How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password with a Guest in Seconds

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Remembering the password to your home Wi-Fi network and sharing it with friends or guests is one of the minor inconveniences of modern life. Many of us probably have our Wi-Fi network password written down somewhere, but it’s easy to misplace or lose that password. When someone comes over and needs to connect to your […]
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iOS 12 Concept Envisions New Lock Screen, Guest Mode, Split View On iPhone, More

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Here’s a gorgeous iOS 12 concept showing just how iOS may look when it’s unveiled at this years Apple WWDC 2018.

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New iOS 12 concept offers up refreshed Lock screen, App Bar, Guest Mode, Face ID tricks, and more

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

After seeing a beautiful macOS 11 concept yesterday, today we’ve got a brand new iOS 12 concept from designer iOS News And More. Leading off with a nod to improved stability and bug fixes, the concept goes on to visualize some slick enhancements for a potential iOS 12 release.



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Microsoft Teams closes in on Slack by adding guest accounts

Microsoft is giving Teams, its Slack-like app, the ability to invite any guest to a chat room. While you can invite collaborators to a Team room right now, they need to have an account in the company's Azure Active Directory first. With the new featu…
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Apple Park visitor center an object lesson in how to create an accessible building, says guest

Apple’s commitment to accessibility goes beyond UI features in its devices, says one Twitter user who took a trip to the Apple Park visitor’s center.

User @xarph said that the center was an object lesson in how to design for accessibility ‘when cost is no object’ …



Guest Post: Sony Pictures Entertainment CTO Don Eklund on the power of mobile HDR

First off I want to thank Sony Mobile for letting me join Furumi-san on stage at MWC 2018. The XZ2 and XZ2 Compact are incredible devices packed with features, but what really excites me is screen technology, in particular, their HDR displays.

In the 27 years I’ve worked at Sony I have seen dramatic improvements in picture quality, from analog VHS to digital DVD, Standard Definition to High Definition, and now the availability of High Dynamic Range in place of Standard Dynamic Range.

As I mentioned today, when people see HDR for the first time you can see their eyes widen. It’s easy to see why, HDR provides a means of delivering pictures that look “real” because image fidelity has reached a new level.

One of the best things about a company like Sony is that our technology reaches from end to end. Sony products start at the camera lens on the film set and continue all the way to living room. Now, with Xperia smartphones, you can see extraordinary pictures from the camera lens accurately realized in the palm of your hand.

And because they are Sony products it means those pictures really are extraordinary. It’s a mistake to think all HDR is created equal. A given camera can capture an image in an HDR format and a display can decode the HDR picture, but unless the devices are made with adequate quality and precision, the result will be sub-par. You can easily witness this fact in today’s televisions. A 65″ TV can be purchased for five times the cost of a cheaper model of the same size, but the cheaper device will not impress you with HDR.

I know there are doubters out there who wonder if this kind of screen tech is really needed in a mobile device. The reality is that HDR performance is independent of screen size. On a 65” TV in your living room or a 5.7” Xperia XZ2 in your pocket, the difference HDR delivers in terms of quality is unmistakeable.

Of course, it’s not just about watching content, this has implications for capturing quality as well. Mobile devices are great for sharing pictures and video with others. With the ability to shoot in HDR (supported natively by YouTube), you can make your content stand out from the ordinary.

I hope you will enjoy watching and creating cutting edge images with Xperia smartphones that bring a level of realism never seen before – I know I will.

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Bill Gates to guest star on The Big Bang Theory next month

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates will appear as himself on The Big Bang Theory next month. The episode, which CNN reports will air in late March, will see Penny (Kaley Cuoco) hosting Gates at work, with her friends trying to do everything to meet him. The show is full of tech-obsessed characters, who will no doubt be excited to see superhero Bill Gates appear.

It’s not clear if Gates’ appearance will be brief, or a star role throughout the episode, but the show is bound to reference Gates’ work at Microsoft or his life after the company as a billionaire philanthropist. Gates isn’t the first famous figure from tech or science to appear on the show. Buzz Aldrin, Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Steve Wozniak have all appeared as guest stars…

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Netflix’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction proves the world still needs David Letterman

When David Letterman left the Late Show in 2015, it felt like a generational changing of the guard. After over three decades as a late-night host, the comedian was stepping away, letting Stephen Colbert reinvent the show while Letterman enjoyed the free time to do, well, nothing — other than grow a really serious beard. So when Netflix announced last year that he would be coming out of retirement to host a talk show, it raised a couple of questions. What could Letterman do outside the limitations of network television that he hadn’t already done, and would a David Letterman series still seem relevant given that the late-night world has moved on?

The first episode of the show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, is…

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David Letterman’s Netflix talk show snags Obama as the first guest

While Chelsea Handler's talk show on Netflix is on its way out, the company is taking a different approach with a new attempt featuring David Letterman as shown by its first trailer. My Next Guest Needs No Introduction is scheduled for six 60-minute…
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The Classic ‘The 7th Guest’ Has Gone Free – Classic Gaming at Its Finest

The classic horror game The 7th Guest [Free], from back in the early 90s and the age of CD-ROM, has gone free, so if you’re in the mood to either enjoy a tinge of nostalgia (if you’re my age) or discover what your mom and dad used to play, grab it while it’s free. I remember playing The 7th Guest when it came out back in 1993 and being struck by the wonder of it all, trying to figure out all the puzzles and uncover all kinds of creepy secrets. The game really is an important moment in gaming history, and you should grab it if just for that reason.

The 7th Guest is set in a creepy mansion owned and operated by Henry Stauf, a drifter who became a toy and puzzle maker thanks to a series of visions he had. You play as Ego, an amnesiac (of course) who stumbles into the mansion and has to solve a variety of weird puzzles ranging from word games, chess-based games, and many more. Some of the puzzles are really tricky, but fortunately we now have the wonder of Google, which should help you make it through the game faster. Don’t expect a perfect port of the original game, but at zero dollars, The 7th Guest is a great trip down creepy memory lane.