Frantic Vehicular Survival Game ‘Pako 2’ Gets New Content on iOS and is Now Available on Android

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The original Pako – Car Chase Simulator [$ 1.99 / Free] began life on mobile back in the summer of 2014 as a super fun and stylish endless survival driving game, and it only grew and grew from there with a slew of updates in the years that followed. Eventually it found its way to desktop where it was also quite well-received. For the sequel, developer Tree Men Games went in the opposite direction, creating a game for desktop and console first and then porting it to mobile in January of this year. To get the game working well on mobile, the visuals were toned down and some of the content from the console and PC version was left out, but that didn’t stop Pako 2 [$ 1.99] from being one of the most fun releases of 2018 so far. Now Tree Men are beginning to flesh out the mobile version to bring it more on par with its older siblings, and today a new Pako 2 update has added a new level and three new vehicles into the game.

The new level is called Sunny Coast, and it unsurprisingly features plenty of sunshine and coastal decor including the beach and the ocean. The three new vehicles are the weird futuristic sports car the Leguan, military-style truck Wolf, and a modified police-style vehicle called the Fox. As great as this new update is for existing owners on iOS, it’s even better for Android players as alongside this new iOS update Pako 2 has also launched on the Google Play Store. I loved Pako 2 so much I picked it for the Game of the Week when it released in January, and it’s been in constant play rotation on my iPhone ever since. If you enjoy games with tons of action and frantic moments, as well as premium games with no IAP, I highly suggest checking out Pako 2, now on both iOS and Android and with tons of cool new content.


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The Frantic ‘Flipping Legend’ Receives Huge Version 2.0 Update

I loved the idea of Flipping Legend [Free] ever since developer Matt Meyer showed us an early prototype of the game way back at GDC 2016, when the game was titled Flip Out. During the next year Meyer and artist Thomas Whetnall, the other half of Hiding Spot Games, hooked up with the good Canadian folks at Noodlecake Games who then showed us an updated version of the game at GDC 2017. That’s when I went from loving the idea of Flipping Legend to just straight up loving the game itself. Combining simple two-button controls with twitchy arcade hopping, Flipping Legend felt like just about a perfect iPhone game, and we loved it in our 5 star review and of course included it in our Top 100 Games of 2017 list. It’s flipping great! Well, a major update for Flipping Legend has been in the works since its release last June and today it has finally arrived in the App Store.

Version 2.0 of Flipping Legend includes a brand new environment called The Swamp as well as a brand new secret character with “a unique and difficult to master special ability.” Hmmmmmmmm. Gold costs to unlock characters and XP requirements to level up characters have both been reduced across the board, and they’ve also raised the level cap from 10 to 11, so now you’ll have an extra ability point to spend on your character upgrades. The IAP to remove ads in the game is also 50% off to celebrate the update, and if you’ve previously bought the ad removal prior to today’s update you’ll be rewarded with 10 free bronze chests for your loyalty. Just don’t be an idiot like me and open them all at once as the timed bonus effects (i.e. Double XP for 10 minutes) don’t stack so I lost out on utilizing some of those. I got a crap ton of gold though so I’m still a pretty happy camper. Finally, this version 2.0 update adds in support for the full screen of the iPhone X, and it looks absolutely glorious.

I really can’t recommend Flipping Legend enough. It’s one of those games that just feels like a natural fit on the touchscreen, and once you get comfortable with the mechanics there’s no better feeling that “getting in the zone” and flipping around like mad. It’s almost like you start playing at some subconscious level where your hands are doing things before your brain even has a chance to realize what’s happening. It’s so fun! Throw in a ton of playable characters and a progression system with upgradeable special abilities and unlockable skins for each and you have a game that’ll occupy your time for a long while. Plus it’s free! Just go download it already and check out the sweet new version 2.0 content in Flipping Legend.

Link to Forum Discussion: Flipping Legend (by Hiding Spot Games and Noodlecake)


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