Deal: Sony Xperia XZ1 gets its firsts discount in the US

Amazon US has cut the asking price of the Sony Xperia XZ1 from $ 699 to $ 649. The discount concerns the Black and Moonlit Blue Xperia XZ1’s while the Venus Pink and Warm Silver editions are still at their original $ 699 level. That starting price was considered steep given the Xperia XZ1’s unimpressive on-paper specs – the 5.2-inch 1080p screen that’s neither AMOLED nor bezelless, the smallish battery and the lack of a fingerprint scanner for the US market. If those “faults” don’t bother you the Xperia XZ1 is still a solid smartphone that’s highlighted by a capable high-res camera… – Latest articles

Qualcomm taunts Apple with a list of Android firsts

Apple’s iPhone event is what everyone is looking forward to today, but Qualcomm is set to rain on the Cupertino’s company parade. It released a list of Android firsts trying to imply that Apple is playing catch up rather than leading the market lately. Qualcomm boasts about laying the foundation for “so many technologies and experiences we value in our smartphones today”. It mentions the Gigabit LTE, available in all Snapdragon 835 devices. Although the chipset company listed sample devices (not to be confused with pioneers or firsts), we are pretty sure the Galaxy S8 still does not… – Latest articles

Time uses iPhone to shoot magazine covers for ‘Firsts’ documentary series

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Time Magazine selected iPhone as its photography tool of choice for the upcoming "Firsts: Women Who Are Changing The World," a multi-platform documentary magazine series and companion book featuring influential women.
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