What we expect from Apple’s ‘field trip’ education event next week

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Apple made a surprise announcement on Friday when it unveiled plans to host a special education event at a high school in Chicago later this month. Apple says it will reveal “creative new ideas for teachers and students” at Lane Tech College Prep High School on March 27, and we already have a good idea of what to expect.



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Apple’s surprise education event could showcase new, cheaper hardware

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Apple issued invites Friday for an education-themed event in Chicago on March 27. The invite promises “creative new ideas for teachers and students.” That could indicate the arrival of more-affordable Apple devices — like the new MacBook Air and iPad we’ve been hearing about. Recent rumors promised new Apple devices in March. However, as the […]

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Apple schedules ‘creative education’ event on March 27th in Chicago

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Apple has announced that it scheduled ‘creative education’ event on March 27 in Chicago and it already started sending out media invites for the same. The keynote will commence at 10:00 a.m. Central Time. The company will focus on education-related announcements for teachers and students including a new version of Apple pen. The teaser image that Apple has posted indicates that it will be introducing a new version of Apple pen along with low-cost iPad that is said to be priced around $ 260 just as it was rumored back in December. The updated iPad will sport a 9.7-inches size. Along with iPad, Apple might also introduce the much talked low-cost MacBook Air. However, according to DigiTimes reports, Apple is said to announce the MacBook model at WWDC which is set for June 4th. But with Apple holding a special educated-based event later this month, it makes sense for it to bring the new low-cost MacBook now than later. The entry-level MacBook Air is expected to be priced between $ 799-$ 899 price range. Other announcements include AirPower charging mat which is a wireless charging pad that can charge multiple Apple devices at once, including the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and Apple Watch Series 3. In terms of …
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Making The Grade: Making sense of Apple’s current MacBook line for education

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Making The Grade is a new weekly series from Bradley Chambers covering Apple in education. Bradley has been managing Apple devices in an education environment since 2009. Through his experience deploying and managing 100s of Macs and 100s of iPads, Bradley will highlight ways in which Apple’s products work at scale, stories from the trenches of IT management, and ways Apple could improve its products for students.

There’s been a lot of discussion in the Apple community lately about MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air vs. MacBook. Each laptop has its pros and cons, but I want to consider which one makes the most sense in education.

I had to do this process two years ago when I was planning our technology refresh at our school. I came up with a list of guidelines that I considered to be important, and then let those guidelines help me determine what laptop was best for us.

  1. Compatibility with existing hardware (projectors, TVs, etc.)
  2. The maturity of hardware (for reliability)
  3. Price vs. function

While that may seem like a straightforward list, it contains some critical decisions that can impact the overall price significantly. When buying more than a couple of laptops, small equipment decisions can add tens of thousands of dollars to your quote.



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Apple will hold March 27 event with education focus

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Apple announced today that it is holding an event on March 27 that will focus on “creative new ideas for teachers and students.” The event is likely to include the debut of an updated iPad, as well as new software initiatives. A calligraphy-styled invitation for the event is titled “Let’s take a field trip.” Unlike mos…Read More
Apple – VentureBeat
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Apple sends invites to education event on March 27th

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Apple event March 27th

Apple will be holding an event focused on education in Chicago on March 27th, according to an invite sent out to members of the media Friday morning. There’s no specific rumors about what we’re expecting to see at the event, although new devices like an iPad or laptop, or new education-focused software features are certainly possible.

The company has traditionally held a small event in March, prior to its Worldwide Developer Conference in early summer, where it announces devices like new iPads or the iPhone SE. We’ve certainly seen a lot of rumors about a new iPhone SE and an iPad with Face ID, so there’s a good chance we could be seeing one of those arrive at the event.

The only hint Apple is giving us from the invite is that it will be something to do with education. “Let’s take a field trip” isn’t exactly subtle, and the full invite says “Join us to hear creative new ideas for teachers and students.” That implies we’re going to see more than just a shiny new tablet, and some kind of schools initiative or education-specific software might be in the works.

There is precedent for Apple releasing a new iPad or iPhone model at its March event. In 2016, Apple debuted the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and the iPhone SE on March 21st at a similar event. We’ve seen plenty of rumors about a new iPad and iPhone, including regulatory filings for a new iPad. Those kinds of documents typically turn up a month or so before release, so the timeline makes sense for a March launch.

Apple – BGR

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Apple ‘Let’s take a field trip’ education event set for Chicago, March 27

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All the rumors and speculation about an Apple March Event for 2018, including updated iPads, a new iPhone SE, new colors for iPhone X, new Apple Watch bands, AirPower, and more!

In March of 2011, Steve Jobs took to the keynote stage to introduce the iPad 2 and to tell us technology alone was not enough. That was the beginning of the modern Apple spring event. In 2012, it saw the introduction of the Retina iPad (iPad 3) and the 1080p version of the Apple TV. Then, in 2013… nothing. In 2014… nothing again. It wasn’t until 2015 that Apple held another March event, and that year brought the final Apple Watch introduction and the all-new MacBook. In 2016 we got iPhone SE and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Then, 2017, nothing again.

Now, in 2018, it’s back on! In… Chicago!

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When will Apple’s 2018 March Event take place?

Tuesday, March 27, 2018. That continues Apple’s pattern of holding spring events later and later in March.

  • 2016: March 21
  • 2015: March 9
  • 2012: March 7
  • 2011: March 2

Where would Apple’s 2018 March Event be held?

The Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park, you’d think? But no: It’s being held in Chicago this time.

Does an education event mean we won’t see new iPhones, iPads, or Macs?

Hard to say. We could get there and see new Books (formerly, iBooks) and new Classroom for iPad software. And that’s it. Or we could see the next version of the less expensive 9.7-inch iPad to go with it, and maybe the new, updated MacBook Air for students.

Nothing is official until Apple announces it, so let’s just cover all the bases.

Will there be a new iPhone SE 2?

Apple typically unleashes new iPhones in September but in 2016 we got an everything-old-is-new-again rebirth of the 4-inch screen size with iPhone SE. Could Apple be readying a repeat?

The existing iPhone SE is an iPhone 6s in iPhone 5s clothes. Apple might replace it in the less expensive lineup with an iPhone 9 this spring, but what about in the much smaller lineup? With next-generation iPhones rumored to go Plus again, it would be nice to have something that’s still on the small side as well.

An iPhone SE 2, so to speak.

More on iPhone SE 2

What about a Product RED iPhone X?

While we didn’t get a March Event in 2017, we did get a Product RED iPhone 7. And it was stunning. New colors are often as exciting for customers as new designs — we’ve seen that with gold and rose gold in the past.

Competitors are launching new flagship-ish phones this spring and a great way for Apple to grab back some of that attention is new iPhone colors. Not only does Product RED fit that bill, it provides funding to an incredibly worthy cause.

Whether we’d see anything other than potential gold or red iPhones X — purple or blue, anyone? — or any new colors at all are questions I’m incredibly excited to see answered.

More iPhone 9 / iPhone XI rumors

And new iPads Pro?

Apple updated the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and introduced the 10.5-inch iPad Pro back in June. That’s only 9 months ago for a product that typically enjoys a 12-18 month refresh rate.

But Apple silicon – in this case, the September-launched A11 bionic — waits on no refresh rate, and the idea of iPads Pro getting MacBook Pro-style spec bumps is appealing. (Even if it causes grumbles from those who just bought the previous model.)

Arguably, the bigger advances awaiting iPads Pro are OLED displays, TrueDepth cameras, and Face ID.

Given OLED constraints and Apple’s desire to push the display technology to two new iPhones this year, it seems extremely unlikely for iPad. Whether Apple can produce enough TrueDepth modules or tries to push LED edge-to-edge, we’ll have to wait and see.

More iPad Pro 3 rumors

What about a new, cheap 9.7-inch iPad and… a new iPad mini?

Another example of Apple launching new products even when it doesn’t hold events, 2017 saw a new, less-expensive iPad. Roughly analogous to an iPad Air 1.5 with updated processors, it was targeted at people who still had iPad 2 or other, older, devices.

So the questions becomes: Does Apple keep that model around and push prices down even lower — into cheap video tablet ranges — or keep the price the same and bump up the specs?

iPad mini is an even harder knot to cut. Steve Jobs never wanted a small tablet. Eddy Cue convinced him of its value. And it worked… for a while. But when iPhone went big and bigger, the iPhone Plus cut into the iPad minus.

Now, with rumors of an even bigger iPhone on the horizon, is there any space left at all for an iPad mini or 7.9-inch iPad Pro?

As someone who’d love a big phone or tiny tablet with Apple Pencil support, I just hope Apple offers one of those products by year’s end.

Watch bands… but no Watches?

Apple Watch Series 3 debuted just six months ago, so it’s way early for series 4. Could new case colors be in the works? Jet black might not be durable enough for something worn on your wrist, but product RED? Metallic blue? There are still lots of options to explore if Apple chooses to.

It’s also never too early for new Watch bands. Since the launch in spring of 2015, Apple has shown off new, seasonal Watch bands every six months like — wait for it! — clockwork.

New colors seem like a lock at this point. I’d like to see the Hermès back in stock but beyond that, I’d love to see more colors for the Nike-style bands, and in additional colors like bright orange, hot pink, neon blue, and more. It’s a great style and not being able to expand it with more bands is a shame right now. I’d also like to see the current Hermès straps go on sale separately.

There are also a few styles of watch band Apple hasn’t offered yet and the possibility of additional fashion partnerships…

More on Apple Watch

What about new Macs?

Apple announced the 12-inch MacBook at the March event in 2015 and updated in in 2016. The 2017 updates showed up at WWDC in June along with updated MacBooks Pro and iMacs. In December, we got iMac Pro.

All of them are now on Kaby Lake (with the exception of iMac Pro, which is on Skylake, because Xeon W.) Is Coffee Lake ready for the Mac? Intel has been struggling with the last few die shrinks and architecture changes — so much so the company has delayed and divided its roadmap numerous times. Apple needs very specific chips and time for deep integrations, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Same with a redesign. I’d love Face ID on the Mac even more than I would iPad. With T1 and T2 chips, everything is there assuming the TrueDepth camera modules are available in sufficient quantity and yield rates. And if it comes with an edge-to-edge display like in the mockup above — take my money.

But it’s a huge if, especially for March.

More on MacBook rumors

AirPower and AirPods 2?

Apple teased AirPower inductive charging pads and inductive charging cases for AirPods back in September of 2017. It would be odd to rehash them rather than launch them, but if they’re ready and there’s at least a slide’s worth of new information to talk about, why not?

There are rumors of water-resistance and Hey, Siri-capable AirPods 2, and even AirPods-style, high-end, over-the-ear headphones as well. It might be too early for those, though.

What about the software?

We’ve got the betas for iOS 11.3 and the rest, so all the small new features coming this spring are already out there. If there’s anything specific to the new hardware or services, we’ll hear about it.

What do you want to see?

What do you most want to see from Apple in spring 2018? Let me know in the comments below!

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Apple announces creative education event on March 27

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Apple is sending out invitations to an education event on March 27. Using the tagline ‘Let’s take a field trip,’ Apple says that the event will focus on ‘creative new ideas for teachers and students’ …



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10 Exciting iPhone Education Apps for Kids

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In a little more than a decade, the combination of the iPhone and apps have transformed so many parts of our lives. From social networks and communication to games and much more, the iPhone has made learning, play, and everything in between easier and more enjoyable. One area that’s seen huge change is education. Thanks to the iPhone’s slim form factor, easy to use software, and touchscreen, even toddlers can use the smartphone to learn while having fun. Since there’s a plethora of education software available to download from the App Store, we’re highlighting 10 great titles for kids of…

Read the full article: 10 Exciting iPhone Education Apps for Kids

iPhone and iPad – MakeUseOf

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Jamf’s ‘innovation pod’ aims to offer iPad-based education to students in Haiti

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Article Image

Enterprise and educational device management firm Jamf is helping a group of 150 Haitian students to engage with the digital world, by shipping an ‘innovation pod’ providing iPads and other technology, as well as a digital curriculum, to a school in one of Haiti’s impoverished areas.
AppleInsider – Frontpage News

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