What features would you like to see added to AirPods? [Poll]

A Bloomberg report today offered early details on what Apple has up its sleeve for the new generation of AirPods coming this year. The report highlighted that this year we can expect ‘Hey Siri’ support, while water resistance is also on the roadmap for a later date.

What features would you like to see added to AirPods?



Apple accounts for new ARKit 1.5 features in updated developer resources

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Apple this week updated its Human Interface Guidelines for iOS with new entries covering augmented reality experiences, making adjustments and additions to best practices used by developers creating apps with ARKit 1.5.
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19 ‘USSD’ Codes That Unlock Hidden Features in Your iPhone

When you want to tweak your iPhone’s preferences, you’ll usually open up the Settings app. That’s basic iOS 101. What you might not know is that there is actually another way to interact and change your device’s settings.

They’re called USSD codes, and they’re a communication protocol used by cellular telephones. But, in practical usage, they’re a way to tweak certain hidden settings and access secret features of your phone.

What Are They?

USSD codes harken back to a time before smartphones and touchscreen. Think your old, brick-like Nokia. As such, they’re entered via the Phone app in the same process as dialing a phone number.

Once the code is inputted, you can access, change or view the preferences of certain features or settings. Beyond just generally being a cool thing to know, they can even be useful.

Of course, you’ll want to be careful with some of these codes. Randomly entering some of these codes can negatively impact important settings that are pretty critical for your device. As a good rule, try not to go disabling things unless you know exactly what it is you’re turning off or on.

How Do They Work?

  • The process of using USSD codes is pretty simple. Just open your Phone app, tap Keypad, and enter the code.
  • For the majority of these, you’ll also need to hit Call (the green phone icon) to activate the code. The exceptions are noted.
  • Note: Some carriers have their own specific USSD codes. Every code will not always work for every carrier.

Use the Right Arrow to Browse 19 USSD Codes That Unlock Hidden Features in Your iPhone.

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Snapchat response to user revolt over iPhone app redesign advises of new features, no rollback to earlier version

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Snapchat has responded to calls from users demanding a rollback of an update to the image sharing app, though while the firm acknowledges the high number of complaints, it advises it will not be reversing its design changes, but instead will make it easier for people to use.
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‘Pac-Man’ Now Features a Sonic the Hedgehog Crossover

There’s an unexpected cameo in the latest update to Pac-Man [Free], and it’s Sonic the Hedgehog? Huh? Yes, the blue speedster, most famously known for going fast, is now in a limited-time Dash maze in Pac-Man for iOS and Android. Sonic is trying to collect rings instead of pellets, invisibility power-ups instead of powerup pellets, and friendly woodland creatures instead of fruit, keys, and Galaxians. It’s kind of an odd pairing, but it kind of makes sense? Sonic is trying to go fast, and nothing compels him to go faster than being trapped in a maze, hunted down by robots…that then become ghosts. It is disturbing that the creatures that Sonic normally frees are now the items to eat. Hmm. Not everything was going to be a perfect 1:1 pairing, I suppose.

If you want to give Sonic in Pac-Man a shot, the update is available now. If you haven’t played Pac-Man on mobile in a while, the game now has a whole free-to-play economy. You can earn or buy tokens to unlock new sets of mazes, which award crowns, which are then used to unlock the Tournaments portion of the game. You can just play classic Pac-Man if you want, with all 256 original levels, and you can pay $ 2.99 (with a $ 0.99 special offer) to remove ads permanently. The Sonic Dash mazes are available for free in the Pac-Man app for iOS and Android right now.

Update: If you can’t get enough Sonic/Pac-Man crossovers, then good news: you can now unlock Pac-Man in Sonic Dash! [Free]

What a time to be alive!