‘Far Cry 5’ is deeper than you think

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Far Cry 5 is the most socially relevant game in the series yet. This is the first time Ubisoft has brought the open world franchise to America — specifically, to the wilderness of Montana. But it's more than just another free for all shooter. The ga…
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‘Far Cry 5’ season pass takes you to Mars and Vietnam

It's almost time to head to Hope County, Montana. In addition to Far Cry 5's American vibes, there will be more to explore if you pony up for the game's season pass. The trio of adventures will have you battling the undead in "Dead Living Zombies," t…
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Contemplate life in ‘Far From Noise’ on PS4 November 14th

Next week sees the arrival of Far From Noise, a narrative game for PS4. The game takes place over a single day and night and during that time, your character is trapped in a car balancing on the edge of a cliff. As you rock back and forth over the ed…
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SoftBank’s Vision Fund is the biggest technology investment portfolio ever. This is where its $93 billion has gone so far.

Uber would be its biggest deal yet.

SoftBank seems like it’s everywhere in tech. That’s because its Vision Fund — an investment fund backed by sovereign nations Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as well as tech giants including Apple, Qualcomm and Sharp — has a lot of money to spend. Having raised $ 93 billion so far, it’s the largest technology investment fund ever.

Slack announced yesterday that it was receiving $ 250 million in a funding round led by the Japanese tech goliath’s Vision Fund. The fund has already extended money to WeWork, SoFi and Fanatics. Uber, the biggest startup in the U.S., could receive as much as $ 10 billion from the fund, making the ride-hailing company Vision Fund’s biggest beneficiary yet.

Here’s what we know so far about the value of investments and funding rounds led by SoftBank, according to its announcements and public disclosures.

Chart of SoftBank Vision Fund’s investments so far.

In the case of funding rounds, the Vision Fund isn’t on the hook for the entire amount but rather a sizable portion. Some of the deals (OneWeb, SoFi, Improbable, Nauto, ARM and OSIsoft) are intended for but are not yet officially part of the fund. Final deal values have not been disclosed.

And this is just the beginning. The Vision Fund hopes to raise a total of $ 100 billion that it will invest for up to five years after its final closing. Spending that much money will require massive investments — about $ 20 billion worth per year on average.

SoftBank is also investing plenty in technology outside of the Vision Fund, including investments in Uber competitor Didi Chuxing.

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