Tin Man Games Announces the Starting Line-Up for the Upcoming ‘Fighting Fantasy Classics’

A few months ago, Tin Man Games announced the upcoming release of Fighting Fantasy Classics, an app that serves as a sort of hub for Fighting Fantasy gamebook releases. It’s a great idea as it not only puts all of your Fighting Fantasy adventures into one convenient app, it also makes it easier for Tin Man to update the whole line should they need to. When the project was announced, Tin Man expected to release the app in February of 2018. Well, the days are running out on this month, but the good news is that Fighting Fantasy Classics will be coming soon. So soon, in fact, that Tin Man has decided to fill us in on what to expect in the first wave of releases.

If you didn’t read our earlier story about this app, the basic idea is that you download the main app and can then pay to unlock new gamebooks that you want as they are released. You can enjoy one gamebook for free, however. Bloodbones, once known as the lost Fighting Fantasy book due to its cancellation in the original Puffin publishing run, will be ready and waiting for everyone to play at no added cost. Written by Jonathan Green, this one was released before on the App Store by Tin Man and is still available, but hey, ghost pirates aren’t the worst way to tickle the imagination for newcomers.

As we had guessed earlier, a more traditional adaptation of the book that started the whole series back in 1982 will be part of the initial line-up. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain was released a long time ago on the App Store by the previous holders of the Fighting Fantasy license, and Tin Man themselves did a fascinating board game-style version of it themselves early last year. Those who want to have the original in their pockets again can look forward to what is sure to be a faithful mobile version via the Fighting Fantasy Classics app.

Bloodbones isn’t the only returnee from Tin Man’s older Fighting Fantasy releases. The Forest of Doom, Island of the Lizard King, and Caverns of the Snow Witch aren’t new to iOS gamers, but they’re putting on their newest coats and hats to join the Fighting Fantasy Classics. All three of these games were among the initial releases in the book series as well, so it’s only fitting that they are following a similar pattern here. They’re tough challenges from one of the series creators, Ian Livingstone, so you’d best hope for a lucky roll of the dice or ten if you take these ones on.

But what if you’re a dedicated Tin Man fan? What other new releases are waiting for you apart from Warlock? Worry not, friends. Tin Man has you covered with much-requested mobile conversions of Steve Jackson’s The Citadel of Chaos and Ian Livingstone’s City of Thieves. These are both stone-cold classics that are beloved by many a fan of Fighting Fantasy, and it will be great to have them among the rest of the games in the app.

This is just the starting wave, of course. Tin Man will be following up with a second wave later in the year that will likely fill in a few of the missing holes that some of you may be wondering about. This initial bunch should keep gamebook fans busy until the next lot comes around, though. We’ll have more information on Fighting Fantasy Classics, including pricing and a more firm release date, when we get it from Tin Man. It shouldn’t be too far off now.



‘Faily Brakes’ Goes Full ’80s in Huge New Update Celebrating Game’s 2nd Birthday

Our old friend Phil Faily is getting ready to enter the terrible twos as this week marks the second anniversary of Spunge Games releasing their hilarious endless driver/crash simulator Faily Brakes [Free] into the App Store. To mark this momentous occasion Spunge has released a huge update to the game adding all sorts of new goodies. The biggest of which is a brand new theme and environment to careen through called Retro Future. Here, you’ll be surrounded by neon-soaked hazards and a catchy synth soundtrack, and there’s several new 80s-styled vehicles to drive too. The Retro Future environment also features new dynamic elements like moving hazards and underground tunnels you can drive through. The new environment as well as one of the new vehicles come included for free in the update, with two additional vehicles and two character costumes available in a $ 1.99 IAP.

This update also includes new “secret” limited time cars which can be found in the new level in the game, and a completely revamped menu system which allows you to outfit your characters, choose vehicles, and choose environments all from the same screen. Faily Brakes has always been among my favorite endless high score chasers, and it’s only gotten better over the course of two years thanks to numerous content updates like today’s. It’s one of those games that’s equally fun to do well in or totally fail and enjoy watching yourself crash like an idiot. If you haven’t checked it out before, let this 2nd anniversary update be your reason for downloading Faily Brakes for free and taking it for a spin.


Apple applies to expand Apple TV trademark to video games in over 60 countries

Although Apple’s video gaming track record has largely rewarded enthusiasm with disappointment, a new Apple TV trademark application discovered by Patently Apple indicates that the company is still interested in video games. Filed last week, the application expands the use of the Apple TV name for video gaming purposes — nothing else.

The application is noteworthy because Apple’s original 2007 trademark for the first Apple TV covered computer hardware and set top boxes focused on photos, music, and videos, excluding games entirely, and no change was made when it debuted the fourth-generation Apple TV with app and game support in September 2015. Last year’s Apple TV 4K trademarks were similar, only briefly mentioning “computer games” amongst many other functions of the wireless black box. By comparison, Apple’s new filing is devoted to Apple TV video game console and video game controller uses, which is unusual given that interest in Apple TV gaming is at a nadir.

Expensive by trademark standards but a drop in the bucket for Apple, Apple’s $ 16,000 international filing covers over 60 different countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. Also interesting: The gaming-specific trademark filing appears to have been in the works for some time. Apple quietly filed a preliminary application last August in Jamaica, a country with a trademark office that cannot be searched online. Due to international reciprocity treaties, filing first in Jamaica enables Apple to plant its trademark flag early and privately, then expand the filing internationally whenever it’s comfortable going public.

This isn’t the first time Apple has publicly pushed the Apple TV for gaming purposes. The aforementioned fourth-generation Apple TV added the ability to play games, leading experienced gamers (including us) to hope that Apple would grow past its questionable gaming legacy. Unfortunately, Apple angered game developers by requiring them to support the new Apple TV’s limited Siri Remote as a controller, rather than letting games solely use dedicated gaming controllers. Developers soon stopped launching games solely for the Apple TV and retreated from initially higher Apple TV game price points, as well.

However, gaming has been wildly successful for certain developers on iOS devices: Games are amongst the most popular downloads in the App Store, which has generated $ 70 billion for developers since 2008. While game developers rarely if ever launch AAA console titles on iOS, games such as Minecraft and “freemium” titles with in-app purchases have been popular on iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. Still, relatively few developers have brought their iOS hits to the Apple TV, as sales of the device have fallen below expectations.

Apple has recently embraced the potential of augmented reality gaming on iOS devices with the release of ARKit software development tools, going so far as to publicly refute claims of modest and slowing developer interest in AR. In light of Google’s apparent recent interest in developing a gaming platform, it’s possible that Apple’s competitive instincts may be kicking back in — though possibly too late to make a difference this time.

Apple – VentureBeat

Best AR Puzzle Games for iPhone and iPad: Perfect Brainteasers for Free Times

Best iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are always on my hit list, as they never seem to get old. Apart from being a great killer of free times, they are an excellent exercise for the mind! Willing to have a go at some of the finest conundrums? You shouldn’t look beyond these best AR puzzle games for iPhone and iPad.

These augmented reality games let you interact with the real world. You can maneuver things around you and challenge your friends and loved ones to lock horns with you in real-time!

Best iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Games

Best iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Games

Note: We have already compiled a long list of the best puzzle games for iOS 2018. If you wish to explore more, head over to this post.

#1. Euclidean Lands

Euclidean Lands iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

Euclidean Lands is a fascinating puzzle game. It features great mechanic, which integrate isometric architecture and turn-based movement into a medieval game world.

You need to shift and rotate the world to change perspective. Solve as many tricky puzzles as you can to decimate your enemies. With a number of deadly boss fights, you won’t get much time to breathe.

There are five chapters and 40 extremely challenging levels. All of your enemies are of different types and capability, so you will have to play the game with extra cautious to defeat them.

Price: $ 3.99

#2. GNOG

GNOG iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

Set in a world of toys and mysteries, GNOG is a fun-loving 3D puzzle game. You will enjoy playing with monster heads and like discovering the hidden worlds inside them.

The game offers optional AR support which completely transforms the tabletop into an awesome toy box wherein you will have interesting physical interaction with its world. To ensure your iPhone doesn’t drain the battery fast, the game also features a battery saving mode. Hence, you will play the game to your heart’s liking without being worried about the rapid power consumption!

Price: $ 4.99

#3. Flat Pack

Flat Pack iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

Flat Pack is a pretty simple AR puzzle game wherein you have to trap your enemies and prevent them from escaping the confines. There are over 30 challenging levels, and each one of them is exciting to play. And in the wonderful AR mode, you will play the game in the real world environment.

Jump into epic boss fights to showcase your skill. Discover all the stars to unlock a secret ending. This 2D and 3D hybrid have got enough tricks to keep you hooked for more!

Price: Free

#4. PuzzlAR: World Tour

PuzzlAR iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Play classic jigsaw puzzles in their all-new avatar! Pick out different pieces of construction amazing Forbidden City, Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal and Saint Basil Cathedral and more. All of the landmarks have remarkable surroundings with charming colors and sounds.

Depending on your mood or skill, you can choose your difficulty level. Push yourself harder and achieve the best score on the leaderboards. Besides, this puzzle game supports multiple languages including English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, etc.

Price: $ 2.99

#5. Splitter Critters

Splitter Critters iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

Take your love for exploring new world and planets to the next level! Splitter Critters offers an incredible experience to explore the unique world. While discovering new planets, you will have to encounter danger and even solve puzzles.

Crack the conundrums to move ahead and grab a lot of points to stay ahead. Don’t fail to create a milestone for the rest to follow. To ensure your journey never gets bored, the immersive soundscapes of each world to keep you entertained.

Price: $ 2.99

#6. AMON

AMON iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

How about playing with ancient 3D scanned sculptures from museums around the world? It would indeed be nice, wouldn’t it be? The rule of the game is that you have to follow Amon, the God of Air who is on a mission to connect a world of puzzling optical illusions using augmented reality.

All the puzzles are thought-provoking, so unless you are on top of your gaming, you won’t be able to crack them. With the cool sound playing in the background, your epic journey never has a dull moment.

Price: $ 2.99

#7. Tsuro

Tsuro iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

Tsuro is one of the finest puzzle games I have ever played. To get started, you have to create a path, place a tile and slide your stone along the path created. Make sure to play cleverly as other players’ path can take you off the board or in the wrong direction.

All the paths will cross and connect so choose them cleverly as your choices will affect your journeys. The game supports up to 8 players and lets you play against your friends on Game Center and Facebook. You can also go solo if you don’t want to play with anyone. The fabulous animation and scintillating pyrotechnics ensure your gaming never hit a boredom patch.

Price: $ 2.99

#8. YuME: Alice’s Dream

YuME iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

Time to play the puzzles combined with oriental culture and classical melodies! In this game, you have to follow a gorgeous heroine named Ling and take part in the returning-home journey in stages based on traditional Chinese culture.

Experience the traditional Chinese landscape paintings with oriental art style in the real world. Your oriental adventure is lashed with tons of puzzles.

The classical melodies help you remain engrossed and play with high spirit. Moreover, the game is compatible with multiple languages including English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and more.

Price: Free

#9. ARise

ARise iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

Arise is a smart 3D puzzle game that can offer plenty of food to your thought! Challenge yourself and thing beyond the usual lines to solve puzzles using visual cues whilst moving around the world.

Smartly guide your pint-sized adventurer to score a lot of points to get the high score. Correctly align magical connections to create paths. With the gorgeous graphics and pretty simple but intriguing concept, the game keeps you hooked up for more.

Price: $ 2.99

#10. Cradle of Empires: Match3 Game

Cradle of Empires iPhone and iPad AR Puzzle Game Screenshot

What strikes me in Cradle of Empires is stimulating storyline. The awe-inspiring quests and larger-than-life characters further enrich its profile. You have a big task at hand, and that is to assist an ancient rise from ruins and regain its lost charm.

Take the help of Nimiru and Egyptian settlers to eliminate Amrun’s curse and reinstate the ancient civilization. Rise to the fore and showcase your heroics to decimate the evils.

The game is designed to challenge your matching, building and collecting skills. You get to play six different matches full of a number of hurdles. And yes, there are three modes to test both your skill and patience.

Price: Free

That’s all, folks!

What’s your favorite?

Ten to one, you have liked exploring these AR games, haven’t you? Which one of them has won more points from you? Do let us know your pick in the comments.

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MVPs at the Pyeongchang Games: Robots

The city of Pyeongchang, South Korea has seen the arrival of the 2018 Winter Olympics, and the thousands, if not millions of attendees, Yet humans haven’t been the only ones walking around. Alongside them (and the norovirus) were more than a few robots as well.

As reported by NPR, these Olympic robots came in all shapes and sizes, and have had different tasks to keep them busy — and attendees engaged. Combined, however, they all contributed to South Korea’s desire to be seen as a country invested in technology, and its future as part of society. (Though that was probably apparent already through their decision to create a “city” to test self-driving cars.)

Some Olympic robots were entirely harmless, and meant to be observed, like robotic fish and robots focused on painting murals. There were robots vacuuming the floors, too. The fish robots are probably more impressive, showing that our ability to make water-proof technology has come a long way.

Other robots were built to be more helpful. One such robot offered water every hour for 15 minute intervals. Another, named Airstar, acted as a guide and provided directions to those unfamiliar with the area, pointing them towards help desks or destinations like the train station.

None of the robots at the Pyeongchang events were driven by artificial intelligence, and each had a human handler in case things went awry. However, future iterations of these bots could improve their capabilities, and the interactions they have with people — even a little trash talk could go a long way.

We still have a ways to go before we see robots implemented into society on a much larger scale, but they’re already being used for more than just giving directions: from joining police forces and becoming retail employees, to handling deliveries and performing operations.

The market for robots is expected to grow significantly over the next several years, and chances are we’ll see robots taking on other roles as well. Maybe they’ll learn how to make decent shirts by then.

The post MVPs at the Pyeongchang Games: Robots appeared first on Futurism.