Europe proposes massive tech tax hike on Silicon Valley giants

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In the latest sign of mounting frustration with U.S. tech companies, the European Commission today proposed sweeping new taxes that would target large tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Though the EC plan is tough, it faces an uncertain future, as it must be approved by all 28 member states. But if it goes into effect, tech compan…Read More
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Samsung Galaxy S9 pricing leak suggests a noticeable price hike

What goes up… stays up, if we’re talking about the price of Samsung flagships. Unconfirmed pricing info suggests that the Galaxy S9 will cost £740 according to one anonymous source while Clove UK even claims £800. Meanwhile in Norway, the alleged pricing for the S9 is NOK 8,790 and for the Galaxy S9+ it’s NOK 9,790. The country is getting the Midnight Black, Coral Blue and Lilac Purple color options. The Norwegian price for the Galaxy S9 is equivalent to $ 1,130/€910, which lines up with Clove’s claim of £800. The old Galaxy S8 launched at £690 while the Galaxy Note8 launched at… – Latest articles

Now you can book Ola cab directly from Hike messenger

Hike and Ola have teamed up to offer a seamless experience to users where they can now book Ola cab directly from Hike app. Users can now book Ola cabs and autos across 110 cities in India from within Hike app and can pay directly through the Hike Wallet or in cash. Users will have … Continue reading “Now you can book Ola cab directly from Hike messenger”
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256GB iPhone X Now Costs $1,700 in India After Tariff Hike

A 256-gigabyte iPhone X will now cost about $ 1,700 in India, due to yet another set of import duty hikes on mobile devices in the country.

The price hikes are effective immediately, and they come less than a week after the Indian government announced it would raise customs duty on imported mobile devices from 15 to 20 percent, CNN reported.

India was previously one of the most expensive places to buy an iPhone. In December 2017, a separate important tariff hike on mobile devices caused the prices for many Apple devices to rise about 3.5 percent. At the time, a 256GB iPhone cost 105,720 rupees, about $ 1,237.

This week’s tariff hike has caused about 14 percent of Apple’s newest iPhones to rise about 3 percent in price on top of that. As such, a 256GB iPhone X will now run Indian buyers 109,000 rupees, or $ 1,700. The same exact device costs $ 1,149 in the U.S.

Apple confirmed the price change, and has updated its online storefront in the country accordingly, the Economic Times reported on Monday.

The increased tariffs are meant to curb imported devices and encourage phone manufacturers to produce their handsets locally. That’s important because India is a lucrative market, and is becoming increasingly critical to tech firms. Last year, India surpassed the U.S. as the world’s second-largest phone market behind China.

But while the tariff increases affect all imported smartphones, Apple has been hit by them more critically than its competitors. Companies like Samsung and Xiaomi already produce most of their locally sold devices in-country. Apple, on the other hand, imports about 90 percent of the devices it sells in India.

India’s importance as a market has spurred Apple to begin aggressively seeking out a strategy to gain a foothold there. In addition to price cuts across its devices, Apple has taken to producing its lower-cost iPhone SE model at a Bengaluru-based Wistron plant. As a result, the price of an iPhone SE in India has remained unchanged despite the recent set of import tariff hikes.

Reports also suggest that Apple could debut a new “Made in India” iPhone SE-type device this year, with some rumors claiming that it could be an Indian market exclusive, at least initially.

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Apple’s challenge in India made tougher by second import tax hike in two months

In a move which hit Apple harder than other smartphone brands, India increased the import tax on smartphones from 10% to 15% in December. Less than two months later, it has just decided to increase the rate again, this time to 20% …



Streaming services must give songwriters a 44 percent pay hike

Songwriters just claimed a major victory in the fight for better pay from streaming giants like Apple and Spotify. The US Copyright Royalty Board has ruled for an increase in songwriter rates that will give them a 43.8 percent pay raise over the nex…
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No price hike for the OnePlus 5T, leak alleges

Sources from O2 suggested that the OnePlus 5T will cost the same as the phone it replaces. A second leak – this time coming out of India – confirms this as well. The 5T will be exclusive to Amazon in India so this image likely comes from there. It lists both versions of the phone – 6GB RAM, 64GB storage and 8GB RAM, 128GB storage – and their prices. The base OnePlus 5T will cost INR 33,000 while the one with more memory will be INR 38,000. That perfectly matches the outgoing model (which is almost entirely out of stock now). CEO Pete Lau said that fans will “appreciate what’s… – Latest articles