Apple’s legal problems over battery slowdowns aren’t going away any time soon

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iPhone Slowdown Lawsuits

Apple has to face at least 61 lawsuits that were filed against the iPhone maker soon after the company acknowledged that it slowed iPhones down via software to prevent unexpected shutdowns caused by old batteries.

A report a few days ago said that all class actions may be merged into a single lawsuit in the near future. In the meantime, U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation ruled that all iPhone slowdown lawsuits should be transferred to the U.S. District Court for Northern California.

Here’s an excerpt from the ruling:

These actions share factual questions arising from allegations that Apple included code in updates to its mobile operating system (iOS) that significantly reduced the performance of older-model iPhones. Plaintiffs also allege that Apple misrepresented the nature of the iOS updates and failed to adequately disclose to iPhone owners the impact the iOS updates would have on the performance of their iPhones.

Discovery regarding the engineering of the iPhone and the iOS updates likely will be technical and complex. Plaintiffs assert similar causes of action for false advertising, alleged unfair business practices, trespass to chattels, breach of contract, and unjust enrichment. Moreover, plaintiffs bring these actions on behalf of overlapping putative classes of iPhone owners. Moreover, plaintiffs bring these actions on behalf of overlapping putative classes of iPhone owners. Centralization thus will eliminate duplicative discovery; prevent inconsistent pretrial rulings, including with respect to class certification; and conserve the resources of the parties, their counsel, and the judiciary

More than half of the lawsuits were already filed in the Northern District of California, MacRumors explains.

Apple first confirmed the intentional slow down of iPhones back in December, soon after a Redditor discovered that his iPhone’s speed returned to default after a battery replacement.

The company then introduced a cheaper battery replacement program as well as a new battery management setting that would let users disable throttling. All the while, Apple maintained the idea that it’s not slowing down devices to convince customers to replace older iPhones that may feel slower than before.

Apple – BGR

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How Is Technology Going to Change Facebook Ads?

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Facebook ads are a combination of marketing and technology that some love, some hate, and some simply don’t understand. What’s sometimes seen as a creatively fueled marketing platform is driven by a lot of science — data, metrics, and an ad performance-oriented auction system prove Facebook ads are about technology before anything else.

In 2017, Facebook ads drove nearly $ 27 billion in sales, a 57 percent increase from 2015. Facebook revealed that 84 percent of its money comes from mobile ads. Both stats indicate that Facebook ads will continue to drive traffic and sales and become integral parts of most brands’ marketing efforts.

But the platform can’t remain stagnant, and brands will need to be prepared. How will technology continue to influence Facebook ads and impact brands’ outcomes? Cat Howell, the founder and CEO of Eight Loop Social, a social media strategy firm that specializes in Facebook advertising, offered a few predictions.

Bots will continue to play a bigger role.

Facebook has enabled marketers to use its instant messaging platform, Messenger, as a way to communicate directly with users interacting with their ads. Here, bots often take over, allowing advertisers to automate their sales or lead qualification processes — the bots can do everything from answer basic customer questions to send promo codes. Marketers simply need to “train” the bots via workflows and scripts.

Howell doesn’t see this bot influence slowing down anytime soon. “AI is even doing creative at this stage,” she says. “But the AI needs to be managed — people still need to set objectives and put parameters in place so the AI knows what to do. It’s all about how you communicate the results or the ROI of the AI’s efforts.”

Does this mean AI will replace Facebook marketers? Howell says they’ll still be needed, but the role will shift; Facebook marketers will simply need to expand their skill sets to use the data from bots. “The role will require data analysis and an understanding of whether the bot is working correctly; Facebook marketers will need to report back to management and clients the outcomes and payoffs,” she explains. “Three people may have been managing an account, and then it will become just one. But that one will provide needed human analysis.”

Reporting will become more robust.

The ROI metrics of Facebook ads would ultimately stay the same; those running Facebook ads are consumed with one thing: How much business is this generating for me? They want to know whether the platform is driving business or awareness and how much each click is costing them. Howell anticipates that although the metrics won’t change, reporting will become more robust.

“When you put automation in place, you’ll pick up on issues happening in sales funnels a lot faster than you can with humans because a human may not understand how to manually interpret that data,” she says. “One thing that’s really cool with AI running ads at the moment that’s hard for humans to replicate is making mass duplicate ads at a scale humans can’t manage.”

They can also manage split tests a lot better, resulting in faster, more thorough comparisons. “Bots are getting great results because they can do testing on a great scale humans can’t at volume,” Howell explains. “Humans on the back end need to identify the end goal, such as where traffic is going, and direct the bot. But bots are understanding exactly what bids others are putting out into market and how they’re winning auctions.”

Facebook’s invasive nature will benefit users.

While people have expressed discomfort about the invasive nature of Facebook, they’re not likely to do anything differently — there are too many benefits. “Facebook Payments is in beta right now and would operate straight through Messenger,” Howell says. “A lot of people are on the fence because they don’t want to give Facebook too many details. Others feel Facebook already knows so much about them, what’s one credit card number?”

People, she says, adapt to change, particularly when it creates more convenience, and this is reflected in the high adoption rates of the Facebook and Messenger apps. And this applies to businesses, too. “Consumerism is only going up, not down. We’re becoming monsters when it comes to consumerism. It’s why everyone wants to advertise on Facebook,” Howell says.

But she does predict that the increasing amount of information being gathered on Facebook’s huge user base is to going to lead to a focus on creating customized experiences for each user. “Budgets will definitely be funneled in that direction,” Howell says. “People want to make sure they’re not leaving any money on the table when it comes to business automation. Marketers are now held accountable to specific results, and they have to track outcomes and create ties between certain actions and revenue streams. Customized experiences, based on data, will fill the gap in showing how specific actions lead to specific outcomes.”

What’s next? A concierge service, Howell believes. “Facebook has so much data on us that it’s only a matter of time before Facebook will start telling people what to do when they’re traveling in other cities, whom they should date — Facebook would really know the kind of person someone’s into. Facebook’s AI is going to start talking to personal AIs like Siri.”

She says ads show how much Facebook knows about us; combining that knowledge with predictive AI will make Facebook a part of our lives beyond our news feed. “The only competitor who could do something similar based on our usage is Amazon,” Howell explains. “If it has a pixel — Instagram, email, etc. — Facebook can use it and go to another level in influencing our lives and matching us with certain things.”

Facebook ads may, at the end of the day, focus on getting brands a piece of the market. But the platform’s emphasis on data and metrics will strengthen — more bots, better reporting, and a concierge service may all be part of the future presented by Facebook’s ad platform. Facebook’s fingers will reach further into our lives, but we just may welcome it.

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Donald Trump Is Still Going in on Jeff Bezos and Amazon, Still Getting Basic Facts Laughably Incorrect

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If you’re the kind of person who gets up in the morning wondering what kind of mischief the American President got up to on Twitter while you were sleeping, first, seek help. Also, congrats, you got a fresh batch of Rage at Amazon Dot Com again, today.

The (apparently one-sided) Trump-Bezos Feud has been going on for years, but continues to heat up as Donald Trump…continues to live in the White House.

Refresher: Axios reported the most recent rumblings of Trump’s obsession with (and resentment of) the company. Several people privy to the matter noted that POTUS was interested in going after the company wielding anti-trust laws.

But it wasn’t clear whether this was because of some of Amazon’s actual practices, or perhaps because Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO, also happens to own the Washington Post. And as usual, there’s no better way to gain insight into the President’s mindset (and foreign policy decisions, and White House hiring) than Twitter:

The ire that some heads of state reserve for terrorists or enemies of the state is now being allotted by Trump to Bezos and his world-dominating corporate powerhouse.

In classic Trump fashion, the facts aren’t exactly on his side. Amazon’s been paying taxes in California since 2012, and charged customers in all other states, according to the New York Times. And instead of taking advantage of the U.S. Postal Service, Amazon’s actually one of the few reasons the embattled agency is still around, the Wall Street Journal reports.

That’s not to say Amazon doesn’t have its problems. Its warehouse employees are systematically stressed and overworked. And that goes without mentioning that whole worker-tracking wristband thing. Among other things. So far, the only fallout from Trump’s Tweets is Amazon’s stock taking a dip in the past few days. It’s anyone’s guess as to whether those drops will affect the company in the long term (or if this is all Trump wants to accomplish with his bluster).

Not that it matters. Trump’s going to keep doing his thing, to whatever aim he has (or whatever has his attention-deficit-addled Eye of Sauron at any given moment). In other words: Just another Friday in 2018.

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Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact currently going for as low as $380

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Sony might have launched the new Xperia XZ2 series, but in case you’re planning to the purchase a device from the XZ1 series, you’ll be glad to know the XZ1 Compact is currently going for $ 400, which is down $ 200 from its usual price. Best Buy is currently offering the device (all variants) at this rate. Among other retailers, Amazon is selling the black variant for $ 400, while B&H has the pink variant listed for $ 380. For more information, head to the Source links below. Source 1 2 3 – Latest articles

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Spotify told Wall Street it is going to have a very good year in 2018

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Ahead of its IPO, the streaming service is offering its first-ever guidance: Revenue, subs and margins will be up, operating losses will go down

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Review: Satechi’s 75W charger has USB-C PD, Quick Charge, and extra ports to keep all your gadgets going

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When you travel, you get a good idea of the stuff it takes to keep your lifestyle going. It’s one thing to be surrounded by all the things you need at home, but it’s another to selectively pack them into a limited space with the expectation of maintaining the same standards. For me, the limiting factor has always been power: charging all my stuff means toting a pile of cables and bricks around.

Read More

Review: Satechi’s 75W charger has USB-C PD, Quick Charge, and extra ports to keep all your gadgets going was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

Android Police – Android news, reviews, apps, games, phones, tablets

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iMore show 598: Ok, so there IS going to be an event!

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The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, Mac, and Apple!

Apple has announced WWDC 2018, with the big keynote taking place June 4th. And, unbeknownst to us at the time of recording, will also be hosting an event in Chicago on March 27th.

Serenity Caldwell, Lory Gil, and Mikah Sargent pontificate on what hardware and software treats might be coming this year, even if their timelines turn out to be a bit off. They also talk about the Fitbit Versa, Apple’s acquisition of Texture, a new Battle Royale, and much more!

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Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are going to reunite as demon bros in a stop-motion Netflix film

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Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key from Comedy Central’s Emmy Award-winning series Key and Peele will reunite for a new film from Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick, called Wendell and Wild. The film will be distributed by Netflix, according to Deadline.

Wendell and Wild is a stop-motion animated feature about two mischievous demon brothers, which will be voiced by Key and Peele. The film is Netflix’s second stop-motion animation acquisition to date, after Bubbles, a film about Michael Jackson’s famous chimpanzee. Selick, Peele, and writer Clay McLeod Chapman will pen the script. Selick and Chapman will also write an adaptation, which will be published by Simon & Schuster after the film’s release.


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Nancy Dubuc made a big bet on Vice, and now she’s going to try fixing it, as CEO

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She has stepped down as CEO of A&E and is likely to become the new boss at Vice Media. Makes sense.

A&E CEO Nancy Dubuc has left and is probably going to end up as CEO of Vice Media. The first part is official; the second part hasn’t been announced yet.

But it will be surprising if it isn’t — Dubuc has been talking to Vice about the job for several weeks, according to people familiar with the discussions. And it makes sense for many reasons:

  • Vice Media’s run as the raucous, break-all-the-rules-but-still-succeed media upstart has come to an end, and it needs help: The company missed its 2017 numbers by a wide margin, and its much-buzzed-about HR problems have now become well-documented HR problems.
  • Dubuc’s position as CEO of A&E would be difficult to sustain, since she had already been engaged in extensive — and eventually public — conversations with Amazon about running its studio business.
  • Dubuc is already well acquainted with Vice: She pushed for the deal that turned one of A&E’s low-rated cable channels into Viceland, Vice’s low-rated cable channel. That deal also put her on the Vice board.
  • Dubuc spent a lot of professional capital on that deal. And Viceland has not been a success. (Dubuc will argue otherwise (see below), but she’s in a very small minority.) Now she’s basically doubling down on that bet. The upside is that she can be the woman who shaped up Vice. The downside …

The longer Shane Smith stuck around Vice as CEO, the more surprising it was that Smith was Vice’s CEO. And he seemed comfortable with the idea that he wouldn’t be CEO as the company evolved: Two years ago at the Code Media conference, Smith was musing out loud about the fact that he had become Vice’s “brand artist.”

The big question marks for Vice, Dubuc and Smith: How much of the company’s success is dependent on Smith’s presence, leadership and uncanny sales skills? How much of that will he contribute to the company when he’s no longer CEO, no matter what role he morphs into? It will be fascinating to watch.

Speaking of watching: Dubuc appeared onstage at our Code Media conference last month and answered several questions about Vice. At the 25-ish minute mark, you can see her commentary about Vice’s “bro-y” culture; at 33:25, she has an extended defense of Viceland’s performance. Short version: “We’re 24 months old — what do people want? Give us a shot here.”

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