Flipboard CEO Calls out Apple News for ‘Living in the Past’

Flipboard is a content curation service that offers reading material from a wide range of sources, used by nearly 100 million readers. Its main rival in the industry is an offering like Apple News which comes by default on iOS 9+ devices, replacing Newsstand. Apple News has 70 million monthly readers, venturing close to Flipboard’s figures. Continue reading
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Flipboard CEO calls Apple News a ‘product living in the past’ in new interview

Speaking at the Code Media conference today, Flipboard CEO and co-founder Mike McCue had some choice words for Apple and its Apple News platform. Flipboard, of course, is the news curation app with which Apple News directly competes…



Flipboard CEO knocks Apple News for closed ecosystem, says product is ‘living in the past’

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Flipboard CEO Mike McCue had a few choice words for segment competitor Apple News, describing Apple’s news service as "living in the past" because it does not curate media, offers no social sharing integrations and lacks other features that would set it apart in the crowded space.
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Flipboard opens up to more publishers by embracing the mobile web

Flipboard smart magazines Flipboard is changing the way it works with online publishers, thanks to two connected announcements. First, publishers no longer need to work directly with Flipboard in order to get their stories into the app. Instead, there’s a new self-serve signup option, allowing Flipboard to automatically pull in stories from publishers’ RSS feeds. To be clear, CEO Mike McCue said… Read More
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