YouTube extends its ‘Dark Theme’ to Android and iOS

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Sometimes the best features come when tech companies let their programmers and designers play around a bit. That's certainly the case with YouTube's "Dark theme," which arrives today on on the Android and iOS versions of the app. The feature, which i…
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Gameloft’s ‘Dungeon Hunter Champions’ Extends Soft Launch and Opens Up Pre-Registration

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter series has an interesting history. Back in the days when Gameloft’s business model was “copy popular games from console/PC and put them on mobile” the first few entries in the Dungeon Hunter series were as close as we could get to having a loot-tastic dungeon crawler like Diablo on our mobile devices. As trends began to change so did the newer entries in the series, gaining more of the free to play and social elements that inhabited the most successful games on mobile. Now Gameloft is jumping in on the MOBA craze with their latest entry Dungeon Hunter Champions. Built around the familiar hack ‘n slash gameplay and loot collection, Dungeon Hunter Champions also includes a whopping 250 different champions to collect as well as 5v5 online multiplayer in addition to a solo campaign.

Strangely, Dungeon Hunter Champions was soft-launched in the Philippines way back in August of last year, when a thread was started in our forums. It didn’t illicit much of a response from our community, who all seemed to have a bit of Dungeon Hunter fatigue after the previous two outings. However, as of this week Gameloft is now “officially” announcing the game and extending the soft-launch into the Canadian and Vietnamese App Stores. Unlike some of Gameloft’s other soft launches, Dungeon Hunter Champions does not appear to be region locked (anymore), so if you want to jump in and play it early then load up one of your iTunes accounts in any of the soft launch regions. Otherwise head over to the official website to pre-register and earn some rewards for when the game launches globally, which as of right now there is no date set just yet.

iTunes App Store Soft Launch Link: Dungeon Hunter Champions, Free (by Gameloft)

Google Play Store Soft Launch Link: Dungeon Hunter Champions, Free (by Gameloft)


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Reliance Jio extends partnership with Samsung to deploy cellular IoT network across India

Back in February last year at the MWC, Samsung and Jio announced I&G (Infill & Growth) Project for Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd in India for LTE services upgrade across India by expanding both the current network capacity as well as network coverage. Today the companies have extended the relationship to further boost LTE network coverage and capacity, and deploy a next-generation cellular IoT network. The companies said that the partnership will bring LTE coverage 99 percent of the Indian population and significantly improve network capacity across the country. The IoT network will support a variety of consumer and enterprise use cases such as vehicle tracking, smart appliances, smart metering, security, surveillance and more. The NB-IoT service utilizes existing Jio’s spectrum and is enabled by a simple software upgrade of the already installed base stations. It also users new and dedicated Cellular IoT virtualized core. The commercial NB-IoT network has already been established by Jio and Samsung in Mumbai this month, and will roll out in other parts of the country soon. Commenting on the partnership, Jyotindra Thacker, President of Reliance Jio Infocomm, said: Making sure that everyone benefits from mobile broadband that is both available and affordable to all is our top priority. We will once …
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NEWSBYTE: Qualcomm extends portfolio to support IoT apps

Qualcomm has introduced the Snapdragon 820E embedded platform, a computing solution designed for enterprise IoT applications. Its Qualcomm Adreno 540 GPU and quad-core Kyro CPU will provide multicore processing for computer vision, virtual reality, and AI applications.

The Snapdragon 820E platform aims to bring Qualcomm Technologies’ expertise in mobile connectivity to the commercial IoT market. The new embedded platform is designed to support connected computing and provide the powerful, energy-efficient processing required to handle some of the latest technologies.

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Targeting next-gen IoT

With the ability to power computer vision, artificial intelligence, and immersive media, the target applications are broad. According to Qualcomm, they include “the next generation of IoT applications, such as virtual reality, digital signage, smart retail, robotics, and more.”

“We are excited to introduce the award-winning premium tier Snapdragon 820 platform series to our extended life embedded portfolio, helping innovators everywhere to create exciting and innovative IoT products,” said Jim Tran, senior vice president of product management, Qualcomm Technologies.

“The Snapdragon 820E is a powerful and versatile embedded platform that is designed to support both complex connected computing and immersive visual graphics, while providing the ultimate in performance and power efficiency that is ideal for small form factors and a wide variety of cutting-edge IoT applications.”

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820E embedded platform is being introduced to the market via third-party distributors, and initially through Arrow Electronics.

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Apple’s Decision to Delay Some New Features and Focus on Software Quality Extends to Mac

Apple’s reported plans to delay some features planned for iOS 12 until next year will similarly extend to the Mac, although to a lesser degree, according to Mark Gurman, reporting for Bloomberg News.

Gurman’s sources corroborate an earlier report from Ina Fried at Axios, which claimed that Apple’s software engineering chief Craig Federighi disclosed the revised plans during a meeting with employees earlier this month.

While the shift in strategy appears to extend to macOS, it reportedly will not affect the development cycles of watchOS or tvOS.

The company told its software engineering groups about the change this month, one of the people said. The shift will also affect this year’s update to Mac computer software, but to a lesser degree, the person said, adding that planned upgrades to Apple Watch and Apple TV software won’t be affected.

Apple’s plans to focus on the quality of its current software platforms will presumably result in a greater emphasis on bug fixes, performance improvements, and the general stability of its operating systems.

The shift in strategy follows a few embarrassing mishaps for Apple in recent months, including a major security vulnerability that enabled access to the root superuser account with a blank password on macOS High Sierra version 10.13.1. Apple promptly fixed the critical bug in a security update.

Just weeks later, MacRumors was alerted to a security flaw in macOS High Sierra version 10.13.2 that allowed the App Store menu in System Preferences to be unlocked with any password. While this bug was much less serious, it was still system behavior that obviously shouldn’t have been possible.

Apple had a similar shift in strategy in 2015 with the release of iOS 9, and with some other macOS updates in recent years, according to the report, so this isn’t Apple’s first time doubling down on the polish of its software.

The report also corroborates that Apple was planning a redesigned grid of app icons on the home screen in iOS 12, but that change is now delayed until 2019 along with expanded photo management capabilities. There’s also word of a multiplayer mode for augmented reality games, but it’s unclear when it’ll be ready.

Gurman still expects some smaller improvements to the Photos app to roll out in 2018, while the original report by Fried mentioned enhancements to the Health app and parental controls are still planned for release this year.

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Fitbit extends support for Pebble watches until June 30th

If you're still holding on to your Pebble smartwatch for dear life, we have good news: you won't have to let go for a while longer. Fitbit has extended its support for Pebble services from the original end-of-2017 cutoff to June 30th, 2018. You now…
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Intel says memory security issue extends beyond its own chips

That major security flaw attributed to Intel chips might not be so Intel-specific after all. After hours of silence, Intel has posted a response denying some of the claims about the exploit, which is believed to revolve around identifying content in…
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FCC extends waiver for video game accessibility for the last time

The idea behind 2010's 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) is to make sure that federal accessibility laws created in the '80s and '90s were updated to include new digital and communications technologies. The part of the Ac…
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BlackBerry extends support for BB10 and BBOS to 2019, ends support for BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry has announced that it is extending support for BB10 and BBOS up to 2019 and the company also said that it will soon introduce a new trade-up program which will offer significant discounts and incentive for current BlackBerry users to upgrade to a new BlackBerry device. While the company will support BB10 and BBOS till 2019, the … Continue reading “BlackBerry extends support for BB10 and BBOS to 2019, ends support for BlackBerry Priv”
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