Twitter stops support for its Mac app, here are the two best alternatives

best twitter apps for Mac

Twitter announced on Friday that beginning immediately, its Mac app will no longer be available for download, and the app will no longer be supported in 30 days. Whether or not Twitter was ever committed to their Mac app is an entirely different conversation, but the company suggests users access the service via the web, which it says will provide a consistent experience across platforms…. Read the rest of this post here

Twitter stops support for its Mac app, here are the two best alternatives” is an article by
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You shouldn’t have to buy coasters for your $350 smart speaker, but here we are

Earlier this week, Apple was called out in the press over the white stains its HomePod smart speakers were leaving on wooden surfaces in owners’ homes. Unsurprisingly, accessory makers rushed to make a quick buck by launching coasters to prevent this from happening: AppleInsider spotted Pad & Quill’s $ 20 offering, made with American full-grain leather and sized so your HomePod can perch on it without leaving white rings around the house. ” You’ll love it, but don’t put a ring on it,” reads the copy on the product page. What’s troubling, though, is how we got here in the first…

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The wood-protecting HomePod accessories are already here

Apple launched its not-so-smart speaker HomePod last week, and it's already suffered a social kerfuffle when users discovered that the device leaves a ring-shaped mark on wooden furniture. Well, find a problem and the peripheral market will rush with…
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Snap CEO Evan Spiegel basically says the Snapchat redesign is here to stay

The Best Guide To Selling Your Old Phones With High Profit

 Despite a lot of backlash over a big redesign for the Snapchat app — which to be sure is a very big deal for a product-centric company like Snap — Snap CEO Evan Spiegel vigorously defended the redesign and basically said people need to get used to it. Spiegel said at the Goldman Sachs Internet & Technology Conference that even people complaining about the app was a sort of… Read More
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Share Your ‘The Battle of Polytopia’ Online Multiplayer Player IDs Here

Midjiwan’s The Battle of Polytopia [Free] has quite the cult following. It debuted on the App Store in early 2016 and has consistently received updates wit enhancements and new content. I only started playing it after a friend constantly spoke about how well it played which was surprising given the genre. The Battle of Polytopia is one of the most approachable turn based strategy games out there. It also looks excellent and controls brilliantly on touch. Midjiwan announced something everyone wanted earlier when an online multiplayer update with cross platform play was announced.

The big update is finally live and includes more than just the online multiplayer mode. For one, the online multiplayer games support up to 12 players in each game. Android and iOS users can play together. This update also includes an updated interface and iPhone X support in addition to full resolution support on all devices.

Midjiwan says that this is the first take on multiplayer in Polytopia and there will be more cool stuff added in the future. The multiplayer mode here is free for anyone who has bought a paid tribe in game. If you haven’t, you’re prompted to buy one if you try and access the online multiplayer here. If you’ve been aching to play some online Polytopia share your Player ID in the comments below and in our forum thread to share Player IDs. You can copy the Player ID from the multiplayer profile page. The main forum thread where everyone’s been discussing the game in general is here.