2018 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show stymied by blackout, heavy rain and flooding

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One day after the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show saw some exhibits close because of rain, a blackout has plagued the expo center and has run for an hour, and counting.
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Smart Insoles Stroll Into the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show

At the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), MEGAComfort — a leading Occupational Health and Wellness company focused on work-life wellness solutions — will announce a new generation of Energysole.

From the official announcement provided in advance to MMW:

Designed to support users 24/7, both in the workplace and their everyday lives, Energysole is a comfortable, smart insole that uses ImpactSense Technology to provide highly accurate data, such as a pronation and supination analysis, a proprietary movement score and more, directly from the soles of users’ feet.

Energysole is clinically proven and field tested to reduce pain and fatigue. Not only does it provide superior comfort, but its state-of-the-art, patented sensor technology also educates users on how to live a healthier lifestyle with more energy, focus and motivation. Energysole tracks, measures and analyzes activity up to 50 times per second, making it more accurate than comparable wearables and insoles on the market. Unlike most wearables, which need daily charging, Energysole features a replaceable, long-life battery that provides at least three months of continual wear.

“As a practicing Podiatrist with more than 20 years in the field, I know that feet are the foundation of the body, carrying the burden of weight while supporting the knees, back and hips. If feet are not properly cared for, the result is damage to the body that escalates over time,” said Dr. Kevan Orvitz, founder and CEO of MEGAComfort. “When employees are suffering, they aren’t the only ones who are impacted – it affects their employers and families, too. They become less energetic and productive, morale decreases and pain may also lead to lost time injuries. What’s great about Energysole is that it provides the necessary foot support, shock absorption and data to prevent fatigue and injury. It also reduces risk of slips and falls, making the workplace safer and lowering expenses related to workers’ compensation claims.”

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New Virgin Hyperloop One Details Revealed at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show

All Aboard

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the recently renamed Virgin Hyperloop One unveiled two products that show just how far the concept has come since its inception. The most notable reveal was a detailed look at the first generation design of the pod that will be used to ferry people and cargo. Officially called the Virgin Hyperloop One XP-1 pod, it reached speeds of 387 kilometers per hour (240 mph) during the company’s third phase of testing.

Virgin Hyperloop One intends to begin construction on a hyperloop route in 2019, with full-scale production tests to follow in 2021. However, we still know very little about how passengers will book their trips once the pods become operational. Will people be able to buy tickets online, or would they have to go to a hyperloop location?

A potential answer to the second question may be in the second product Virgin Hyperloop One revealed at CES 2018: a mobile app that’s meant to “simplify and customize hyperloop trip planning.” The app, set to release later this year, enables people to schedule and pay for their hyperloop trips ahead of time, as well as other forms of transportation such as public, private, and ride-sharing services. They can also tailor the app to show them only the fastest, cheapest, or greenest transportation options.

“We’re giving the public a taste of what a Virgin Hyperloop One experience will be like by publicly unveiling our pod and demonstrating how passengers will experience booking a hyperloop trip from their pocket,” said Rob Lloyd, CEO of Virgin Hyperloop One, in a statement. “Every hardware and software milestone brings us closer to commercializing hyperloop.”

Futuristic Transport

Its capabilities don’t end there: since Virgin Hyperloop One collaborated with HERE Technologies and used their Mobile Software Development Kit for Business to develop the app, it can also provide advanced location, mapping, and navigation capabilities for 136 countries. As if that wasn’t enough, there will also be public transit information for
nearly 1,300 cities, plus 3D indoor and venue maps.

As Matt Jones, Virgin Hyperloop One’s SVP of Software Engineering puts it, “We see hyperloop as the high-speed backbone for mass transit networks, [it’s] far from just a pod in a tube. It’s a means to provide a seamless routing experience across multiple transportation modes.”

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Arrow Electronics steps up IoT focus with eInfochips acquisition

Arrow Electronics steps up IoT focus with eInfochips acquisition

Global electronics component distributer Arrow Electronics has acquired product engineering and software services company eInfochips for a reported $ 284 million.

EInfochips has headquarters in both San Jose, California and Ahmedebad, India and was founded by Intel chip designer Pratul Shroff in 1994 to offer high-tech design services such as chip design. The value of its purchase by Arrow Electronics has not been officially disclosed, but India’s Economic Times reported it as being Rs 1,800 crore, or around $ 284 million. The deal is expected to close in late January.

Arrow’s decision to acquire eInfochips signals that IoT will continue to be a big focus for the company in 2018. In a statement, Michael Long, Arrow’s CEO, president and chairman, said that the purchase will advance the company’s IoT strategy, expand its offerings and help it move into what he called “a growing IoT services market.”

He added that the acquisition will add over 1,500 IoT solution architects, engineers and software development resources to Arrow’s “already leading position in IoT design services”.

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Complementary portfolios

Certainly, eInfochips’ track record in designing chips for IoT products will be a boost for Arrow. The acquired company has customers across the retail, industrial automation, healthcare and aerospace industries, while Arrow already has its own IoT portfolio, ‘Sensor to Sunset’, providing smart device makers with the sensors, wireless connectivity, gateways, analytics and security technologies they need to build their products.

Now, Arrow will be able to add eInfochips’ tools around engineering, embedded software development, mobile device connectivity and security and app development into its repertoire.

“Arrow has redefined design engineering with our industry-leading eDesign digital platform. Customers now collaborate on Arrow.com with hundreds of online-enabled engineers. Our engineers help customers with online reference designs, cloud-based design tools, and our eDesign platform,” said Matt Anderson, chief digital officer of Arrow. “Connecting eInfochips’ IoT capabilities and engineers to our eDesign platform will substantially augment the scale of eInfochips’ services, delivered via digital tools, to Arrow’s 125,000 customers.”

Pratul Shroff of eInfochips said that he was “proud” that the acquisition had brought a $ 23.8 billion revenue Fortune 118 corporation to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, where many of the company’s staff are based. “This acquisition is also a testament to our engineering execution, expertise in connected devices and connecting them to the cloud, and the trust that our clients place in us. We are excited to join forces with Arrow to further add value to our clients across the world,” he said.

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Powercast promises wireless charging of consumer electronics at an 80-foot range

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A second at-range wireless charging company has announced its Federal Communications Commission approval, and will be demonstrating its far-field technology, capable of charging multiple devices up to 80 feet away at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.
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