Apple Shares Two New iPad Tutorials and Launches a Website ‘to do Even More With iPad’

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Apple’s newest iPad, a 9.7-inch option, went on sale last week, and, as such, Apple is starting to publish video tutorials on what to expect with the newest tablet that supports the Apple Pencil. Continue reading
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Scan even more efficiently with Scanbot 7

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The newest version of Scanbot includes filter adjustments, scan merging capabilities, and improved search tools, giving it a leg up on Apple’s native scanning app.

In its first update since Apple introduces its native document scanning app in Notes, Scanbot is offering more features than ever.

For those of you unfamiliar with Scanbot, it’s an award-winning scanner app that allows you to create high-quality scans of documents, receipts, sketchbooks, QR codes, and more. Once you’ve scanned them in, you can then turn them into tidy PDFs or JPGs which you can perfect with filters and upload immediately Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, or wherever else you keep your files. Scanbot 7, released today, takes this concept and builds upon it even more than in previous iterations of the app, giving you even more control over your scans.

Now, when you apply one of Scanbot’s five enhancement filters to a scanned document, you can meticulously adjust them so they’re the of highest quality possible. Each filter has three sliders that allow you to fine-tune the brightness, color, and contrast of your document to make sure everything is visible and clear. If you’ve ever received a poorly-scanned, washed out handout in school that obscured parts of the text you were supposed to read for homework, then you know just how important it is to have the ability to account for differences in the documents you’re trying to capture.

In addition to filter adjustments, Scanbot 7 now lets you string existing scans together into one cohesive PDF easily and efficiently without ever having to leave the app. This feature, called Merge, is incredibly handy for when you’re scanning documents with multiple pages or if you want to create a “booklet” (so to speak) of information from different sources. You can even rearrange the order of the documents to best fit your needs. Once you’ve selected all the scans you’d like to join together, you can choose to replace the originals with the now-merged PDF or save the merged version as an entirely new file while keeping the original scans as well.

Finally, Scanbot’s search feature has been updated for Scanbot 7, and now features search suggestions so that you can find what you’re looking for more quickly than ever before. The devs also added a handful of new interface theme options like High Contrast that feature pure white and pure black, taking full advantage of the iPhone X’s gorgeous OLED display.

If you’re looking for a more full-featured scanning app than the one that comes with Notes, you can download Scanbot for free by tapping on the link above. And, if you decide you dig it, you can upgrade Scanbot Pro for $ 6.99.


Are you a fan of Scanbot? Share your experiences with the app in the comments!

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Newly-revealed 2016 internal memo says Facebook growth justified even if it kills someone

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A memo written in 2016 has just come to light in which a Facebook VP argues that ‘questionable’ and deceptive tactics to grow the platform are justified – even if they cost someone their life.

The memo was written by one of Facebook’s longest-serving execs, Andrew “Boz” Bosworth …



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iWork update makes it an even better fit for use with the Apple Pencil

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Apple has announced an updated version of iWork alongside the new iPad at its education event. The new suite of apps has been designed to take better advantage of the Apple Pencil. For starters, users will now be able to draw, sketch or write with the Apple Pencil directly in any of the three iWork apps — Pages, Numbers and Keynote. New tools have been added to make it easy to make drawings, illustrations and diagrams within these apps. A new feature called Smart Annotation has been introduced, currently in beta. With this, the user can annotate text in a document by adding… – Latest articles

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This UN Tracker Shows That Even Far-Fetched Voluntary Pledges Actually Make a Difference

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The 17 goals of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are so broad and ambitious that they seem almost ludicrous.

For example: the signatories want poverty “to end in all its forms everywhere” by 2030. Sure.

Plus, countries can agree they will do their best to meet these goals, from reducing inequality to taking urgent action against climate change, but at the end of the day they’re all voluntary anyway. Let’s be real, it’s very unlikely this is going to happen as soon as 2030 (or ever, cynics may argue).

So why make these goals, and commit to them, in the first place?

The Our World in Data initiative set out to answer this question. Its SDG Tracker collects data from official sources, such as the UN and the World Bank, and organizes them in maps and charts to help us track the progress (or regress) towards each goal. It incorporates contemporary data as well as the Millennium Development Goals, predecessors of the SDGs, have achieved.

Some indicators show an unfortunate trend — the number of deaths from road accidents, for example, increased between 1990 and 2015. But things have improved in a number of key areas, from maternal and child mortality to deaths from HIV/AIDS. The number of people in extreme poverty dropped from from 2.2 billion in 1970 to 705.55 million in 2015.

Overall that tool shows us something critical about these voluntary, unrealistic goals: it shows they work. Lives of people around the world are better because of them.

That could mean that similar agreements could have their intended effect, too. The Paris Agreement, for example, is also voluntary. Though some argue that these commitments are nowhere near enough to save the climate, governments and corporations are now taking action in a way that seemed impossible before the deal.

This works because these voluntary schemes focus on the implementation of measures on the ground. The Montreal Protocol  the voluntary international agreement that reduced the number of CFCs entering the atmosphere  thousands of experts deployed to individual cities to help countries as a whole move away from CFCs.

The SDGs and the Paris Agreement work similarly, engaging businesses and administrations at the local level.

If that sounds boring, think of what it’s achieved so far: Protecting the ozone layer may have avoided as much as 2 million skin cancer cases, and while global population has more than doubled since the 1970s, extreme poverty has been cut in half. International voluntary pacts may seem just abstract PR, but the data shows that they may be the way to go if we want a better world.

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The Galaxy S9+ you can’t buy is even faster than the iPhone X in real-life speed tests

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Galaxy S9 Plus vs. iPhone X Speed Test

The Galaxy S9 hit stores a few weeks ago, and that’s when the first reviews and comparisons with iPhone X popped up on YouTube, including the real-life speed tests that we were all expecting.

In one such video, we got to see the Snapdragon 845-powered Galaxy S9+ defeat the iPhone X in a regular speed test thanks to the extra bump in memory. It turns out that the Galaxy S9+ version you can’t buy in North America, the one that has an Exynos 9810 chip inside, is actually much faster than the iPhone X.

On paper, the iPhone X’s A11 wipes the floor with both the Snapdragon 845 and Exynos 9810 chips. There’s no question about it. But in these real-life tests, it’s the Galaxy S9+ that comes on top.

In the first EverythingApplePro clip, the Galaxy S9+ completed the two app-loading laps faster than the iPhone X. That’s even though the iPhone X won the first round thanks to its speed at processing 4K videos.

In case you’re not familiar with these speed tests, we’re looking at two phones that have the same app setup. Each phone has to load the same sequence of apps twice. The first lap measures how fast each phone goes through that particular app selection. The second lap then measures how fast each app opens from memory.

In the second video, available at the end of this post, the Exynos 9810 chip outperforms the A11 in the same 4K processing test, which means the Galaxy S9+ wins both laps. That effectively makes it the first Android phone to beat the iPhone in both tests, according to EverythingApplePro.

That said, the Snapdragon 845 is even faster than the Exynos 9810 when it comes to opening individual apps. It’s just that Samsung’s own processor seems to handle 4K clips better than Qualcomm’s chip. Watch the full video below, which include comparisons of boot speed, biometrics authentication speed, benchmarks, and wireless speeds.

Apple – BGR

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Review: These two ultra-rugged phones can survive even the clumsiest of owners

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Imagine if someone extracted and condensed the sheer rugged bad-assery of 24’s Jack Bauer, and put it into a phone. Two phones, actually. Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the opportunity to play around with two ultra-rugged handsets: the Aermoo M1 and the Blackview 9000 Pro. These phones are like nothing you’ll see at your local Best Buy. For starters, they’re intended for a more niche audience of adventurers, construction workers, and anyone who spends time in the great outdoors. And when I say ultra-rugged, I mean it. They’re designed from the outset to be rough-and-tough. That means…

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Elon Musk deletes Facebook pages he didn’t even know he had

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Elon Musk has jumped on the #deletefacebook train, deleting the pages for SpaceX and Tesla from the disgraced social media site and erasing their millions-strong followings. In case you’ve been living in seclusion for the last week or so, Facebook has found itself embroiled in a scandal involving a data analysis firm that is quickly becoming one of the messiest kerfuffles in the site’s history. If you want to know the essential details and how it effects you, read Bryan’s breakdown. In response, the hashtag #deletefacebook has started trending on Twitter. Musk originally joined the conversation with a snarky response…

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Hints For Making Your IPad Even Better

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So you’ve just bought a new iPad, and you want to know how to use it with all its apps and gadgets. Great! There is much to know, so consider the following helpful advice when it comes to getting started. You will be using it for everything in no time at all.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that iPads are only useful if you are into gaming or entertainment. There is really an application for anything you can possibly imagine. This includes home organization apps like personal budgets as well as recipe books, calculators, and anything else you can possibly imagine.

Buy a good-quality case and screen protector for your iPad. You probably paid a lot of money for your iPad, so you need to ensure that you keep it protected against damage. A good-quality case will protect your iPad from minor accidental falls, while a screen protector will stop the screen from getting scratched.

Keep your apps organized with the folder feature. The newest version of iOS allows users to create folders. To do this, tap and hold an app’s icon until it starts to move or jiggle. Then, drag the app until it is hovering over another app that you want in the same folder. Now just release. The iPad will automatically create a folder with both app icons inside.

Fed up with being asked to join different Wi-Fi networks? There is an easy way to fix this issue in the Wi-Fi Settings. Simply turn off the Ask to Join settings. You will still be able to join networks; however, you will need to go to Wi-Fi settings and join from there.

Keep an eye on the amount of downloadable space available on your iPad. After a few years of using an iPad many people find that they go to download something they want only to find that they do not have space available. Remove unwanted apps and music from time to time so this does not happen to you.

Are you constantly annoyed by the AutoCorrect on your iPad? Try this trick in the future. After you finish typing your word, tap on it in the suggestion’s area. That will ensure that you get what you typed instead of the AutoCorrect suggested word that automatically gets inserted when you hit a space.

If the battery in your iPad is fully depleted, charge it as quickly as possible. Storing the device for long periods of time with a dead battery can affect its ability to hold a charge in the future. Once per month, allow the battery to run down completely before charging it to 100 percent.

Open new pages with tabs in order to keep them open. If you are using Safari, tap and hold down the link and wait until a menu pops up. Here, you can choose to open the link in a tab.

A neat feature in Safari on the iPad is the quick scroll. Many people do not know about this and waste time scrolling by hand up the page to get back to the beginning. All you have to do to get back to the top of any page is to tap on the title window at the top.

Would you like your iPad to display a slideshow of all your pictures when it is not in use? This is easy to do. After you lock the screen, you will see a picture icon appear in the bottom right corner. Simply touch this icon, and the iPad will start the slideshow.

The iPad is a wonderfully portable device, but always be sure to store it correctly. Keep your iPad away from excessive heat or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Heat and sunlight can seriously diminish your battery life, and thereby decrease the amount of time you can use your iPad before you have to plug it in.

Use the hidden apostrophe on the virtual keyboard’s first screen instead of navigating to the second screen. Simply hold down on the exclamation mark key. A hidden apostrophe option then appears. Slide your finger up to select it. This shortcut comes in handy for typing emails and other messages.

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a frozen iPad, don’t worry. Apple built in a hidden reset function to the device. All you need to do is hold the home button while holding the power button. This will do a hard reset that should work even when frozen.

While you may be tempted to hack your device to add extra applications to it, you should really think twice. The official store has thousands of legit applications, and once you unlock your device you may lose support from the official Apple store. Think carefully about doing something like this!

Never store your iPad with a dead battery. Storing the device with a battery that is completely drained can essentially kill the battery and make the device useless until that battery is replaced. Store your device with at least a small charge, and always make sure to charge your battery before it is completely drained.

If you have personal information stored on your iPad, it is important to make sure you have it backed up in case your iPad is lost or stolen. Set up your iPad so that it will erase data in the event that a criminal attempts to access it. Look for Password Lock in the Settings menu, and have it set to erase all data when your password is entered incorrectly 10 times.

There are a few easy ways to extend the life of your iPad’s battery. Don’t let it get too hot. And when possible, reduce the brightness of the screen. Airplane mode is perfect for times that don’t require Internet access. Turning Push off helps tremendously, too. Then just check calendars and email manually.

Your iPad is going to be your friend when it comes to both entertainment and business. It can do so many different things, and it’s time you started reaping the benefits. Make sure you continue to learn more information, as many more companies continue to cater to the iPad crowd daily.

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Google will start earning even more money from your shopping searches

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Google already earns revenue when you search for anything using its service and see ads, but it’s now turning shoppers’ queries into an even bigger money-spinner. Reuters reports that the company is partnering with major retailers like Target Walmart, Home Depot, and Costco to let them list their products in search results when you enter a query like, “Where can I buy this?” The move to launch a partnership program arose from the millions of image searches people conducted using Google’s engine, which included pictures of products and questions about how to buy them. As part of this initiative, retailers…

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