Toyota’s Modular Vehicles Are an Entire Ecosystem on Wheels

Each of Toyota’s e-Palette modular vehicles can be outfitted to serve a certain purpose, mobilizing aspects of the economy that were previously immobile.

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Simogo’s Entire Mobile Library Now Supports the iPhone X Screen

This has been a somewhat harrowing saga as we’ve followed along with Simogo as they’ve updated their entire mobile games library not once but TWICE in the past 6 months; first to be fully 64-bit compatible for the arrival of iOS 11 in September, and now to be fully supporting the entire screen of the iPhone X which launched in early November. Today that saga comes to an end (for now!) as their original trilogy of iOS games Beat Sneak Bandit [$ 2.99], Bumpy Road [$ 2.99], and Kosmo Spin [$ 2.99] have all received iPhone X updates. They join SPL-T [$ 2.99], Device 6 [$ 3.99], The Sailor’s Dream [$ 3.99], and Year Walk [$ 3.99] which have all received iPhone X updates over the course of the last few weeks.

Simogo has not been shy about what a pain in the rear these updates have been for their tiny two-person studio. I think they were annoyed by the 64-bit requirement but were at least willing to update their games to keep them living on for their customers, but when the new screen size of the iPhone X came just a couple of months later it was just a double whammy of annoyance. Not only that, but being just two people meant that the grunt work of compatibility updates to existing games has prevented them from working on their brand new game which they first announced last year. Earlier this week Simogo penned a blog post outlining all of this, and stated that at least for the time being their development efforts and their new game will only be targeting consoles and not mobile. It’s a very sad thing for someone like me who has been loving Simogo’s stuff since the beginning, but it’s also totally understandable. Hopefully things work out and we’ll be seeing more Simogo stuff on mobile at some point in the future, but at the very least I’d like them to know I truly appreciate these updates for their existing mobile games and I really doubt I’m alone in that.


Twitter will now let you publish an entire tweetstorm all at once

Rant away!

Twitter’s reputation as a place for quick, pithy thoughts took another blow on Tuesday: The company rolled out a new feature that will make it easier for users to send a bunch of connected tweets at one time — often referred to as a tweetstorm.


Now users can write multiple tweets and Twitter will automatically thread them together and publish them in unison. It means that people can essentially post longer thoughts than Twitter’s already-expanded 280-character limit allows.

Twitter will also label threads with a “show this thread” icon so people know there is more to read. The company has been testing a product like this for months, but just launched it to everyone on Tuesday.

Tweetstorms have been around for years — venture capitalist Marc Andreessen was perhaps the first well-known person to utilize them — but they have always been a pain to create. They required users to publish each tweet in a thread one by one, which took time and could get complicated, depending on how long the tweetstorm was.

The new feature should make sending a thread of tweets much simpler, meaning more people will actually do it. Twitter’s belief is that longer posts, not shorter ones, perform better on Twitter. When the company doubled the length of a tweet last month, Twitter claimed that longer posts resulted in more engagement. (BuzzFeed found the same.)

So more tweetstorms, theoretically, should mean more engagement for Twitter.

It’s not clear what took Twitter such a long time to launch a feature like this. Again, tweetstorms have been around for years, and even Twitter executives use them regularly. But Twitter was slow to ship longer tweets out of fear that users would reject them, so it’s likely that when Twitter execs finally warmed up to the idea of longer posts, a tweetstorm product sounded like a good idea, too.

The update should be live to users on iOS, Android and in “the coming weeks,” the company wrote on its blog.

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Heads-Up: The Entire ‘Ace Attorney’ Series is Currently On Sale

The surprise release of Ace Attorney Investigations last week caps off a strong push by Capcom over the last couple of years to get just about every entry in the series onto mobile devices. The mobile ports have been excellent, offering crisp, high-resolution versions of the DS and 3DS cult hits. On top of that, they’ve been coming frequently enough that you might find yourself falling a little behind on picking them up, in fact. If that’s you, you’re in luck. To celebrate the release of the latest game, Capcom has cut the price of every last Ace Attorney game on the App Store and Google Play. This limited time sale is your chance to catch up on these great courtroom adventure games.

If you’re using Google Play with an Android device, it’s simple enough. All four of the titles available on Android have had their up-front price tag reduced to $ 11.99. On iOS, the games are sold with a slightly different structure. They usually charge $ 0.99 for the first episode, then sell the rest of the episodes a la carte or in one big package through IAP. What Capcom has done for this sale is to drop the initial episode’s price to free, and reduced the cost of the IAP to unlock the full game for each. Prices are as follows, in US dollars:

  • Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD [Free] (Full Unlock $ 9.99)
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)
  • Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth [Free] (Full Unlock $ 11.99)

Those are really great prices for some really awesome games. I should note that while Capcom likes to err on the side of caution in its App Store descriptions and only claim support for the latest iOS version that was available when each app was last updated, all of the games apparently still work on iOS 11. It has also been pretty good about keeping them working, so I doubt they’ll be abandoned anytime soon. It’s uncertain how long this sale will go on for, so as usual you’d best grab what you want as soon as possible.