Shadow virtualizes a high-end gaming PC on your desktop clunker

In the early days of computing, local storage and processing weren't actually a thing. Instead, your individual computer acted as a terminal, pulling data from a central processing server. Well, the French startup Blade likes it that way and has rele…
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Magic Leap’s cheapest headsets will cost as much as a high-end phone, says CEO

Magic Leap is planning multiple editions of its augmented reality glasses for different levels of consumers and professionals, with the cheapest starting at the price of a “higher-end mobile phone to higher-end tablet,” says company president and CEO Rony Abovitz. “I think we’re trying to establish certain tiers — we’re not going to be a single-product company over time,” Abovitz told an audience during an interview at Recode’s Code Media conference today.

Abovitz says the Magic Leap One, a “creator edition” headset that’s supposed to be coming out this year, falls somewhere in the middle of Magic Leap’s price range. “We will have a product line in that price point probably for the company’s history, and we’ll probably have some above…

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Review: Satechi’s high-end aluminum wireless charger

Satechi aluminum wireless qi charger iPhone X

Since grabbing an iPhone X, I have also been enjoying the freedom that wireless charging provides. Yes, I know, pretty much every other handset has enjoyed wireless charging for several years. This isn’t the place for carrying on about Apple always being last to market. I have been using the Satechi Aluminum Wireless Charger for a few months and welcome the ease-of-use…. Read the rest of this post here

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