Apple releases iOS 11.2 with Apple Pay Cash, fast wireless charging, and iPhone crash fix

Apple is taking the highly unusual step of releasing a significant iOS update today, just hours after an iOS 11 bug started crashing iPhones. A bug in iOS 11.1.2 started causing iPhones to crash if third-party apps use recurring notifications for things like reminders. Apple is releasing iOS 11.2 today, which addresses the issue and includes a number of new features. Apple usually releases iOS updates on a Tuesday, so this appears to have been issued early to fix the crash bug.

iOS 11.2 is a big iOS update, and includes Apple Pay Cash in the US, Apple’s new peer-to-peer payments service. Apple Pay Cash is available inside the Messages app, and allows iPhone users to send money through iMessage, much like Venmo. Cash is then deposited on…

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New AWS Platform Promises Fast AR, VR, 3D Development

AWS has announced Amazon Sumerian, a new Web-based platform to help developers quickly design and deploy VR, AR and 3D applications without the requirement for complicated tools and training. The platform lets developers build realistic VR, AR or 3D environments, populate them with animated characters and 3D objects, and create scripts to determine how they interact with users of a particular application and with each other. Sumerian is compatible with head-mounted displays, Web browsers, mobile devices and digital signage.

Comcast quietly deletes language about internet fast lanes

Comcast has, up to this point, has been one of the loudest ISPs singing the praises of the FCC’s planned net neutrality rollback. Now it seems to be quietly backing off on at least a few of its more ardent promises: namely, that it won’t offer internet “fast lanes” which cost more. It’s not even so much what Comcast have said so much as what it hasn’t said. According to Ars Technica, in 2014 Comcast explicitly stated, “we’re not considering entering into any paid prioritization creating fast lane deals with content owners.” It reiterated this position (as it’s a common sticking…

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iOS 11.2 to unleash ‘fast’ wireless charging for the iPhone 8, iPhone X

Apple is preparing to release iOS 11.2, an update that will enable 7.5W “fast charging” for the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Currently, iOS v11.1.1 supports only 5W wireless charging; iOS 11.2 is now in beta and expected to ship over the next month or so.

While all three of the new iPhones are capable of taking a charge of up to 15 watts via the Qi v1.2 specification, the iOS platform doesn’t support that raten of power transfer. In fact, it only supported 5W charging when originally launched in September.

Additionally, only some wireless chargers support 7.5W wireless charging. Here’s a list of Computerworld’s top 10 wireless chargers, most of which support the “fast charging” capability.

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