GDC 2018: Highly-Anticipated ‘Exiles of Embermark’ Continues to Look Fantastic

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Since its original announcement in early 2016, we’ve been following along with the development of PvP battling game Exiles of Embermark from developer Gunslinger Studios with great interest. Whenever a game’s development runs multiple years it’s pretty inevitable that we see it at multiple GDCs, and Exiles of Embermark is no exception. This is now our third GDC in a row meeting up with Gunslinger to check out the progress on the game, and each year it continues to look even more polished and more promising. Would I like the dang game to release already? Heck yes! But I also can see their vision for Exiles and would never want them to rush the process. So, without further ado check out our latest lengthy look at Exiles of Embermark and look for a closed testing phase to start up sometime later this year with a tentative release window of early 2019.


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‘Wargaming Mobile’ to Publish ‘Exiles of Embermark’ and More Mobile Combat RPGs from Gunslinger Studios

Gunslinger Studios’ Exiles of Embermark is easily one of my most anticipated games of 2018, and I was happy to hear that Wargaming Mobile, the newly formed division within the behemoth that is, will publish this very promising game as well as other mobile combat RPG games from the developer. Wargaming Mobile sees Exiles as a great mobile game for those who enjoy quick experiences on the go and is probably also looking at the eSports capabilities of titles like Exiles and other similar head-to-head mobile experiences. I’m glad to see that Exiles found a strong partner that will ensure the game gets the proper exposure.

Exiles of Embermark, in case you haven’t read any of our many articles on the upcoming game, is a fast-paced mobile RPG with plenty of PvE and PvP content and a battle system that looks deep enough to be challenging and accessible enough to be welcoming. Players will join one of the many Houses and influence the world of Exiles through their actions. The game has a ton of fun features that you can learn about over at our forum thread. Hopefully Exiles will come to our phones soon.


‘Exiles of Embermark’ Expanding PvE and PvP, Game Can’t Release Soon Enough

We’ve been keeping a very close eye on Exiles of Embermark because it’s shaping up to be a great mobile game, and I’m putting emphasis on mobile here since it really feels like it’s being designed with the strengths of the platform in mind. A recent developer blog post revealed some very fun new features that should make the game stand out even more. For instance, when you take out bosses, you can literally turn them into armor: imagine a wolf-pelt armor across your shoulders. That’s a pretty fun idea and fits with the game’s goal of making your victories and achievement matter as more than just statistics. The game is also adding PvP Rank System, which sounds very similar to Hearthstone‘s in terms of Rank levels. The game is also adding difficulty levels that should help with PvE replayability: the harder the level, the more the rewards, of course.

The game has also been overhauling the actual gameplay with the purpose of adding more varied Abilities and gameplay modes to increase the kinds of situations you’ll have to adapt to. Now each player will have 8 Abilities instead of 4, which—along with some other changes—has added depth to the battles without becoming too complex. Along with making these changes, the developers have altered the UI to better fit the current state of the game, and all these changes are now coming online. The developer blog has many more details about the game, and I think I speak for everyone when I say I can’t wait to get this game in my hands. Hop over to our forum thread for more on Exiles of Embermark.


‘Bound’, the Storytelling App ‘Exiles of Embermark’ Will Use, Has Soft-Launched in the US and Canada

A ton of our forum users are anxiously waiting for Exiles of Embermark to release, but, unfortunately, no news on that front yet. However, Bound, the app the Exiles will use for its narrative, has soft-launched in the US and Canada, and even though the Exiles material isn’t released yet, it does come with exclusive content from Neal Stephenson, a bona fide sci-fi legend. If you haven’t read our earlier story on Bound, it’s a storytelling app that combines serialized prose, art and audio, as well as community features from some great sci-fi, fantasy, and thriller writers.

The developers of Bound are hoping the app will offer mobile users a new way to experience and interact with stories, and the Exiles‘ developers are hoping that this app will satiate those players looking for more narrative depth in Exiles of Embermark. And if you decide to check out the app, you can download the first two episodes of Stephenson’s The D.O.D.O Files for free, with the rest coming on a weekly basis.