Magic Leap is partnering with the NBA to bring virtual basketball games to its goggles

Lightfield-display technology company Magic Leap is partnering with the NBA to create digital basketball games that people can watch through its goggles – whenever it is that people are able to get their hands on said goggles, which have been years in the works and are supposed to ship this year.

In a video showed on stage at Recode’s Code Media conference earlier today, retired NBA star and current NBA analyst Shaq was seen wearing a pair of Magic Leap glasses and vouched for the product. “When I went to Magic Leap, I watched a full court game right here,” Shaq said in the video, gesturing towards the empty space on his right. “Lebron was right here. Then I went over here [gesturing to his left] and watched Atlantic play the LA…

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Take $100 off the DJI Goggles and experience drone flying in a whole new way

Look ma, no hands!

DJI’s first-person view Goggles are down to $ 349 with code GOGHEAD at B&H. These have gone for $ 449 since they released more than a year ago. If you want a discount, you have to go through shady third parties on Amazon, but traditional retailers like Best Buy sell it at its regular retail price. And this deal from B&H is better than all of them because not only is it $ 100 off the price, but you’ll also save a nice chunk of change on taxes (approximately $ 25 depending on location) if you live outside New York and New Jersey.

The DJI Goggles have two screens with 1920×1080 pixel resolution. They connect wirelessly to your drone and provide close-range viewing up to 60fps at 720p and 30fps at 1080p. The latency is just 110ms. You can also use Head Tracking Flight Mode to simply control the drone with the tilt of your head. You will experience your DJI drone in a completely new way. The battery lasts up to six hours.

The goggles are compatible with the Mavic Pro, the Phantom 4 series (including the Phantom 4 Pro Thrifter shared a deal on earlier today), and the Inspire lineup, which will set you back a few thousand.

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Realmax’s prototype AR goggles fix one of the HoloLens’ biggest issues

Hong Kong-based Realmax is an augmented reality startup, one of many trying to crack the highly sought after smart glasses market that’s taken CES by storm this year. The company’s prototype product, which it’s brought to the show floor in Las Vegas this week, is very much a work-in-progress, but it does have one promising step up over the competition: the product has the widest field of view (FOV) of any AR device I’ve ever personally tried, including the HoloLens.

I didn’t get to spend an extensive amount of time with the Realmax headset. But I did try two different demos, the first of which filled my field of vision with a mermaid and a school of ocean-dwelling fish, while the second floated virtual satellites around a 3D map of the…

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DJI launches a new set of HD FPV goggles specially designed for drone racing

If you’re looking for a first-person view when controlling your drone, DJI’s goggles already had you covered. The company has now updated its original viewer with a new version designed specifically with racing in mind. The sleek metallic black and red leather goggles are exactly what you’d expect from a product carrying a ‘Racing Edition’ moniker.

In tandem with an OcuSync transmission module, the DJI Goggles Racing Edition can receive signal from up to 7km away with a latency of just 50ms.

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DJI launches a new set of HD FPV goggles specially designed for drone racing was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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DJI’s latest pair of drone goggles are designed for racing

Drone maker DJI has released a new version of its DJI Goggles for drone racers. They’re called the DJI Goggles RE, short for racing edition. The original DJI Goggles went up for presale this past April and, like those, the DJI Goggles RE look a bit like a VR headset and let you control a drone with just your head movements and see from the device’s point of view, so long as the goggles are in head-tracking gimbal mode. While the original goggles are white, these come in matte black with red leather on the headband.

These new goggles are also compatible with non-DJI branded drones and third-party flight controllers like the F3 and Naze. The DJI Goggles RE support Sphere panoramic viewing and video streaming with the OcuSync Video…

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