The ‘Hearthstone’ ‘Tale of the Fox’ Part 2 Is Out Now – Learn More About Kobolds & Catacombs

Are you ready for more Hearthstone [Free] Kobolds & Catacombs lore? I hope so, because Blizzard just gave us the second part of Tale of the Fox, the story about Marin the Fox’s descent into the Kobold mines and caves. There’s all kinds of strange magic now, the weird and powerful Kobold King (with his candle in a lantern, weird and strange golems, and even a creature that we saw during the card reveals on Monday: the Feral Gibberer, the closest we’ll probably ever get to an evil gremlin in Hearthstone. The story is pretty fun and the art fantastic, so you should definitely check it out.

In addition to new lore, Blizzard has also been unveiling new cards from the upcoming set. All the new cards can be found on Hearthstone‘s official Facebook page. There are some fun new ideas in the set so far, like a Battlecry that gives the minion the Deathrattle of a random minion in your deck, the return of Joust but for spells, a card that gives you Golden copies of a card, and much more. What do you think of the set so far?


Kobolds & Catacombs Reveals and Reviews, and Other ‘Hearthstone’ News & Videos in ‘Touchstone’ #117

Welcome to another Touchstone Tavern, our weekly Hearthstone [Free] roundup of the best news and videos. As you would expect, this past week was dominated by the upcoming expansion, Kobolds & Catacombs. We got to read about upcoming card reveals and see some more new cards, read the stories of Marin the Fox and King Togwaggle (the “smartest” Kobold ever), and much more. At the same time, questions about the game’s cost surfaced once more, which isn’t surprising given how many players are trying to find the best way to grab those new cards. There’s a lot more news to read and some really interesting videos to watch, and I hope you enjoy it all.



9 New Kobolds & Catacombs Cards Revealed

Rogue is getting secrets in the new expansion; isn’t that great? Earlier today, we got to see 9 more cards from the next expansion, and most of them are quite promising. We got to see a Legendary weapon, a Spellstone, and a few minions and spells. Head on here to look at the new cards in detail and check out the Videos section for some early reviews.


Hearthstone Sets the Stage for Kobolds and Catacombs With Tales of the Fox

With the expansion drawing nearer, Blizzard has started giving us more lore to get us into the mood. As part of that, we got a story where Marin the Fox goes underground to recover a legendary axe (Woodcleaver) and other enticing treasures. This short tale is another great example of how Blizzard expands on the lore aspect of recent expansions and nicely fleshes it out. Head here for more on Tales of the Fox.


Meet King Togwaggle

King Togwaggle is the biggest Kobold of them all, and this story goes into depth about that silly character as well as the Dungeon Run part of the new expansion. The article contains an exclusive video as well that focuses on the big, bad King. This video is the first of a series called Into the Catacombs, and it’s definitely a fun watch. Read the story and watch the video here.

Questions About Carnivorous Cube

Carnivorous Cube, the upcoming minion that destroys friendly minions, is an interesting design, and this article looks at the possibilities created by this card. The article looks at which cards will be the best “lunch” for Carnivorous Cube and how it might be best utilized once it joins the game. There’s a lot of buzz around this card, and I’m curious to see how it will be used once the expansion comes out. Read the whole story here.


No More Death Knights in the Arena

After plenty of deliberation, the developers decided to remove the Death Knights from the Arena, to the relief of many Arena players who felt that these powerful cards hurt the balance of the mode. Since there’s no way for the developers to ensure that every player has access to these cards, they decided to just remove them so matches can be fairer. I’m pretty sure no one is complaining about this move. Head on here to read more about Death Knights leaving the Arena for good.


$ 1800 Later, This Hearthstone Collection Is Still Incomplete

Players have been increasingly bringing up the issue of the game’s increasing cost, and this article focuses on precisely that. The writer talks about putting a bit more than $ 1800 dollars into the game and still having an incomplete collection. The writer goes into detail about the way he came up with that amount and then talks about the game’s rising cost. An interesting and topical article that you can read here.


Tips to Cope With the Game’s Cost

If you’ve been struggling to get a good collection going without having to pay a fortune, you might want to read this story. The writer tries to help players get the most out of the game at the lowest cost, so it’s definitely worth a read. I’m sure some of the advice will end up being useful to most of you. If you have any other advice, share it in the comments below.


Kobolds & Catacombs’ Reveal Schedule

Blizzard has revealed the schedule for the first week of card reveals, so get ready for plenty of early card reviews. We’re going to see a total of 24 cards over this week, so make sure to keep up with all of them. Head over here for details on days and times so you don’t miss any of the card reveals.

Weapons in Kobolds & Catacombs

This article raises a good question: with few counter play, is Hearthstone taking weapons too far? Weapons are very flexible and very dangerous, so the writer wonders what the developers will do to ensure there are sufficient counters for Legendary weapons. The article takes a detailed look at the counters that exist right now and draws conclusions from the recent Fiery War Axe as well. An interesting article about a very interesting moment in the game’s development.




Early Look at the 9 New Cards

Kobolds Card Review Part 3

5 Cards We Need in the New Expansion

The Best User-Created Cards

WTF Moments

Marin and the Mayor

Decks I Wish Worked 

Worst RNG Moments

1HP Comeback







BlizzCon 2017: ‘Hearthstone’ Q&A Panel Revealed Some Promising Plans for the Future

BlizzCon is officially over, unfortunately, but it was a blast to attend, and we got plenty of fun Hearthstone [Free] news to hold us over until the next expansion hits. During the Hearthstone Q&A panel, the developers went beyond just talking about the upcoming expansion, so we got some interesting tidbits of information that I think you’ll find interesting. Nothing ground-breaking, unfortunately, but plenty of cool things nonetheless. One of the most important insights was the possibility of a traditional draft mode coming to Fireside Gatherings in the future. Arena start off looking like Magic‘s draft, where players have to pick cards from the same packs, which brings out a whole different strategy.

The developers considered doing that for Hearthstone early on, but the game’s asynchronous nature got in the way. So, they focused on the most interesting part of the draft process, where you’re down to having to pick between 3 strong cards. However, Ben Brode mentioned that they have been considering doing the traditional, synchronous draft mode for Fireside Gatherings, which I think would be a great incentive for people to actually attend those. Would that be something you would be interested in? I think it would be pretty call since it would emulate Friday night Magic.

Another interesting tidbit is that some Dungeon Run bosses will be rarer, secret encounters, which is one way the developers are adding replayability to the mode. The developers don’t seem to be planning adding more Bosses to the mode down the road though, but the many Bosses combinations should provide plenty of entertainment. Then the Druid Hero skin came up (Druid is the only class that doesn’t have an alternate hero yet), and the developers said they are working on it but are nowhere near announcing anything. They did say they are looking into different flavors and want the Druid hero to feel different than Malfurion.

One attendee asked whether the developers will ever give us the opportunity to have a deck with random card backs instead of always having to assign a card back, and the developers seemed to like that idea a lot. If I had to guess based on their reactions, I would say we might be getting that feature soon. Ultimate Infestation came up, of course, but it sounds like the card won’t be nerfed or changed any time soon. And that was about it. So, while we didn’t get anything ground-breaking out of the panel, we did get some cool future plans. I hope we get that randomized card back feature soon.


‘Hearthstone’ Gets Marin the Fox, ‘Kobolds & Catacombs’ Pre-Purchase in Latest Update

Kobolds & Catacombs, Hearthstone‘s [Free] upcoming expansion, is one step closer today since the update that just hit has added the pre-purchase bundle and, more importantly, has given every player a free Legendary from the upcoming set, Marin the Fox. The pre-purchase bundle is the same as for previous expansions; you get 50 packs and card back, For the Hoard! in this case, for $ 49.99. The bundle is a good deal and is even better now that Hearthstone ensures you won’t get duplicate Legendaries or too many copies of other cards. The update has also added a unique Hero tray for the Warlock hero Nemsy Necrofizzle as well as animated Nemsy’s Hero Power button. And, of course, there were plenty of fixes, as is always the case.

The most interesting part of the update is, of course, Marin the Fox. This 8 mana 6/6 Neutral Legendary summons an 0/8 Treasure Chest for your opponent, and once you manage to break that chest, you get some sweet treasures. The treasures are the 6/6 Golden Kobold with Taunt and a Battlecry that replaces your hand with Legendary minions, Tolin’s Goblet, which draws a card and fills your hand with copies of it, Zarog’s Crown, which lets you Discover a Legendary minion and summon two copies of it, and Wondrous Wand, which draws 3 cards and reduces their costs to 0. As you can see, these are some cool card that should be fun to play. Enjoy Marin the Fox everyone.


BlizzCon 2017 – New ‘Hearthstone’ Arena Cards Picked by Applause (or Yells)

Hello again from BlizzCon 2017. We have some cool news today straight out of the Hearthstone [Free] Q&A panel, but it wasn’t the Q&A part that was the most exciting. What the developers did for the first time was let the attendees vote for 1 new Arena card per class to be added to the game, and it was great fun seeing both which cards were the people’s choice and which ones didn’t make the cut. For each class, we got to see 3 picks with a short (usually very short) explanation behind each of the cards. These new cards won’t be making their way to Arena right away, but they should be coming in a not-to-distant patch.

The first class we got to see was Hunter, and the clear favorite here was Deadeye, which lets you use your hero power on minions. Unsurprisingly, Deadeye was easily the standout and will be coming to the Arena. The choice for Mage was a bit more close, with Polymorph: ??? and Power Cosmic getting lots of yells but Polymorph: ??? getting picked at the end. I’m glad we are getting that card because it opens up some really fun offensive and defensive capabilities.

Warrior’s picks were all weapons, and even though it looked Axe of the Eclipse was going to get picked, the honor ended up going to Blazing Longsword. Paladin’s Hand of Salvation got picked next, another card that opens up some interesting possibilities and trickery. Generous Spirit was the Priest pick, with Smoke Bomb next for Rogue, Crackling Doom for Shaman, Nature’s Champion for Druid, and Bottled Madness for Warlock. What do you think of these new cards? Would you have picked different ones? Sound off below.