It rains sunscreen on this ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanet

Anyone who can conjure up a way to collect resources from Kepler-13Ab in the far future could become a sunscreen magnate. On the heavenly body, one of the hottest Jupiter-sized exoplanets the mission has ever discovered, titanium oxide falls from the…
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‘Minecraft’ ‘Hot Wheels’ Are Coming Next Month, and They Are Monster-Inspired

As you probably know if you’ve ever walked around a mall or a Target, Minecraft [$ 6.99] merchandise is definitely not something you have to look hard for. There are all kinds of clothes, toys, LEGOs, all inspired by the massive hit that is Minecraft. I didn’t think there was space for more Minecraft toys until I saw the upcoming Mattel Minecraft Hot Wheels cars, which look pretty amazing and inventive. Bryan Benedict, one of Mattel’s designer, talked about the upcoming toys and explained how he was inspired to turn the game’s popular monsters into vehicles.

He talked about how he tried to understand the personality of each monster and then transform it into a vehicle that would make sense for that character. For instance, there’s an Enderman lowrider limo that, similarly to the Mineraft character, is all about aimlessly wandering around with no specific destination in mind. And, of course, there’s a block hidden in the trunk limo, which is perfect for a character known for carrying blocks around. The Creeper vehicle has TNT blocks for an engine, the Zombie is a demolition derby car (which keeps on going even though it should be dead), the Golem is a forklift, and so on. All the vehicle designs have a reason for being as they are, and they are all pretty cool. The vehicles will launch this October, and we have no price for them yet.


Teardown claims Essential Phone is hard-to-repair ‘hot mess’

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A new teardown of one of the latest Apple iPhone competitors, the Essential Phone, claims that the device is fundamentally disorganized inside, a sign of it being a first-generation product.
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Data Shows Summers are Now Either “Hot” or “Extremely Hot” Compared to 50 Years Ago

The Temperature Shift

Elon Musk tweeted a few weeks ago that there’s “no need to rely on scientists for global warming — just use a thermometer.” While climate change is more complicated that that, with implications that extend far beyond just temperature, Musk’s point stands. Summers across the globe are hotter than they used to be, and extreme weather has never been more common.

Global Warming Scenarios
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With the help of his colleagues at Columbia UniversityJames Hansen, a former NASA climate scientist, compiled decades of temperature data and then put it into a variety of graphs and charts illustrating this shift in global temperature.

According to Hansen’s data, 15 percent of summers between 2005 and 2015 fall into the category of “extremely hot,” while the number of “hot” summers has doubled compared to the base period (1951 to 1980), jumping from around 33 percent to 66 percent.

Todd Sanford, director of research at Climate Central, told The New York Times that the findings “really highlight that changes in the average, while they may seem modest, have big implications for the extremes. And that’s what’s going to affect society and ecosystems.” He also asserted that this upward trend provides “a glimpse to what’s in our future.”

What Can We Do?

An increase in high temperatures is one of many facets of climate change. Erratic weather phenomena, pollution, and ecosystem shifts due to other manifestations of the same cause have resulted in millions of deaths worldwide. In recent years, increased nitrogen levels caused the beaches of Florida to flood with foul-spelling green algae that killed animals and diseased people, and tropical storms, hurricanes, and typhoons have wrecked homes and damaged lives.

However, the last few years have marked a shift in the way we approach climate change, as well. While the 2000s were marked by a distrust of statistics and skepticism regarding the true extent of the problem, the 2010s have seen more people asking the question, “What can we do?”

In response to this question, the Paris Agreement has been created, numerous countries have pledged a commitment to being carbon neutral before 2050, and the car industry has been turning to electric vehicles. While the situation is dire, all of these initiatives (combined with many others) could help us reverse the damage humans have done to the planet.

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‘Everybody’s Golf’, AKA ‘Hot Shots Golf’, Pre-Registration Begins in Japan

Fans of the Hot Shots Golf series, known as Everybody’s Golf in Japan, should keep their eyes out. The first version of the game, announced in late 2016 for iOS and Android is set to release soon, with preregistration now open for the game. While the game and preregistration are only planned for Japan for now, it’s possible to preregister at the game’s official website, with a variety of currency rewards for doing so.

Everybody’s Golf is developed by Drecom and is being released by ForwardWorks, Sony’s mobile gaming branch. Hayashi Shigi of Famitsu reports the game will have 8-player online play, and both he and the Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki have positive reports on the quality of the game after playing. While there’s no report yet on a western release, the Hot Shots Golf series has had various releases in the west, so it’s plausible we could be playing this in English someday.