Apple Shares New ‘Groceries’ Video Highlighting Apple Pay on iPhone X [Updated]

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Apple today shared a new “Groceries” ad that’s designed to highlight the ease of using Apple Pay with Face ID on the iPhone X.

In the short 12 second spot, which will likely be shown on TV, YouTube, and social media networks, a woman shopping for produce at the grocery store uses an iPhone X and Apple Pay to make her purchases.

The fruit she buys is then crafted into an elaborate sea scene with a shark made from watermelon, banana dolphins, watermelon waves, pineapple palm trees, and more.

Apple in recent weeks has shared several videos focusing on Apple Pay features on the iPhone X. “Fly Market,” published in late March, for example, featured a man dancing through an open air market making purchases with just a glance, while a second spot with the same actor demonstrated Apple Pay Cash.

Update: Apple has uploaded several additional short iPhone X videos, all of which feature Apple Pay on iPhone X. “Coffee” and “Kicks” highlight a traditional in-store Apple Pay purchases, while “Grooming” features an in-app Apple Pay purchase.

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Amazon’s two-hour Prime Now delivery service now offers Whole Foods groceries in select cities

Since Amazon paid an eye-watering $ 13.7 billion for Whole Foods Market last summer, we knew we’d eventually see some integration of the luxury grocery chain’s products into existing Prime services. It’s taken a while to work out the details, but Amazon has just announced that Prime Now customers in select locations can now get Whole Foods items delivered within two hours.

It’s only available to residents of Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Virginia Beach to begin with, but more cities will be added over the course of 2018.

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Amazon’s two-hour Prime Now delivery service now offers Whole Foods groceries in select cities was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Amazon starts delivering Whole Foods groceries by Prime Now

Amazon has announced the first major integration between its e-commerce operations and its acquisition of Whole Foods. The company is adding groceries from the chain to its Prime Now high-speed delivery service in four markets — Dallas, Virginia Beach, Cincinnati, and Whole Foods’ hometown of Austin. Amazon Prime members will be able to order groceries for delivery within one or two hours; two-hour delivery is free, while one-hour delivery costs $ 7.99 on orders above $ 35.

Whole Foods goods available through Prime Now include “fresh and organic produce, bakery, dairy, meat and seafood, floral, and everyday staples” along with “select alcohol,” according to a press release. Prime Now VP Stephenie Landry tells The Wall Street Journal that…

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Walmart Is Testing a New Service That Brings Groceries Straight to Your Fridge

From Home Delivery to Fridge Delivery

Walmart wants to make it easier for your online orders and groceries to get to your home and into your fridge. The idea cuts the consumer out of the delivery, unpacking, and storing process entirely.

The company announced on September 22 that it’s partnering with August Home, which specializes in smart locks and smart home accessories, to make this possible.

“What if Walmart could help busy families like mine ensure my fridge was always well-stocked?” asked Sloan Eddleston, Walmart’s vice president of e-commerce strategy and business operations, in a blog post. “What if we created a service that not only did my grocery shopping and brought everything to my home, but even went so far as to put it directly into my fridge?

After an order is placed, the delivery driver(s) will pick up the items and bring them to your home. If no one answers the door, using a one-time passcode to unlock the August smart lock, the driver will drop off non-perishables in the foyer and place the rest of your groceries in the refrigerator. After leaving, the door locks automatically behind them.

Consumers will be able to track the entire delivery through notifications, or watch the entire delivery take place via August’s smart cameras and the August app.

Test Phase

The service is only available to a small number of August Home customers in Silicon Valley who volunteered to test it out, but Walmart hopes to expand the service’s reach in the future.

In the blog post, Eddleston states the new service developed out of “an obsession in saving our customers not just money but also time.” Taken another way, it could be seen as another step the company is taking to combat Amazon, which is currently seen to be the most convenient online retailer.

While it’s certainly an interesting evolution of home delivery, it may take some time for people to get used to the idea of strangers entering in their homes when they’re not there. It’s also unclear if this will work for those living in apartments, who may require the approval of the building’s management. If the service does prove to be successful and without risk, however, it could put Walmart one step closer to stepping out of Amazon’s rather large shadow.

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Amazon is buying more than groceries with Whole Foods — it’s also getting more than 400 stores to use as delivery hubs

Prime real estate for Jeff Bezos.

Amazon’s $ 14 billion deal for Whole Foods gives it more than just groceries. It also gets it crucial real estate it needs to accelerate its delivery operations.

Amazon took a big leap into the grocery industry when it announced its intention to buy Whole Foods for $ 14 billion.

But the deal gives Jeff Bezos something else he craves: More than 400 brick-and-mortar stores that could also serve as same-day delivery hubs, especially in urban centers.

In its ongoing quest to put packages on customer steps as quickly as possible, Amazon has rolled out one-hour delivery in dozens of cities through its Prime Now service.

But there’s a very big obstacle to making the economics work for that business: Finding, and paying for, enough warehouse real estate to cover as many areas of a city as possible to increase delivery efficiency.

This deal could help long-term in this way, even if it’s just to store and supplement the fresh grocery component of Prime Now, which has a relatively small selection today.

Let’s be clear: The main reason to do this deal is because Amazon has been struggling to crack the $ 800 billion grocery market in the U.S. for going on a decade. Whether Whole Foods becomes the backbone of the AmazonFresh grocery delivery service remains to be seen.

The real estate, however, is nice icing on the cake.

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Amazon’s new Alexa-powered Dash Wand lets you order groceries like magic

Amazon has launched a new version of its Dash Wand, a handheld Alexa-powered device that lets your order groceries by scanning bar codes or using your voice. The $ 20 gizmo is available exclusively to Prime members in the US, and connects to your account to add items to your shopping cart; you’ll need to confirm your order using Amazon’s site or mobile apps. It comes with a hook and a magnetic body, so you can keep it handy in the kitchen or anywhere you can hang it around your home. That’s great for people who frequently purchase products through Amazon…

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