Hands on: Use A Better Finder Rename 10 on your Mac to wrangle file names

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A Better Finder Rename is a tool akin to a sledgehammer for file name changes on the Mac, but used precisely, sometimes a big hammer is what you need.
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10 Essential Tips for Using the macOS Finder More Efficiently

The Finder is a classic Mac system component that’s ever-present on your desktop, ready to help you find and organize your documents, media, folders, and other files. It’s the smiling icon known as the Happy Mac logo on your Dock, and includes the Finder menu bar at the top of the screen.

A lot of hidden power resides in every Finder window. In this article, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite Finder tips and tricks to help you work more efficiently with files and folders on your Mac.
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This extension adds a sorely-needed attachment finder to your Gmail inbox

Looking for an easier way to rifle through your Gmail attachments? There’s a search filter for that, but it’s not of much use when you have tons of messages to comb through. Dittach, on the other hand, makes the whole process go a lot quicker. The free browser extension adds a sidebar to your inbox and displays thumbnails of all the files you’ve received and sent. It works with most file types, including documents, audio, and video. You can also filter between these formats for quickly scanning the list. In addition, Dittach works along with Gmail’s search bar: any query…

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The ExoLife Finder Telescope Could Revolutionize the Search for Life on Exoplanets

A new revolutionary telescope is in the works that would lessen the cost of studying exoplanets, but it needs more funding to come to fruition.

Enter the ExoLife Finder (ELF) telescope from The PLANETS Foundation, which will be capable of viewing exoplanets 24 light years (120 trillion miles) away from Earth, detecting the energy signatures of life, and imaging oceans and continents. So far we’ve only been able to estimate the likelihood of oceans and continents’ presence, which is still hypothetical. This easily goes far beyond the aspirations of any other exoplanet-hunting telescope yet in service, and could thus move our search for life out there a few terms further in the Drake Equation.

After ELF’s construction, its first target will be Proxima b, an exoplanet in the Proxima Centauri star system discovered last year by the European Space Observatory —  the Alpha Centauri A and B star systems will also be investigated for other Earth-like planets.

ELF isn’t the first telescope The PLANETS Foundation has worked on. There’s the Colossus telescope — set to be the world’s largest optical and infrared telescope designed to detect extrasolar and extraterrestrial life; then there’s the PLANETS telescope — a telescope designed to study faint environments such as the atmosphere of bright exoplanets, bio-signatures on potentially habitable exoplanets, and exo-atmospheres of planets in our solar system.

The ExoLife Finder telescope has 19 days remaining before its fundraising campaign ends. Should it meet its goal, it will be built in the Atacama Desert in Chile alongside the Colossus. The PLANETS telescope, meanwhile, will be built atop the Haleakala volcano in Maui, Hawaii.

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Hopper debuts ‘Flex Watch,’ a personalized flight deal finder for flexible travel dates

 Hopper, the intelligent travel app that has made finding affordable flights a lot easier, is today rolling out a new feature called Flex Watch, which will send you recommendations about flight deals in a highly personalized manner. Today, most travel booking services only let you adjust your arrival or departure dates by a few days – for example, Kayak lets you search up to three… Read More
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Facebook expands in-app WiFi finder globally

Cellular data is all well and good when it works, but maybe you’re in an area with spotty coverage, or perhaps you are traveling in a foreign country. That’s when you need some WiFi, and now Facebook would like to help you find it. The “Find WiFi” feature that was being tested in a few countries is now rolling out globally.

You will see the Find WiFi option under your More tab in the Facebook app.

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