As women in tech gain experience, their pay gap with men gets worse

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On average, women are offered 4 percent less than men for the same job at the same company.

The pay disparity between women and men is often framed as a difference in experience. But women actually miss out on pay as they gain experience, according to new data from tech job platform Hired.

Within the first two years of working in a tech job, women in the U.S. ask for and receive 98 percent of what their male counterparts make in the same job at the same company, according to the report.

Over time, that disparity grows.

On average, women with seven to 10 years of experience, for example, ask for about 90 cents on the dollar and are offered slightly more — 93 cents for every dollar a man is offered. Women with 13 to 14 years of experience ask for 94 cents for every dollar and receive just 92 cents.

There are a number of reasons for this gap beyond simply asking for less and in turn receiving less. Entry-level jobs usually have more clear-cut salary data, so men and women alike know what a specific position is worth. As job candidates advance in their careers, data on a position’s salary becomes spottier, and raises and promotions are not dealt out equally between men and women.

Exacerbating this is the fact that salary requests tend to be based on current salary. That means that if, say, a woman doesn’t receive the same promotions and raises as her male counterparts, she will ask for less than men in each subsequent position, compounding the salary disparity over time.

Additionally, as women get older, they’re also more likely to have children, which is also linked to lower salaries.

The situation is worse for women of color or those who identify as LGBTQ.

Black and Latina women in tech make 90 cents for every dollar a white man makes. That’s a marked improvement over last year but the gulf is still substantial.

Overall, the study found that, in the U.S., men are offered higher salaries than women for the same position 63 percent of the time. It also found that companies offer women 4 percent less than men for the same role, on average. This is basically the same as last year’s findings.

Salary data reflects base pay only and is drawn from a sample of 420,000 interview requests and job offers among 10,000 participating companies and about 98,000 job candidates. Demographics data is self-reported. Hired job seekers set a preferred salary, and companies have to include compensation information for every interview request.

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5 Unexpected Ways Apple’s ARKit Is Changing the Customer Experience Across Industries

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Apple’s ARKit has great implications for e-commerce. It’s the next best thing to literally trying before you buy, and you can do it anywhere you have your iPhone with you. Thanks to AR, consumers get a better feel for products before purchasing, increasing cart checkout totals and reducing returns.

But the capabilities of AR promise big things for other industries, too. Here are five surprising ARKit applications that are changing the customer experience for the better.

1. Car Showrooms

Thanks to e-commerce and review sites, the car industry has been slowly shifting to be more customer friendly.

Augmented created a virtual showroom experience of a Mercedes sedan using ARKit. Users can walk around the car, open and close doors, and try out different paint colors, allowing them to get a feel for the car without having a pushy salesman breathing down their shoulder.


Once they choose a model and color, users can take it for a test drive with Vincenzo, and imagine what the car would look like parked next to their apartment building.


2. Ordering Food

Alper Guler of Kabaq Food Technologies created a food ordering app that helps users envision ordering food at a restaurant.


It’s easy to apply the same technology to food delivery and meal kit services like Blue Apron. If consumers can imagine what the finished meal will look like on their table at home, they might be more quick to order or subscribe.

3. Event Marketing

At Disney’s D23 expo this summer, Steve Lukas dropped a “live” Mickey Mouse in front of the conference entrance.


Companies can do something similar to enhance their brand presence at events, creating a virtual game or scavenger hunt experience to direct attendees their way.

4. Online Tutorials

Whether they’re hardcore DIYers or just want to take on a new craft project, one thing that gives customers pause is whether they’ll be able to actually assemble the final advertised product. Online tutorial videos exploded in recent years to help address this problem.

AR transfers the tutorial from YouTube to your very own craft table or garage, helping you put the product together yourself. Artists can gain inspiration from AR experiences like this one, which shows a friendly blob creature drawing a flower according to your command:


5. Product Promotion

From logo decals to product samples, companies are always thinking up new ways to give you freebies along with what you purchased. AR unlocks yet another freebie option, allowing customers to bring the brand to life in their own home. For example, upcoming DVD releases of Star Wards might come with an AR version of BB-8 to watch the film alongside the purchaser:


Alternately, brands can delight customers and cement their loyalty by doing crazy things with their product, like raining endless cans of La Croix down on the floor:



ARKit will come to all iPhones this fall. Until then, stay up to date with the latest ARKit developments by following MadeWithARKit, a Twitter account and blog showcasing the best submissions so far.

Michael Quoc is the founder & CEO of Dealspotr, an open shopping platform bringing together up-and-coming brands, influencers, and savvy shoppers around today’s best deals. He was previously the Director of Product Management for Yahoo’s media lab, spearheading the launch of several innovative live video and mobile social networking services. Michael has been awarded nine patents relating to mobile and social network applications and technology. Follow him on Twitter at @michaelquoc.

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Google Play improves audiobook listening experience, including Smart Resume and speed controls

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Audiobooks have only been available on Google Play for barely two months, but Google is already working hard on improving the experience. In a blog post today, Google revealed a few of the new features and improvements it has been adding to make it even more enjoyable to listen to an audiobook with Google Play, whether on the app or through Google Assistant.

With ‘Smart Resume,’ playback will now intelligently resume a few moments before where an audiobook was paused.

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Google Play improves audiobook listening experience, including Smart Resume and speed controls was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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InMobi, GeoEdge to Regulate Ad Quality Standards and Improve User Experience

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InMobi, a global independent mobile advertising platform, recently confirmed a partnership with GeoEdge, a leading provider of ad security and verification solutions for the mobile advertising ecosystem.

Together, the partners will work “to ensure high ad quality and a clean marketplace that offers a safe and engaging user experience.”

The mobile advertising industry is battling several challenges around ad quality with a rise in auto-redirect, auto pop-up and other malicious ads appearing over the past year. InMobi and GeoEdge have independently worked tirelessly to ensure the mobile apps are safe and free of malicious ads that may otherwise damage the user experience, or negatively impact the trust between publishers and their audiences.

This partnership emphasizes InMobi’s continued investment in its machine learning based real-time solutions with partners such as GeoEdge, with its rapid independent review, to bolster all defenses against ad quality issues.

GeoEdge’s technology is integrated with InMobi to ensure that every single creative meets the ad quality guidelines established by the publishers, removing any that don’t, and to guarantee a positive end user experience.

“InMobi has a reputation of creating award-winning ads that users want to see, and we have invested heavily in this area to create a seamless user experience that will also benefit our publisher partners,” said Abhay Singhal, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at InMobi. “While every player in the industry is eager to ensure buyers are shielded from the sell side fraud, we don’t want to forget our trusted partners on the sell side. By deploying GeoEdge, we are fully committed to solving this trust-eroding issue that affects the whole ecosystem.”

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Snapchat’s new Explore feature makes Maps a social experience

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Snapchat recently announced it would be updating Snap Map to bring you notifications of what your friends (and Snapchat itself) are up to. This is one of Snapchat’s steps towards becoming more of a social network, as opposed to a person-to-person photo-sharing app. As reported by The Verge, you will now see a feed of updates on your Snap Map, showing what friends have been up to as well as major stories breaking across the map. You can keep up with your friends and community in a way separate from the Stories — which are quickly being surpassed by Instagram Stories…

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Apple Store App Gains Major Update With Refreshed Design, Sessions Tab, and ‘More Personal’ In-Store Experience

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Apple today updated its Apple Store app, introducing new design changes and improvements to its dedicated iOS portal for purchasing Apple products both online and in retail Apple Stores.

Version 5.0 of the new Apple Store app includes what Apple describes as a “more personal, relevant in-store experience” with product and session recommendations, in-stock notices for products marked as favorites, and the option to scan and buy accessories right from the iPhone.

There’s a new sessions tab, which is designed to allow users to find daily Apple Store sessions covering photography, music, and more, along with sessions based on owned products.

A revamped section for orders allows users to view invoices, edit shipping details and engraving messages, and cancel an individual item in an order that includes multiple items.

Apple says the app also offers a “better look” at the savings that customers can get when purchasing refurbished products.

What’s New:
– Unlock a more personal, relevant in-store experience. Get product and session recommendations, see Favorites in stock, and scan and buy accessories right from your iPhone.
– With the Sessions tab, find daily sessions on photography, music, and more to take your creativity further. You can also choose a session based on products you already own.
– Manage your orders in more ways. Now view invoices, edit shipping details and engraving messages, or cancel an individual item in your order.
– Get a better look at the savings that come with buying refurbished products.
– Discover design updates and improvements throughout the app.

The Apple Store app can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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Fortnite vs PUBG: Which 100-player battle is the best mobile gaming experience?

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The Fortnite vs PUBG debate has been around for a long time, but now the competition has moved to mobile — who comes out on top?

With the launch of Fortnite and PUBG Mobile on iOS, the ongoing debate on which one is better has made its way to the mobile gaming world. Both games have attempted to do something awesome — bring an AAA console experience to the mobile gamer, but which one has done a better job?

Rather than try to answer which game is the better game, I’m far more interested in what game gives you the better mobile experience. Here are my thoughts on how Fortnite and PUBG Mobile stack up on delivering a solid mobile experience.


Verdict: Tied

As both Fortnite and PUBG Mobile were announced, one of my very first thoughts was how great it would be to play a console game on my iPhone with my MFi gamepad. Unfortunately, as of right now, both Fortnite and PUBG Mobile aren’t compatible with MFi controllers, and you’re stuck using the on-screen controls provided for both games.

The good news is the on-screen controls are excellent in both games. The dual-stick controls are responsive, feel natural, and are simple enough to give you the ability to do everything you could want to do comfortably. While a gamepad would offer you the ability to be more precise, I have been super impressed with how both games have implemented a control-scheme that works so beautifully.

Mobile-friendly additions


Even though both games are easy to control, I think Fornite does a better job at adding gameplay details that make the game mobile-friendly.

It’s not that PUBG Mobile didn’t add things to the make the game run a little smoother on a smaller screen. Some of the additions PUBG put in are fantastic. The mobile version made it way easier to pick up items, manage your inventory, and use healing items (which is huge), but in the end, Fortnite added the sound indicators, and that’s why I think it wins this category.

How often do you play mobile games with the sound off? In games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, where hearing player footsteps and gunshot echoes give you a considerable advantage, playing without sound could be a miserable experience. Epic Games came up with an incredibly clever way to mitigate this issue in Fortnite— sound indicators.

You’ll see sound indicators pop up on the screen whenever someone shoots a weapon or moves around. These indicators can help you figure out which way the sound is coming from as well as indicate how close those noises are to your present location. It’s a smart way to make the game playable without sound if you want or need to, embracing the heart of what mobile gaming is all about: taking your games with you wherever you roam.

Playing with friends

Verdict: PUBG Mobile

When it comes to picking up a game to play with friends, I believe PUBG Mobile does it better for two main reasons; availability and voice chat.

PUBG Mobile is available worldwide, which means if you can your friends want to play PUBG Mobile together, all you have to do is download the game. On top of its more widespread availability, it also launched with voice chat enabled so you can talk with your squad members and plan what you’re going to do. Communication in Squad and Duo modes is paramount to success, and PUBG Mobile gives you the ability to be successful every match.

There’s no doubt that the cross-platform multiplayer capabilities of Fortnite are impressive, but without being able to talk to your teammates, Squad mode is more frustrating than fun.

Gameplay on-the-go

Verdict: Fortnite

Over the past week I have played both Fortnite and PUBG Mobile in multiple locations that have offered different signal strengths for LTE and various speeds of Wi-Fi, and by a hair, Fortnite has performed better than PUBG in spotty conditions.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you’re playing at home and connected to a good Wi-Fi network, both games run smooth as butter, and you’ll likely see no problems; however, when you take the game on the go, PUBG Mobile struggles a bit more when reception gets spotty.

It’s pretty minimal, and your mileage will vary depending on a lot of factors, but in my personal experience, Fornite ran a little smoother when it was on the go.

Which offers a better mobile experience overall?

Fortnite for solo play and PUBG Mobile multiplayer

I can already hear you screaming at your screen telling me to pick one or the other, but in reality, both games are great and currently excel at different things.

Epic Games went above and beyond porting Fornite for the mobile space and allowing you to play the game when you want and how you want. On a noisy and crowded bus without headphones? Don’t worry; the sound indicators have you covered.

Where PUBG Mobile shines is playing with your friends. The game is out worldwide, meaning you can play with iOS players all over the world, so you and your buddies can team up pretty easily. Nobody is stuck waiting for an invite code, and everyone can get in on the fun. Plus, you can use voice chat with PUBG Mobile which makes playing the Duo and Squad modes enjoyable rather than frustrating.

In the end, both games have done a fantastic job in taking a triple-A console experience and bringing it to the small screen, and it’s probably best to play both games and see what one you like the best!

What are your opinions on Fortnite and PUBG Mobile?

Let me know what you think of the games in the comments down below!

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Google improves Play Music experience on Wear OS, adds shuffle functionality

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Google rebranded Android Wear as Wear OS last week, but the change didn’t bring any new features with it. The reason behind the rebranding wasn’t stated explicitly, but it may be that Google wants to make the wearable operating system seem more platform agnostic — last year, one in every three new Android Wear watch owners also used an iPhone, so dropping the ‘Android’ from the name of the platform might help even more people realize that Wear works with iOS devices, too.

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Google improves Play Music experience on Wear OS, adds shuffle functionality was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Top 5 Apps to enhance the WhatsApp experience

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WhatsApp has taken over traditional SMS messaging in past few years and it has become the primary messaging app for most of the smartphone users, and with the launch of WhatsApp Business service providers and businesses are also ditching traditional messaging to share information with customers. In this post, we will tell you about 5 different apps which can enhance your WhatsApp experience. 1.Stash – Junk Photo & Video Cleaner: We all are parts of many groups on WhatsApp, and we all get those viral videos again and again in different groups. Even people send Good Morning, Good Night images/GIFs as well, and with every passing day, the spam on the phone storage keeps on increasing. Deleting this spam manually to keep the phone clean becomes a tedious task for most of us, and that’s where Stash comes to help. This app uses machine learning to detect the WhatsApp media spam on your device and helps in detecting junk images and junk videos stored on the device. The app is also capable of detecting duplicate images on the device, this app also has an option called Whatsapp Feed which shows the viral content based on user preference. 2. Chat on …
Fone Arena
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HomeKit experience on display at London’s John Lewis grand opening

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Article Image

London Retailer John Lewis has opened a massive 230,000 square foot retail location with a dedicated Apple HomeKit display in the Westfield London shopping center.
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