Man swipes domains from BT in 2000; flogs them for a fortune in Bitcoin in 2017

Seventeen years ago, the UK’s then-biggest telecommunications company, BT, opened a pioneering new research incubator in Ipswitch, called Adastral Park. And… er… forgot to purchase the domain names. It’s a schoolboy error, and as a prank, a BT contractor called Ric Hayman bought them for the grand total of £20 (at the time, that was roughly $ 28). Predictably, the humorless suits at BT didn’t particularly appreciate his joke, and Hayman quickly found himself out on his arse, without a job. Hayman’s having the last laugh though, as the bundle of domains are now on sale for a cool ten Bitcoins.…

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‘Last Colossus’, by ‘Tower of Fortune’ Dev, Is Out

Lost Colossus [$ 1.99] by Game Stew Studio, the developer behind games like Tower of Fortune and The Lost Shield, is out now, so get ready for some retro robot warfare. As we talked about recently, Last Colossus is an ACT/RPG where you play as a commander who gains control of a giant robot after crash-landing on a war-torn planet. As me and other in our forums have pointed out, gamers love controlling giant robots. This simulation game spans 9 chapters, which come with plenty of different enemies and, of course, bosses that want nothing but to take you down. And the game offers 3 different endings that depend on the choices you make, which should offer more replayability for those who want their gaming bucks to stretch as much as possible.

The game has really cool retro-style art, which isn’t a surprise given the art in previous Game Stew Studio games. And Last Colossus is a premium title, which I know many of you will appreciate. The game is $ 1.99, and if you want to wait for some impressions before grabbing out, head over to our forum thread to see what others have to say.


Upcoming ‘Last Colossus’, by ‘Tower of Fortune’ Dev, Nails the Retro Look

Game Stew Studio has given us some great games, including Tower of Fortune, Devil Shard, and The Lost Shield, and now it’s getting ready to release its next game, Last Colossus, which looks really, really cool. As you can see in our forum thread, Last Colossus is an ACT/RPG game where you play as a commander who gains control of a giant robot after crash-landing on a war-torn planet. I mean, you had me at controlling a giant robot to be honest. This simulation game spans 9 chapters and includes a variety of enemies and bosses ready to make your life harder. And it even comes with 3 different endings, depending on the choices you make along the way.

If you know any of the previous work of this studio, then you won’t be surprised by how much the game nails a retro feel while not feeling dated. It really isn’t an easy thing to do, and many developers fall for slavishly mimicking older games without keeping in mind that they are making a modern game. Last Colossus looks great, and it’s releasing next Thursday, September 28th. Check out more about the game in our forum thread.


Google needs to pay Apple a small fortune to remain the default search engine on iOS

 Apple and Google could be the biggest frenemies in tech. While they both compete like there’s no tomorrow, they also partner on some very specific deals. For instance, Google is paying a ton of money to remain the default search engine on iOS. As CNBC first reported, according to a Bernstein analyst, Google could pay as much as $ 3 billion a year just to remain the default option in… Read More
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