alcatel’s Android Go phone – the 1X – is hitting the US

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During the MWC, alcatel – TCL’s own smartphone brand announced a bunch of new devices, including the company’s first smartphone to run Android Go – a leaner version of Android designed to run on lower-end hardware. This Android Go-powered phone is called the alcatel 1X. For the record, Android Go was renamed to Android Oreo (Go Edition). Given the price and specifications of the aclatel handset, we were unsure if we were going to see the alcatel 1X arrive to the United States. alcatel confirmed to The Verge that it was going to bring two new alcatel smartphones tot the US: the aclatel 1X… – Latest articles

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YouTube dark mode starts hitting mobile, Android expected ‘soon’

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

The much-anticipated system-wide dark mode we were looking forward to (after the arrival of some tantalizing evidence) in an upcoming Android release may not exactly be right around the corner, but there’s still ample reason to be excited if you’re the kind of user who craves that easy-on-the-eyes look for your mobile apps.

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New update hitting Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 smartphones

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HMD has started pushing out new updates to its Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 smartphones. Weighing in at around 132 MB, these are security updates that bring along Android fixes for the month of March. The updates are rolling out in several markets, including India, the UK, Germany, Mexico, and Greece. Others in the list include Bangladesh, Malaysia, Hungary, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Tunisia. As is usually the case with OTA roll outs, it may take time for the update to hit your device, so be patient. Via – Latest articles

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‘Blade and Soul: Revolution’, ‘Fellow: Eternal Clash’, ‘Durango: Wild Land’ and Loads More MMORPG’s Hitting Mobile in 2018

Trends come and go on the App Store, this has always been the case. Some trends have been more enjoyable than others, as they ebb and flow with whatever big title is topping the charts at the time. But it seems a new trend is cooking in 2018: MMORPGs, with the charge being led by South Korea’s biggest names in a big way.

Starting with Netmarble which launched Lineage II: Revolution [Free] in November 2017 in the West, but showing no signs of slowing down, Netmarble now has Blade and Soul: Revolution set to release sometime in 2018 in Korea, as well as Tera M, Icarus M, and Seven Knights II. GoBoogie Games has announced Fellow: Eternal Clash for a western release. Nexon has already launched Durango: Wild Land and Yulgang M in Korea on January 25th with a western release planned for both. Kakao Games has announced Blade II: The Return of Evil, a highly anticipated sequel to the very successful Blade. Perhaps a bit of a dark-horse, Mad World from Jandisoft promises to be the first HTML5 cross-platform MMORPG, which we wrote about last summer.

Gamevil has Royal Blood, set to be the first Korean “global one-build” MMORPG, already available in South Korea with other locale launches planned for March. NCSoft is planning to introduce Aion: Legions of War, a new mobile RPG based on its online RPG Aion, in North America and Europe. Com2us is even turning Summoner’s War [Free] into an MMORPG soon, though few details outside of a trailer are available. Last but certainly not least, Pearl Abyss has Black Desert M, a mobile port of the PC MMORPG Black Desert, with already over 2 million pre-registered players which investment analysts predict will bring in $ 565,000 in daily revenue.

That’s 11 juggernaut mobile MMOs just from South Korea alone. While many of these will see a release in North America, it seems likely some of these just won’t make the cut for the west, as the competition is looking to be fierce. Even if half of these titles launch, that’s still more high-profile MMORPG launches than iOS has seen in any year previous, and that’s just from South Korea.

It’s also probably no coincidence that South Korea just had their first Apple Store open on January 27th 2018, right in Samsung’s backyard, which will undoubtably ignite a turf war between the two tech giants. And with Apple gaining in market share, not only on the hardware side, but now also gaining quite a bit of the South Korean games catalog, we’re in for quite a show from South Korea over the course of this year.

Outside of Korea, the competition is far less fierce, but no less quiet. Jagex is at last bringing the browser based MMO Runescape 3 and Old School Runescape, affectionately known as 2007scape, to mobile in 2018. Maple Story M, available for a short Beta on Android last month is also planning a 2018 iOS launch. Villagers and Heroes, already available for Android is also coming to iOS on February 26th Not to be left out, Albion Online by Sandbox Interactive is already in Beta and looking better by the day.

What appeal all these MMOs will have in the west remains to be seen. The traditional MMORPG hasn’t seen the same World of Warcraft level success in recent years, though there are still plenty of popular PC MMORPGs going strong. If the Korean MMORPG craze catches on here in North America, we’re set to see a whole new era of mobile gaming. Not only do these games promise compelling new styles of gameplay but many of them are built in Unreal Engine 4 and look fantastic, and with devices getting more powerful at a rate that is increasing exponentially every year, it seems all the necessary ingredients are present for an all-out, graphics intensive, battery-draining, memory eating, multi-continent, online slugfest from some of the biggest names in mobile gaming.

As an MMO fan, I couldn’t be more excited. Keep an eye out for updates on all these titles in the coming weeks and months right here on TouchArcade.


New update hitting Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018)

Samsung has started pushing out a new update to its Galaxy A8+ (2018) smartphone. Weighing in at around 115MB and arriving as firmware version A730FXXU1ARAC, it’s a security update that’s currently hitting units in India. No, it’s not the February update – security level stays at January 1 (if you remember, the device has already got the January update). So it’s not clear what exactly the update brings along. The same happened with the Galaxy Note8 recently, so we assume this new update for the Galaxy A8+ (2018) also includes fixes for the Meltdown and Spectre… – Latest articles

Oreo update hitting unlocked Huawei Mate 9 in US

The Huawei Mate 9 has started getting a new update in the US. Currently hitting GSM networks-compatible International unlocked units in the region (MHA-L29 and L09), it’s major update that brings along Android Oreo. The change-log for the update isn’t yet available, although we assume all major Oreo goodies should be included. As is usually the case with OTA roll outs, it may take time for the update to hit your device, if not already. Via – Latest articles

‘Jackpotting’ attacks are now hitting US ATMs, report says

The Secret Service has been warning US financial institutions that domestic ATMs are being targeted in jackpotting attacks, according to a new report from well-known security journalist Brian Krebs.

Jackpotting, in which thieves use a variety of tools to hack into ATMs and cause them to dispense large amounts of cash on demand, has been a legitimate threat for several years now. The late computer hacker Barnaby Jack famously showed off an ATM exploit at the Black Hat conference back in 2010. But until now, jackpotting was mostly a threat in Europe, Asia, and Mexico.

According to the Krebs report, the US Secret Service recently sent out a confidential alert to multiple financial institutions warning that the “targeted stand-alone ATMs…

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Red Hydrogen One hitting US carrier(s) this summer

There is big news today for those of you who pre-ordered the Hydrogen One phone from Red. But first, we’ll try to recap as quickly as possible for those who missed the initial wave of news about this phone. Red is a maker of professional-grade video cameras who held pre-orders this past summer for a $ 1,200-$ 1,600 modular smartphone with a new kind of 3D screen that can be seen in either landscape or portrait orientations. It’s a phone made for hard-core photo and video enthusiasts or professionals. Alright, moving on to the news. Founder of Red, Jim Janard, writes in a forum post that… – Latest articles

New update hitting Sony Xperia XZ, XZs and X Performance

Sony has started pushing out a new update to Xperia XZ, XZs and X Performance smartphones. It’s basically a security update that moves the build number to 41.3.A.2.24, and includes Android security fixes for the month of January. The update bumps Android security to January 1 level. Now, why that’s important is, Sony had said the update with fixes for “Spectre” and “Meltdown” vulnerabilities would bump the security level to “2018-01-05 or later.” So it’s safe to assume that these fixes aren’t included in this update. Via – Latest articles

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