First look: Fitbit guns for Apple Watch Series 3 with Ionic smartwatch

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Long rumored but now finally here, the Ionic is Fitbit’s first step beyond fitness trackers into full-fledged smartwatches, putting it in direct competition with the Apple Watch.
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Guns Royale guide – beginner tips and tricks

If you’ve been itching to find a mobile battle royale game like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, you’re finally in luck. Guns Royale is a new survival shooter that takes all of the things you love about good ol’ PUBG and puts it in a tidy mobile package.

There are a few things you should know if you want to become the last person standing. Here are a few beginner tips to help you get started quickly.

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Mobile ‘PUBG’ ‘Guns Royale’ Has Launched

Guns Royale [Free] isn’t shy about its inspiration; it wants to bring to mobile the same experience that Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds brought to PC, but tailored to the mobile platform, and now that the game has launched worldwide, you can try it out for yourself. The game has you dropping in a large area along with many other players, collecting weapons and equipment, leveling up, and then trying to stay alive by taking everyone else out. As in the case of the PUBG, this simple gameplay loop can get very addictive and fun, so long as the game plays well and is relatively balanced.

Guns Royale is launching with 3 maps, plenty of weapons and items to choose from (while running for your life), and even the ability to play in AR, although I’m sure the latter is more of a novelty than a viable way to play the game. The game also comes with PvE if you don’t like playing with others, although I’m sure the fun lies in the PvP side. Check the game out and let me know in the comments what you think about Guns Royale.


‘Guns of Boom’ Goes AR With New Spectator Mode

More and more games are jumping on the AR bandwagon—with mixed success—and today is the turn of the very popular Guns of Boom [Free] to join the ARKit world. The new update adds what the developers are calling an AR Spectator Mode, which allows players to watch matches unfold in real time on their kitchen or living room table. As is the case with other ARKit applications, moving your phone or tablet around will let you experience the match from all kinds of angles and zoom levels, which should make it very entertaining to watch.

ARKit hasn’t burned up the gaming world, but we weren’t really expecting it to. It’s still early days, and most of the older devices aren’t that great when doing AR. But as big games like Guns of Boom start to adopt the technology and use it for their esports side, it might become increasingly popular. But only time will tell whether it will become anything more than, well, a spectator sport. We’ll probably have to wait for that killer AR-based game (and no, Pokemon GO doesn’t count) to hit the App Store and prove that ARKit has legs in the gaming world.


Real-Time Strategy Game ‘Mini Guns’ Releases August 31st

Get ready to put those toy soldiers to work as Mini Guns, a real-time multiplayer game, is getting ready to go out of soft launch and bring its battles globally on August 31st. As we wrote about last month, Mini Guns will definitely remind you of Clash Royale, but that’s not a bad thing since Clash Royale mechanics are fun. As you can see in the trailer below, Action Points build up over time, and you use them to unleash all kinds of toy soldier-inspired units on your opponent. The game has over a hundred units including infantry, warplanes, sonic tanks, drones, and more, and—as you should expect by now—all these units can be upgraded. Just like Clash Royale, you will get cards as rewards, and those will either give you new units or let you upgrade your existing ones. I’m sorry if any of you was hoping we wouldn’t get those kinds of free-to-play mechanics; they are pretty much here to stay.

Speaking of free-to-play ideas, the game lets you either create or join an Alliance, which allows you to offer Minis to each other and more easily complete your collection. The game does offer cooperative multiplayer, which is always fun, and it also offers single player campaigns, which are always welcome. The game will offer cross-platform play between iOS, Android, and Facebook, so finding opponents shouldn’t be an issue. Mini Guns will go global August 31st, and it might be a fun real-time strategy game to check out.