Gorgeous Viking Platformer ‘Oddmar’ Coming April 19th and Up for Pre-Order Now

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When the visually stunning platformer Viking Mushroom went silent after its initial unveiling back in the summer of 2015, nobody was more excited than I was to see it resurrected under a brand new name last month. That new name is Oddmar, and it really looked like the few years of silence were put to good use polishing up the experience. Oddmar is a free movement platformer starring a viking of the same name who is out to protect the world from a bad guy with a humongous nose. Or something like that. It’s from some of the folks who are responsible for Leo’s Fortune [$ 4.99], one of the best platformers on mobile, so you know Oddmar is worth getting excited about. We were able to go hands-on with Oddmar during GDC a couple of weeks back, and were really impressed with what we saw. Here’s the official trailer again in case you missed it before.

Pretty crazy, yeah? Ever since seeing that new trailer, I’ve been dying to know when I’d be able to get my hands on the official release version of Oddmar. Well, now we know. The game is set to launch on April 19th for $ 4.99, and it’s up for pre-order on the App Store right now. Just click on this link on an iOS 11 device and you’ll be taken to the App Store page for Oddmar where you’ll purchase the game and, when it launches, you’ll get a notification on your device that it’s out and the game itself will automatically download to your phone or tablet. It’s like buying stuff in the future. So if you’ve been excited for Oddmar too, whether it be from its recent re-introduction or from back when it was known as Viking Mushroom, I think it’s pretty safe to go ahead an pre-order this sucker and look forward to playing it nonstop once April 19th rolls around.


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Apple Opens Gorgeous New Retail Store in Tokyo, Japan

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There never seems to be a moment when tech giant Apple isn’t renovating its facilities or opening stunning retail stores across the world. Now, the firm has opened the doors to its new store in the Shinjuku region of Tokyo, Japan. Since 2003, more than 70 million people have visited Apple’s Japanese outlets. The store is […]
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‘Implosion’ Developer Rayark’s Gorgeous Puzzle RPG ‘Sdorica – Sunset’ Arrives on April 19th

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Way back in December of 2015, Implosion – Never Lose Hope [$ 9.99] and VOEZ [Free] developer Rayark began teasing a gorgeous upcoming title called Sdorica – Sunset. It wasn’t clear at that time what type of game Sdorica was exactly, but that teaser did show some amazing artwork and animation and given the pedigree of this developer it was worth being excited for. After going quite for nearly two years, Sdorica soft-launched in September of last year and we finally got a glimpse of what the game was all about. To my surprise it was a matching RPG hybrid with a detailed story and, again, some seriously impressive visuals. Folks who took the soft-launched game for an early spin also had overwhelmingly positive things to say about it in our forums. Check out the most recent trailer for Sdorica to see how beautiful it is in action.

So, after such a long development period and a fairly lengthy soft-launch period where all sorts of adjustments and updates were released, Rayark is finally ready to launch Sdorica to the masses next month on April 19th. There’s a pre-registration campaign already in effect, which has reached nearly all of its milestones for unlocking in-game bonuses when the official launch happens. If you haven’t pre-registered yet then you can do so on the official website, and for Android folks you can also pre-register through the Google Play Store. Sdorica is launching on both iOS and Android on the same day, so whether you’ve had your eye on this one for the past couple of years or this is the first you’re hearing about it, be sure to mark your calendars as this feels like it’s going to be something really special.


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Gorgeous iOS 12 concept fixes Apple Music’s ugliest problems

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iOS 12 will focus on fixing all the problems plaguing iPhone and iPad users. This concept imagines what it could do for Apple Music. It showcases a gorgeous new design with improved controls, and a dark mode that would be perfect for iPhone X. Some might say Apple Music is Apple’s best service. It rivals […]

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Apple shows off its gorgeous new Vienna store ahead of grand opening this Saturday

Apple’s first store in Austria will open this coming Saturday at 9:30 am in the heart of Vienna…. Read the rest of this post here

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This Gorgeous Wedding Video Was Shot Entirely on Apple’s iPhone X

Smartphone cameras are getting serious. If you need evidence of that, one couple had their entire wedding video shot on an iPhone X — and the results are utterly impressive.

Shibani Sanghvi and Jay Bhagat were married in Pune and Jodhpur, India last November. And while film and photography company Recall Pictures captured the extravagant and beautiful wedding with traditional still images, the couple’s wedding video was especially unique: Recall shot it entirely on iPhone X. You can see some of the stunning results in the video below.

The video, of course, is a great example of the sheer photographic and filmographic power of the iPhone X. But Recall Pictures claims that it is also the first wedding video ever shot on an iPhone X.

This isn’t the first time that an iPhone has ended up in the hands of wedding photographers. We’ve seen gorgeous wedding videos shot on an iPhone 7 (video below), and beautiful wedding pictures shot using nothing but an iPhone 8 Plus.

But Recall Picture’s wedding film may be the first instance of Apple’s latest and greatest flagship helping to capture a couple’s special day. At least, that we’ve seen so far.

With better camera technology, smartphones have increasingly become tools for professional photographers and filmmakers. Apple’s devices, which arguably have some of the best cameras on the market, have been on the forefront of that shift.

In April 2017, major magazine publisher Condé Nast revealed that two of its publications used shots snapped on an iPhone 7 Plus for their cover photos. Other magazines, like Billboard and Bon Appétit, have used iPhones for cover photos and magazine content, as well.

With the release of the iPhone X, equipped with Apple’s best performing smartphone camera, there’s no doubt that the Cupertino flagship lineup will continue to be used for a variety of creative and artistic endeavors in the future. And with smartphone camera technology improving every year, we can only imagine what the iPhones of the future will be able do with the medium.

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Fabriq Chorus Review: A gorgeous, battery-powered Alexa speaker for under $100

When someone pitched me the Fabriq Chorus last month, I couldn’t help but think it was the worst-possible time to release an Alexa-enabled smart speaker. Amazon had just released a swathe of compelling and intriguing new Echo devices, all benefiting from the name-recognition of its maker. Who would care about a brand-new device from a manufacturer few people had actually heard of? But out of interest, I accepted the offer of a review unit. I’m glad I did, as the Canvas Fabriq is an excellent and attractive Echo-alternative, which not only looks good, but also sounds good. It also boasts…

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Gorgeous Rope-Swinging Platformer ‘Ocmo’ Launching November 16th

Wouldn’t it be cool to be an octopus? I can think of so many ways having eight tentacles could improve my quality of life. One of those would be being able to swing to and fro wherever I go, assuming I was a special type of octopus that lived on land (it could happen!). Also, if I came across some prey, let’s say an adorable bunny rabbit for example, I could violently rip it apart limb by limb and gobble it up to increase my power. Yes, this is my dream, and Finnish developer Team Ocmo shares this very special dream of mine if their upcoming game Ocmo is anything to go by. You’ll play as a tentacled monster who can walk, jump, and of course swing through 80 challenging platforming levels that will include secrets to discover, bosses to fight, and adorable bunnies to chow down on. Check out the trailer.

If you’re thinking that Ocmo looks a bit familiar, it’s possible that it reminds you of the similarly excellent swinging platformers Tentacles: Enter the Mind [Free] and Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin [$ 2.99]. Like those games, Ocmo looks to avoid the use of virtual buttons entirely and your little monster will be able to walk, jump, and fling itself around using tentacles all with taps and presses of the screen. Team Ocmo also says they’re going for the “difficult but always fair” end of the challenge spectrum, and with the physics system of your character’s movement there’s “endless nuances and opportunities” for speedrunning aficionados. Finally, Ocmo will be a fully paid, no IAP premium game which should set your back between $ 5-10.

If you live in the developer’s home country of Finland, Ocmo is already released there and has been for a couple of months as they tweak and fix the experience in preparation for its full launch. Folks in the Chinese, Korean and Japanese markets will have to wait for a localized version sometime down the road, but the rest of the world can dive into Ocmo when it officially launches (almost) worldwide on November 16th.


The Cary42 is a gorgeous wooden arcade box for the extremely wealthy

We’ve covered Swedish designer Love Hultén’s magnificent retro gaming machines plenty of times before on The Verge, and his latest effort — the Cary42 two-player arcade console / attaché case — continues his work of merging handmade wooden hardware with retro gaming.

The Cary42 is best described as a larger, upgraded version of Hultén’s original R-Kaid-R console, that doubles the controls to allow two players to enjoy classic games together. It features a 12-inch LCD display, stereo speakers, a 12V DC Power supply, and 16GB of storage preinstalled with 100 games (but its expandable over USB, so you can add as many emulated games as you can fit.)

The default version of the Cary42 is made out of solid American walnut, and…

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New Video Shows iPhone X in Gorgeous White Color

As the official launch of its all-new iPhone X flagship draws closer, we’ve seen a persistent influx of leaked images, hands-on spyshots, and brief videos in which some of the luckiest people in the world have showcased Apple’s new device for all to see.

We previously learned that Apple allowed its employees to start using their iPhone X in public, well ahead of pre-orders going live this Friday, October 27th; so that certainly explains why we’ve seen so much of it.

Adding to the list of leaks this morning we have yet another, short but sweet video showing Apple’s iPhone X in the wild, which was published over the weekend to Reddit by the same user, @anonymousdave52, who’s so far been the source of multiple iPhone X leaks.

Like his other video, this one is quite short and to the point. But it nevertheless gives us a crystal clear look at the thousand-dollar iPhone X in its gorgeous, pearly-white hue. Check out the clip below:

Another iPhone X in the wild (Loud Audio) from apple

Of particular interest in this video (and as the Redditor points out in his since-gone-viral post) is that certain iOS apps have yet to be updated for optimization on iPhone X’s massive 5.8-inch AMOLED display, which we’ve already noted is an issue that app developers will have to address through updates to each of their titles. As evidence, the Redditor gives us a look at the Instagram app which on iPhone X displays unmistakeable text alignment issues.

Which isn’t surprising, actually, seeing as how Apple employed a screen resolution unlike its ever used before at 1125 x 2436 pixels, while also incorporating ‘the notch’ on iPhone X. Developers will therefore have to recalibrate their apps to fit the iPhone X’ untraditional 19.5:9 aspect ratio and wrap around the notch.

The video is merely the latest in a string of drool-worthy iPhone X leaks — most of which have surfaced courtesy of the same Redditor. Previously, we’ve seen iPhone X in the wild decorated in both Black and White hues, with the screen turned on and off. So while there’s nothing particularly new or noteworthy to see here, it’s still a pleasure to just see — especially if you’re planning to get one — isn’t it?

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