Each of these iPhone upgrades costs less than $25 [Deals]

When you buy an iPhone, you’re just getting started. For become useful in your day-to-day life, you’ll want some extras. So if you’re going to listen to music, that means headphones. If you’re driving a lot, you’ve got to have a car mount. All those accessories can add up, which is why we’ve rounded up […]

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T-Mobile is offering 4 ONE lines for $35 each for Valentine’s Day

T-Mobile is sweetening its ONE plan this Valentine’s by offering a free line of service when you add a new one to an existing family plan or start a new one. That may sound slightly confusing, but what it really boils down to is that you can get a T-Mobile ONE plan with 4 lines for $ 35 per line (that’s $ 140 total), instead of the usual $ 40. T-Mobile’s ONE plan already comes with unlimited 4G data (throttled at >50 GB), tethering, data roaming in 140+ countries, and a standard Netflix subscription.

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Keep track of each country’s Olympic medal count with this tool

Where in the world are the Olympic winners from?

Saturday is the first day medals will be awarded at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. And now you can keep track of each country’s medal count in real time, using this tool from online mapping company Esri.

You can toggle between gold, silver, bronze and the total for each country’s medals.

As of Saturday morning, the Netherlands is in the lead with four medals: one gold, two silver, and one bronze. But as the games start picking up, everyone’s totals will start to change.

For a full-screen version, go here.

You can find out different ways to live stream the 2018 Winter Olympics here.

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20 VR and AR projects given up to £20,000 each by CreativeXR

20 VR and AR projects given up to £20,000 each by CreativeXR

Twenty virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) projects have been given up to £20,000 of funding by CreativeXR, a programme developed by not-for-profit Digital Catapult and Arts Council England, with support from government-backed innovation agency Innovate UK.

CreativeXR is aimed at enabling the UK’s arts and cultural sector to lead the field in immersive content creation and digital innovation. Those behind the programme want to encourage applicants to focus on R&D and develop riskier, content-driven projects that contribute to developing new skills, tools and business opportunities.

In an open call for ideas, CreativeXR received over 1,000 registrations of interest and over 250 applications, but only 20 applicants were successful and have each been offered up to £20,000 of funding to develop their prototype. They will be able to work with industry leaders in workshops to help them with concept development, and they will also have access to Digital Catapult Immersive Labs in London, Brighton, North East Tees Valley and Belfast.

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Creating immersive experiences

Successful applicants include a team working on an immersive experience that explores beauty from autistic perspectives; a team working on a VR experience that allows an audience to physically step into history; a group working on a VR crime thriller solving cold cases throughout British history; and a mixed reality experience that promises to enhance the UK Coastline through story, myth, fantasy and heritage.

One team, called the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, is working on ‘theatrical reality’, which is described as “a magic mirror to unchain theatrical barriers using augmented reality technologies”. Another idea, dubbed Traitor, involves a two-player interactive high stakes thriller, combining VR with live action.

“We want to make it easier for content commissioners to take more risks and explore new forms of storytelling with immersive content,” said Aurelien Simon, head of immersive at Digital Catapult.

“That’s why we’re giving the 20 teams selected the space and funding they need to experiment with their projects, as well as the chance to present their creations to content commissioners at the end of the programme,” he added.

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Final showcase scheduled

The CreativeXR teams will get the opportunity to pitch at a final showcase and market in March 2018, which will be attended by the likes of Google, BBC, Sky, Sony and HTC Vive.

Clive Longbottom, analyst at IT advisory organization Quocirca, suggested that the likes of AR, VR and MR have seen too many false dawns.

“The technology has to move from just being ‘interesting’ to being truly useful. I applaud the idea of the project but I remain sceptical as to whether the expected benefits will be accrued,” he said.

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Fun Avoidance Game ‘Man Vs. Missiles’ Getting New Update this Thursday Adding Unique Environments for Each Plane

It’s been quite a whirlwind since Spiel Studios accidentally released their game Man Vs. Missiles [Free] two weeks ahead of schedule just prior to the iTunes holiday shutdown in December. Since that time the game has been downloaded more than a million times and Spiel has released a whopping eight updates which have added in a bit of new content by way of new planes and made a ton of adjustments based on user feedback. Now, barely over a month after release, they are prepping the biggest update yet for Man Vs. Missiles. This Thursday a new update will arrive adding in unique environments for each of the planes in the game, and you can see how some of those will look in the following video.

In case it wasn’t clear, Man Vs. Missiles is an arcade-style avoidance game where you guide a plane as you try and collect coins and power-ups while also avoiding the homing missiles that are chasing after you. The trick is to maneuver your plane in such a way that you cause the missile paths to overlap so that they hit each other rather than you plane. It’s such a simple idea but it fits perfectly as a mobile game, and the mission-based progression system that allows for unlocking new planes and upgrading your power-ups is the sort of thing that adds that “one more go” aspect to the game. Man Vs. Missiles is free with ads and an optional IAP to disable them so there’s no reason not to check it out if you missed it over the holiday break, and look forward to the new content update this Thursday.

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