Great deal: GoPro HERO5 Session 4K waterproof camera $120

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In the market for a GoPro camera? Check out this deal on the HERO5 Session. For a limited time, the official GoPro eBay store is offering a significant discount on the 4K action camera. It’s certified refurbished, so it comes factory sealed and with a full-year warranty, and right now it’s only $ 120…. Read the rest of this post here

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Apple Will Hire 142 Engineers to Make Siri Great Again

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In a clear bid to bolster the usage and effectiveness of its voice-driven personal assistant platform, Apple is looking to expand its in-house Siri development team by leaps and bounds over the course of the coming year. Specifically, the company is hoping to hire as many as 142 new engineers to join its Siri development […]
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Apple 2018 iPad review: OK for schools, great for everyone else

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REVIEW: Let’s start this quick review with some harsh truth: Apple’s 2018 9.7-inch iPad is a “press release” product, not an “Apple Keynote” product. Despite Apple’s decision to unveil its latest tablet in a high school auditorium, this isn’t a brand new, made-for-education “ePad” —…Read More
Apple – VentureBeat
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‘Marvel Strike Force’ Guide – How to Assemble a Great Team for Free

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Marvel Strike Force [Free] is the kind of game that you would have assumed already existed. It’s a turn-based strategy RPG that has you gather five Marvel superheroes, villains, or in some cases, a mixture of both, and pit them against the teams of other players (asynchronously, alas) or waves of AI opponents from the movies and comics. If comparisons are more your thing, it’s a lot like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes except with Marvel characters and by a different developer, FoxNext Games. Even if you’ve never played that game, chances are you’ve played something similar on mobile and Marvel Strike Force won’t be extremely difficult for you to grasp.

That said, we want you to get the most bang for your buck, or even better, bang for no bucks. Read on and you’ll be exposed to all of our tips and cheats for playing as much as possible and unlocking heroes and villains without spending a dime — unless you want to, of course.


Marvel Strike Force Basics: How to Fight Your Foes

Marvel Strike Force uses a turn-based system where the order of actions in combat is determined by the characters’ speed. Each character on both sides of a fight has a blue bar under his or her health, and when it fills up, it’s their turn to act. When it’s one of your character’s turns, you’ll see a circle under them and icons for their possible actions in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Marvel Strike Force

Every character has one basic attack, which will be the first icon. The other icons represent additional attacks or abilities, which can include heals, buffs or debuffs, taunts which force enemies to attack them or multi-target attacks. Tapping and holding down on an icon will tell you exactly what that ability does. The small boxes above each ability signify whether or not it is ready to use, as all of them must be full before the ability can be activated. Think of these as another form of cooldown timer.

A red crosshairs appears on your character’s current target, which you can switch to another enemy simply by tapping on them. Tap the ability to activate it and you’ll see the ability play out, usually with some pretty cool animation.

That’s all there really is to it. Except for some specific scenarios where you must keep an NPC alive, activate a machine or survive for a specified number of turns, battles in Marvel Strike Force proceed until one side or the other is completely eliminated. The only other thing you need to know is that there are buttons in the upper-left corner that can speed up the action two or three times if you’re the impatient sort or automatically play the battle for you (that one looks like a fast-forward icon) if it’s an easy encounter that you are grinding out for some reason.


Know Your Modes: Everything You Can Do in the Game at Launch

One of the more common complaints about Marvel Strike Force during its release is that you quickly run out of Campaign Energy. That’s a fair gripe because every Campaign battle costs at least 6 units of Energy to play, so you can run out of it pretty quickly. Energy recharges slowly over time, and somewhat confusingly, there is a special currency called Campaign Energy Refill and the option of spending Power Cores, the game’s premium currency, to refill instantly.

Marvel Strike Force

Nevertheless, there’s actually a lot more to do than just the Campaign mode, though other modes require you to level up before they all unlock. Here’s a brief overview of all of them in the game at launch.

  • Campaigns – These are where the game’s story unfolds, with chapters requiring only heroes, only villains or a mix of the two. Campaigns cost Campaign Energy to play, can be replayed to farm specific rewards and can even be auto-played once you clear them with three stars — although Auto Win still costs you the same amount of Campaign Energy, so all it saves you is time.
  • Challenges – This rotating set of daily battles can earn you specific loot like Gold (the game’s basic currency), Health Packs, Training Modules and more. Each Challenge can only be played three times in its 24-hour period, though they have multiple difficulty levels with better rewards as you move up. You can also choose to Auto Win a Challenge once you’ve cleared it with three stars.
  • Arena – Here’s where you battle asynchronously against the teams of other players, using a mixed squad — so in other words, your best five characters, hero or villain. You have to set a squad for defense as well (which can be exactly the same one), and then you pick from one of three possible opponents when you want to battle. If you win a fight, you move up to your opponent’s rank, whereas you remain in your current rank if you lose. As long as you’re active in Arena mode, you’ll get a reward sent to your Inbox every 24 hours based on your current rank. Part of this reward is Arena Credits, which can be spent in a store specific to this mode. You get only five Arena attempts per day.
  • Events – Not to be overlooked, these character-focused quest lines have you battle through an increasingly more challenging string of fights in order to unlock the hero or villain at their center, or to bump them to a higher tier if you already have them. Some Events don’t even let you start them until your profile is level 20 or above, so they aren’t necessarily fare for beginners.
  • Blitz – Kind of a secondary PvP mode, this is where you can fight teams created by other players in ladder-like fashion. For every victory, you’ll earn points toward milestones that grant you ever better rewards. Confusingly, Blitz also has its own currency/energy called Blitz Charges, which you need to spend in order to keep using the same characters over again. Conversely, you can swap other characters into your team, so in time, this can be a useful mode for using heroes and villains who aren’t your mains.
  • Alliance Raids – A special mode available only to players who have joined an Alliance, Raids are co-operative quests that require players to work together to take down extremely powerful groups of foes. Like Blitz, Raids have milestones which give out periodic rewards. They also have their own store with a specific currency, because why not at this point?


How to Unlock More Characters for Free

Now that you know how to play and what you’ll be playing, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Specifically, you’ll want to be able to take advantage of all of the cool characters in Marvel Strike Force by adding as many as possible to your collection, and preferably without shelling out money for Power Cores.

Marvel Strike Force

Like many games of its genre, this one uses a system of shards to unlock and tier up characters. What that means is that you’ll often find a shard or several shards as a reward, but rarely will you acquire enough of them in one go to add a new hero or villain to your roster instantly. Essentially, then, what you need to know is where and how to get shards, and we can help with that.

  • Log in and play every day – Not only does Marvel Strike Force have a login calendar that gives you stuff, including character shards every few days, just for logging in, it also has daily objectives you can find via the big bright button that says exactly that in the bottom-right corner of the main screen. If you do nothing else each day you play, be sure to clear out the daily objectives. They’re worth it in their own right, but clearing the daily objectives a number of times can unlock a new character for free. For example, at launch you could unlock Wolverine by clearing the daily objectives seven times.
  • Use Auto Win on Campaign battles – Every third stage of each Campaign chapter offers character shards as a possible reward for beating it. Clearing it with three stars allows you to use Auto Win, which is a great way to grind out shards for a specific character. It also encourages you to keep advancing through the Campaigns as that will open up more shards you can farm in this fashion.
  • Check for Events – As we’ve already noted, Events are where you can unlock specific characters just by playing through a series of battles. Every time you hit a level with a multiple of 10, you should revisit active Events as you may now be powerful enough to tackle a previously locked battle and earn even more shards.
  • Play Arena battles daily – Arena wins don’t get you any shards on their own, but the Arena store does have a selection of shards for sale that changes daily. If you stay active, you’ll receive Arena Credits every 24 hours and be able to spend them on shards you want when they rotate through the store.
  • Play Blitz mode too – You’re probably sensing a pattern here that almost every game mode is the path to shards, and you’re right. The Blitz milestones also grant shards at certain levels, though you’ll typically need to reach at least the sixth milestone to start getting them, which takes some doing. That said, once you’ve got a pretty powerful roster, Blitz should absolutely be part of your daily playing rotation. On top of that, the Blitz store is pretty similar to the Arena store except with its own currency and daily shard selection.

One important note that may help you chase shards more wisely: If you tap on any character’s shards you want to purchase, it will tell you how many shards you still need before you unlock or tier up that character. it’s a very helpful way to prioritize.


How to Assemble a Well-Rounded Team

While it’s tempting to just toss your five favorite Marvel characters together in a group, that might not be the best way to proceed as you’ll likely struggle in fights where you don’t simply overpower your opponents (though to be sure, there are plenty of those). What you’ll want to do instead is get a team that actually has five characters whose abilities complement each other.

Marvel Strike Force

That starts with understanding the four general character classes in Marvel Strike Force:

  • Blaster – Whether they get the job done with guns like the Punisher or repulsor rays like Iron Man, Blasters deal high damage to one or multiple targets but are also the “squishiest” class, needing either heals or taunts or both to make sure they stay alive.
  • Brawler – Arguably the most well-rounded and versatile class, they don’t do as much damage as Blasters but are also hardier. As the name suggests, they also deal their damage up close and personal.
  • Controller – The toughest class to pigeonhole, Controllers have abilities that make life harder for enemies, either slowing them, debuffing them or causing other non-beneficial effects. A little squishy but not as bad as Blasters.
  • Protector – Can force the enemy to attack them with Taunts, usually in conjunction with other abilities that allow them to stay alive when they are being targeted. Do the least damage with basic attacks but sometimes have surprisingly damaging secondary abilities.
  • Support – Can be thought of as the healer class, with abilities that heal, remove debuffs and other good stuff.

Can a team with one of each class work? It sure can, though that might leave you a little short on direct damage. A good idea when starting out is to have two Brawlers, one Blaster, one Protector and then either a Controller or Support character. Other combinations can also be very effective if you dive into character abilities more closely and see if there are synergies between them you can use to your advantage.

Finally, you’ll notice every character in Marvel Strike Force has multiple traits — words that define them besides their class. For example, Crossbones has the following traits: Villain, Global, Tech, Protector, Hydra and Inhuman (which he’s not, so … I dunno). Traits can also help suggest groups of characters that will be effective together based on their specific abilities. Sticking with our buddy Crossbones, his Vengeance ability gives +5 Armor to anyone on his team with the Hydra trait. This is the top level of team-building, but one you’ll want to explore in more detail once you’ve been playing for a bit.


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The Morning After: Huawei made a great smartphone camera

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Monday has landed. Over the last couple of days, we discovered a new contender king of smartphone photography, Tesla fixed one of our biggest issues with the Model 3, and European Netflix users got to stream from every corner of the EU without issue.
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Best Buy’s Easter sale has great deals on tech including the iPhone X

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Hopefully you hid the eggs well enough and bought yourself some time.

This one-day Easter sale from Best Buy includes a whole bunch of tech goodies at low prices. The best deals are centered around Apple sales, so if you’re in the market for a new iPhone or new MacBook, you might want to leave the Easter Bunny outside and focus up.

Here’s a few of the deals we saw:

The full sale includes a few other gadgets at a great price, like the Sony XB30 Bluetooth speaker for $ 80, so be sure to check it out.

See at Best Buy

iMore – Learn more. Be more.

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Phiaton BT 150 NC review: Great sound and noise canceling in an affordable package

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Taking a step away from fitness-oriented audio, I have recently spent some time with Phiaton’s BT 150 NC noise canceling earphones. This is aimed at traveling professionals who want to have great noise canceling without breaking the bank. Phiaton manages that with the $ 150 BT 150 NC, all while providing very good sound quality and comfort.

As you well know, dear reader, cut corners are inevitable, especially when discussing anything with the word “affordable” attached to it.

Read More

Phiaton BT 150 NC review: Great sound and noise canceling in an affordable package was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

Android Police – Android news, reviews, apps, games, phones, tablets

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Apple doesn’t understand what makes Chromebooks great

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Apple announced a new iPad earlier this week at an education-focused event. Though it’s rare for the company to directly acknowledge its competition during presentations, it made no secret the new iPad was aimed at one rival in particular: Chromebooks. The ePad, as some call it, came in at the same $ 329 price tag as the previous model ($ 299 for schools), but includes a faster processor and support for the Apple Pencil. At the same time, Apple announced a suite of new software tools to make the iPad more useful for academia. Apple arguably has more clout than any other…

This story continues at The Next Web

Or just read more coverage about: Apple
Apple – The Next Web

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The Great Snapchat Egg Hunt will have you exploring Snap Maps

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Snapchat is hosting a virtual egg hunt that will still give you a workout. Starting today, you'll find decorated eggs hidden in your local neighborhood's Snap Map, which usually displays public Stories in your area, if you're in the US and Canada. Yo…
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Best 9.7-inch iPad [2018] Folio Cases: Great Mix of Style and Protection

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Best 9.7 iPad 2018 Folio Cases

My iPad has always enjoyed the comfort of a nice folio case. Though I’m a big a fan of executive folio cases, funky covers make an instant appeal to my liking! That’s why I keep both of them to style my tablet based on mood and specific occasion. As Apple’s sixth-gen tablet has finally hit the floor, I thought it’s the perfect time to assemble the best folio cases for 9.7-inch iPad 2018 edition.

So, what makes these cases a great option? Well, they have been beautifully crafted and are available in several color options. Therefore, you won’t have any problem in finding a stunning match for your all-new iPad!

Best 9.7 iPad 2018 Folio Cases

Best Folio Cases for 9.7-inch iPad 2018

#1. ProCase

ProCase iPad 9.7 2018 Folio Case

ProCase has a sophisticated profile. It’s crafted with synthetic leather and features soft interior to protect the iPad from scratch. With the built-in stand functionality, you have multiple viewing angles.

There is a front pocket to let you keep cards and cash. It also has a holder for Apple Pencil. Magnetic closure supports auto sleep/wake functionality to improve the battery life of your device. On top of all, you can choose ProCase in seven enchanting colors like red, teal, navy, etc.

Key features:

  • Synthetic leather
  • Soft interior
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Magnetic closure

Price: $ 19.99 on
Check out on Amazon

#2. Fintie

Fintie is exactly what you should choose if you admire colorful design. Made of PU leather, it has a soft-textured exterior. The non-slip outer shell offers enhanced grip.

Soft microfiber interior reinforces the construction and also enables the folio case to resist scratch. Stand feature allows you to adjust your tablet to have a more comfortable typing and viewing positions, while the built-in magnetic strip lets you securely close the case. Moreover, you have more than 40 charming color variants to choose from.

Key features:

  • Soft microfiber interior
  • Built-in magnetic strip
  • Colorful profile
  • More than 40 charming color variants

Price: $ 29.99 [$ 18.99 on]
Check out on Amazon

#3. MoKo

MoKo Case for iPad 9.7 2018

MoKo features a more refined design that makes your iPad look formal. Two-tone colors enhance its appearance. Constructed with top-quality synthetic leather, it has a pretty soft exterior. Thanks to the smooth interior, it’s able to keep away scrape.

There are multiple slots to let you have more comfortable horizontal angles for watching videos more comfortably. You can pick this classic folio case in three colors: black, brown, black/brown. Lastly, MoKo is backed by lifetime limited warranty.

Key features:

  • Classic design
  • Top-quality synthetic leather
  • Smooth interior
  • Two-tone colors

Price: $ 13.99 [$ 9.99 on]
Check out on Amazon


ROARTZ iPad 9.7-inch 2018 Case

If you love dark colors, you would really appreciate ROARTZ. The folio case has a sleek design and fits perfectly on the iPad.

Hard polyurethane exterior endows it enough strength to withstand minor drops, while microfiber lining empowers it to resist scratch. Tri-fold front cover offers multiple viewing angles to ensure you have a comfortable video time. Besides, the availability of more than 10 colors allows you to choose the desired companion for your iPad.

Key features:

  • Hard polyurethane exterior
  • Microfiber lining
  • Tri-fold front cover
  • Scratch-resistant

Price: $ 17.99 on
Check out on Amazon

#5. Ztotop

Ztotop iPad 2018 Folio Case

Showcasing vintage design, Ztotop has got a pro-looking design. Rich craftsmanship is the biggest highlight of this folio case. Due mainly to the PU leather, the outer shell feels warm to the touch and also offers better grip. The interior is extremely soft to safeguard the touchscreen.

Front cover, with the strong magnets, has the support of auto-sleep/wake function to prevent battery drain. Furthermore, Ztotop comes in six good-looking color variants including black, brown, navy blue and gray.

Key features:

  • Auto-sleep/wake function
  • Rich craftsmanship

Price: $ 29.99 [$ 18.99 on]
Check out on Amazon

#6. Spigen

Spigen iPad 9.7 2018 Case

Spigen is well known for producing one of the finest accessories for iPhone and iPad. Hence, you can expect this folio case to be a fine pick—without any doubt at all! It’s carved out of synthetic leather and features rugged PC to withstand bumps.

There is a front pocket to let you carry cards and some cash securely. Magnetic flap closes the case securely and also supports auto sleep/wake feature. Besides, this folio case comes only in two colors: black and brown.

Key features:

  • Formal design
  • Hard PC and Synthetic leather
  • Front pocket for storing cards and cash
  • Safeguard from drops and scratch
  • Stand feature

Price: $ 39.99 [$ 16.99 on]
Check out on Amazon

#7. Speck

If you are after uncompromised quality and want to pair your tablet with a folio case featuring vintage design, Speck is the way to go! Apart from making an adorable pair with the iPad, the case also offers the needed protection from accidental falls. The durable structure can endure drops of up to 4 feet.

Raised edge works as a trusted defender for the touchscreen. You can fine-tune the built-in stand to use your device hands-free. Lastly, this Speck folio case comes only in two colors: rose gold and graphite grey.

Key features:

  • Vintage design
  • Durable structure
  • 4 feet drop protection
  • Adjustable stand

Price: $ 44.95 on
Check out on Amazon

#8. ESR

ESR has a low-profile design that may not catch eyeballs, but it’s got the quality to be a commendable suit for the iPad. The case snaps on snuggly on the iPad, offering hassle-free access to all the functions through the precise cutouts. The synthetic leather outfit has been fortified by rugged PC to thwart even nasty drops.

Soft microfiber doesn’t allow abrasion to destroy the touchscreen of your iPad. There are also two anti-slip grooves to offer improved viewing angles. As for colors, you have only two options: blue and light blue.

Key features:

  • Low-profile design
  • Rugged PC frame
  • Two anti-slip grooves
  • Drop protection

Price: $ 28.99 [$ 15.99 on]
Check out on Amazon

#9. Dteck

Dteck iPad 9.7-inch 2018 Folio Case

Dteck’s beauty lies in fascinating design. With attractive pattern, the folio case has got the looks to steal your heart.

PU leather construction has been armored by soft TPU. As a result, the case is able to absorb shock. You can store cards and some cash in the built-in slots. Anti-slip grooves make sure you have desired viewing angles to liven up your media time. Besides, you can elect Dteck in 20 vibrant colors with mesmerizing patterns.

Key features:

  • Anti-slip grooves
  • 20 vibrant colors
  • Fascinating design
  • Shock-absorbing interior

Price: $ 49.99 [$ 14.99 on]
Check out on Amazon

#10. Dingrich

DINGRICH iPad 9.7 2018 Folio Case

Should you think of presenting your iPad a luxurious suit, Dingrich is worth a shot. The genuine leather exterior showcases top-of-the-line craftsmanship and gives it a retro look. To prevent the scratch from damaging your tablet, it features delicate interior. Gentle leather texture has a comfy feel and plays a major role in not letting the tablet slip out of your hands.

Multiple stand positions offer you the essential freedom to enjoy media and video calling more conveniently. Additionally, Dingrich comes in two colors: black and brown.

Key features:

  • Retro design
  • Genuine leather exterior
  • Adorable craftsmanship
  • Multiple stand positions

Price: $ 49.99 [$ 39.99 on]
Check out on Amazon

That’s all!

What’s your pick?

Have you discovered a suitable match for your iPad? Which one is it and what are the qualities that you have liked in the particular folio case? Do let us know your pick.

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