make use of fun physics contraptions for brutal kills
– Hear them scream

Forum Thread: Roly Poly Monsters (By FDG Mobile Games)

Runic Rampage

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Sharpen your axe and equip your hammer – Runic Rampage is the brutal action adventure every dwarf has been waiting for. Master fatal combos and study powerful spells to defeat hordes of ruthless foes in intense melee combat.

Legend says that once a rune stone protected the dwarves, but it disappeared and war destroyed the kingdom. You play Grimbard – last champion of the dwarfs. On your quest to collect the missing rune stone fragments you have to survive the desert, enter dark and mysterious woods, descend to the deepest caves and climb the top of the Frozen Fortress. Uncover the truth about your kingdom’s downfall and change the destiny of your nation.

Forum Thread: Runic Rampage (by Crescent Moon)


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A game of tranquillity through the art of matching cute characters in Ruya’s world of dreams.

Visit surrealistic landscapes, decorate yourself in flowers and introspect. A calming minimal experience with juicy interactions and cool colour combinations to make you feel at ease.

The ethereal dreamlike soundtrack will tickle your senses and pull you into a state of peaceful flow.

Forum Thread: Ruya (by Miracle Tea)

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

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World-famous SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is back! RUN and COMPETE with real players from around the world. Find out who is the MASTER of speed! SPRINT, DODGE, ATTACK and SET TRAPS versus other fans in this EASY and FUN MULTIPLAYER game. Download and start your battle NOW!

Forum Thread: Sonic Forces: Speed Battle (By SEGA)

Stack Hop – Jump Stacker

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How high can you stack?

Jump to stack the blocks to build the highest tower you can!

Stack away to get all 10 achievements, unlock all 30 characters, and grab you reward every day!

Forum Thread: Stack Hop – Jump Stacker (by Konig Studios)

Strain Tactics

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Strain Tactics is a real time, top-down tactical ARPG that takes players to a cyberpunk, apocalyptic future where the world has been taken over by an infectious alien strain. Featuring 80 playable characters and over 150 unique items and weapons, the game challenges players to defeat enemies by commanding customizable ground teams from their Helibase-gunship overhead. Players can indulge in a variety of scenarios across over 30 different maps, and the sandbox-style mechanics allows users to approach the maps according to their play style.

Forum Thread: STRAIN TACTICS (By Touch Dimensions)

Take Shape

iTunes Description

Tap the screen when the shapes overlap to score a point. Magic shapes score double and slow everything down into bullet time mode for five seconds. If you miss, you lose a point and poison the shapes on the screen. You can’t score points from poisoned shapes and they infect any other shapes they touch. Invite your Facebook friends to play and compare your progress on the leaderboard.

Forum Thread: Take Shape (by Blind Albino Studios, Inc.)

TAP Shooter: Sky Battle

iTunes Description

Getting surrounded by hordes of enemies and dodging bullet hell is not the only way to play a Shooter game. In TAP Shooter: Sky Battle, you summon a horde of allies to surround and destroy monsters! You will power up your hero and allies with Incremental clicker gameplay, and go forth to annihilate the Devil Army!

Forum Thread: TAP Shooter: Sky Battle (By Element Cell)

Tiny Golf Ball Smasher

iTunes Description

You only have a few seconds to smash the ball in the hole. Can you achieve this and earn enough coins to unlock other levels? Each level has its unique features, gravity and difficulty.
Find your own way to play and try to beat other players in leaderboard.
Enjoy smashing the ball in winter slippery landscape, dust and sand or low gravity on Mars.

Forum Thread: Tiny Golf Ball Smasher (By iTechGen)


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The story of a witch who is chased after by warriors. Eirudy, the Marionette Witch.
A story-based RPG with no additional in-app payments.

The witch Lives in her house in the Misty Forest, hidden from the warriors.
At home, she crafts tools and magic, and trains herself.
Outside, she explores around to find magical ingredients and often encounters warriors.

Forum Thread: WitchSpring3 (By SUYOUNG JANG)

YO! And Friends

iTunes Description

Yo! is back and this time she brought friends! Time your jumps to stack up a tower of blocks, take on daily challenges, open gifts, play the pachinko machine to get new playable friends, and don’t forget to put on a fancy hat! Yo! And Friends will keep you entertained with…

– challenging one tap gameplay!
– 50 cute characters!
– hats! unlocking the same character twice (or more…) will level their style right up!
– daily challenges that come with exclusive rewards!

Forum Thread: YO! And Friends (By Sets and Settings)


UK government investigates hotel booking sites for “high-pressure tactics,” unfair pricing

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) watchdog is investigating business practices in the hotel comparison website industry, to see if consumers are getting shafted with high-pressure sales tactics and deceptive deals. The investigation follows a year-long study of the hotel booking market, and examines four main areas of concern. The CMA wants to see if discount deals and search results are accurate, and aren’t influenced by previously higher prices, or by how much commission the hotel pays, respectively. Another focus is the presence of “high-pressure tactics:” are hotel booking sites misleading consumers about demand or availability, in order to…

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