Foxconn is making Sirin Labs’ $1,000 blockchain phone for cryptocurrency geeks

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Sirin Labs made the news last September when it unveiled a blockchain-powered phone and PC that would act as secure wallets for your cryptocurrency fortune. It’s now found a manufacturer in Foxconn, the Taiwanese firm that builds iPhones for Apple. The $ 999 Finney phone will let you store and shop with virtual currencies like Bitcoin, and allow you to earn tokens by sharing your mobile data connection with people around you; it also promises enhanced security thanks to its open-source Android-based Sirin OS. Bloomberg reports that a physical switch will activate coin-related services, and that users will eventually be able…

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‘Armello’ from League of Geeks Has Soft Launched in Australia and New Zealand

League of Geeks’ Armello has finally arrived on the App Store in Australia and New Zealand. Having initially been announcd for release in 2011, Armello was then a Steam and console title and it has seen a lot of success on those platforms. It was then announced for 2015 release which obviously didn’t happen. the strategy board game hybrid that looks fantastic has finally hit the App Store. We saw a bit of Armello at PAX and you can check that out here. It has been really well received on other platforms as is reflected in the Steam reviews. Watch some hands on footage from PAX below:

Originally a Kickstarter campaign, it is good to see Armello hitting the App Store after what feels like ages. If you’re using the Australia or New Zealand App Stores, you can download it for free right now. Everyone else (including myself) will have to wait for the global rollout. Check out the forum thread for Armello here.


CanJam is the event where headphone geeks come to meet their heroes

People who say “never meet your heroes” must have shitty heroes.

I’m attending CanJam London this weekend — an event organized by the guys responsible for the Head-Fi audiophile community — and have met a person I greatly admire: Axel Grell. He’s Sennheiser’s chief headphone engineer, counting among his accomplishments the classic HD 600 and 650 and the newer HD 800 and 800 S. Before today, I was a fan of his work, but having met and talked to him, I’m now a fan of him as a human being too.

This is the charming thing about the headphones industry, the thing I don’t see elsewhere in consumer electronics. The engineers and designers of the best and most famed products are within reach for even casual fans to meet and interact with. If you…

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‘Fourte’ is a Curious Puzzler for Number Geeks

Jambav Games has announced Fourte, an interesting math puzzler. The game gives you four numbers, and tasks you with forming another number using several standard operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and parentheses (remember your order of operations!). But there’s one particular unorthodox operation that comes into play: you can combine digits to form a single number. So, if you have a 2 and a 3, you can play them next to each other in order to get 23, or 32.

Fourte has two main modes at launch. An endless mode just tests you with constantly solving new puzzles, with them getting a bit more complex over time. I was a math major in a previous life, so while things don’t get as crazy as I hope for, there’s a few brain-wreckers here. There’s also a timed mode where you have to solve as many puzzles in quick succession as possible. Fourte is a fun puzzler for math geeks, and it releases on June 14th.