OnePlus confirms ‘OnePlus 6’ name for next phone, opens forum for it

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By all appearances, OnePlus’ repeated presence in the news seems to indicate that it is gearing up to launch its next phone. The company has just added a bit more fuel to the fire, too, with a Twitter teaser telling us all to “6et ready,” while simultaneously opening the gates to the new OnePlus 6 forum. We were already reasonably sure before, but this probably confirms the “OnePlus 6” name.

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Tim Cook kicks off China Development Forum, talks trade war concerns and more

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As we noted yesterday, Tim Cook is in China this weekend to serve as co-chair of the China Development Forum, which is taking place amid increasing fears of a trade war between China and the United States. Speaking at the event today, Cook said that he hopes “calm heads” will ultimately prevail…



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Tim Cook to co-chair China Development Forum this weekend amidst international tariff threats

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Running from tomorrow until Sunday, global business leaders are converging in China to talk with local government about their relationship. This year, Apple CEO Tim Cook is a co-chair at the conference.

Relations with China are definitely more strained than usual at the moment. The US administration is currently threatening to impose significant tariffs on Chinese imports and technology. Apple is also embroiled in its own juggling act regarding differences in attitudes over privacy and freedoms of speech.



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Apple CEO Tim Cook will co-chair China Development Forum in March

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Apple CEO Tim Cook will be making another trip to China in March to co-chair the China Development Forum, an event where business leaders meet with officials from the country’s government, with Cook likely to use the opportunity to improve Apple’s relations with the country’s leadership and to attract more customers from the region.
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Apple CEO to co-chair China Development Forum after handover of Chinese iCloud accounts

Apple CEO Tim Cook will co-chair the 18th annual China Development Forum, a Chinese government event held in Beijing from March 18-20, according to a Wall Street Journal report this morning. The announcement of Cook’s role in the event comes only months after U.S. senators accused Apple of “enabling the Chinese government’s censorship and surveillance of the internet,” and two days before Apple hands over Chinese iCloud accounts to a Chinese government-controlled company.

Billed by the WSJ as the “Chinese government’s showcase global business forum,” the China Development Forum is annually co-chaired by one Chinese and one foreign business leader and enables Western corporations to improve relationships with Chinese government officials. Cook spoke gingerly at last year’s Forum, gently suggesting that China should further open itself to the world and stating his belief that individuals should be able to own and control their own data. He has made increasingly frequent visits to the country over the past two years.

In contrast to Apple’s bold public proclamations regarding users’ privacy and security rights — including tense face-offs with U.S. officials over unlocking iPhones — the company has repeatedly complied with Chinese government demands that impact customers in the country. Last July, Apple removed virtual private network (VPN) applications from China’s version of the App Store, preventing Chinese users from using iOS apps to view content that lacks Chinese government approval. This month, Apple will turn over Chinese iCloud accounts and security keys to a government-controlled company, leading the Hong Kong Free Press to claim Apple is “paving the way to a ‘cloud dictatorship’ in China.”

Cook has maintained that engaging with the Chinese government is more beneficial than fighting it. “My hope over time is that some of the things, the couple of things [that’ve] been pulled, come back,” Cook said, after removing VPN apps from China’s App Store. “I have great hope on that and great optimism on that.”

Despite Cook’s sunny outlook, U.S. lawmakers have criticized Apple for bending to Chinese demands. Last October, senators Patrick Leahy and Ted Cruz sent a bipartisan letter to Apple enumerating various acts of content censorship Apple had carried out at China’s bidding, including removing the New York Times‘ app from the App Store, shutting down its book and movie stores in China, and pulling VPN apps from the country. In December, Senator Marco Rubio called Apple “so desperate to have access to the Chinese marketplace that they are willing to follow the laws of that country, even if those laws run counter to what those companies’ own standards are supposed to be.”

Additionally, concerns over China’s government gaining access to both data and data networks are at an all-time high. U.S. lawmakers and security agencies have recently worked publicly to stop Chinese mobile companies Huawei and ZTE from selling cellular hardware in the U.S., claiming that the companies are quietly working on behalf of the Chinese government. Two U.S. security chiefs went further last week, lobbying Australia’s prime minister to block the Chinese companies from involvement in upcoming 5G networks.

It’s unclear whether Cook will use the event as an opportunity to speak more strongly to values espoused by Apple and the U.S. or will just use his position to lobby Chinese officials for more opportunities in the country. For years, Apple has manufactured almost all of its products in China, taking advantage of working conditions unthinkable in the U.S., and the company has recently has been successfully selling its products to a growing Chinese elite.

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LiveRamp Touts ‘Educational Forum’ for Improving the Consumer Experience

LiveRamp, an Acxiom company and leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution, has announced the launch of the RampUp website, the online extension of LiveRamp’s RampUp events.

We’re told that RampUp’s digital presence publishes vendor-neutral articles and multimedia content from senior marketing leaders at global brands and platforms.

Their contributions highlight consumer-centric solutions to chief marketing officers’ challenges, data-driven marketing strategies and the use of technology to better support people based marketing.

How people perceive, interact and engage with a company at any point in the customer journey is top of mind for all executives. Many are grappling with how to build a customer-obsessed organization. Equipping marketers with the technologies and techniques to truly understand and connect with people is a logical starting point. Yet keeping up with the latest technology, trends and best practices is a constant challenge.

RampUp is an open forum that addresses these pain points by sourcing content from a variety of industry voices, ranging from CMOs to data privacy officers and neuroscientists. Their stories and points of view cover a wide breadth of topics that share a common theme of improving the consumer experience:

  • Analyzing new technology trends affecting how people interact with brands
  • Building data-driven teams with the right martech stack to support their work
  • Balancing the art and science of marketing
  • Presenting people-based marketing best practices and use cases

“There are a lot of educational events and content hubs that focus on using technology to solve the challenges facing the marketing industry,” said Anneka Gupta, co-president at LiveRamp. “But the content on RampUp will take a different tact, starting by focusing on what it takes to improve the consumer experience. If we collectively solve for that, we all win. In creating an open forum that allows everyone to share their thinking on best practices to this end, and collaborate and learn from each other directly, we hope to accelerate this trend.”

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Assassin’s Creed Origins’ Steam forum is flooded by hate-spewing trolls

The Steam discussion board is an ugly mess right now. The forums dedicated to Assassin’s Creed‘s yet-to-be-released tenth instalment, Origins, have been flooded by a barrage of toxin-infused hate speech. To give you a feel for the scale of the influx, there has been an upward of 100 pages of threads with bigoted spam and trolling. The trolling consists mostly of empty-headed slurs, elaborate mockery of political correctness and the basic tenets of human decency, as well as ironic criticism aimed at the game’s lack of gender diversity. It remains unclear exactly where the acidic deluge is coming from, but…

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Facebook shuts down anonymous in-house forum over harassment

An anonymous in-house chatroom at Facebook that had become a “hub” for Donald Trump supporters was closed last year by the company after comments made on the forum disturbed management, according to several reports. The forum, called FB Anon, was shut down last December. Debate usually centered around conservative issues, but sometimes deteriorated into racist and sexist statements. The group had hundreds of members, and content posted there was talked about throughout the company, reports Business Insider.

The forum was built in May 2015 as a place for employees to vent their frustrations and share sensitive information, away from managers. It gradually became a center for backers of Donald Trump as the election drew nearer, with many…

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