Dystopia Simulator ‘Beholder’ Gets “Blissful Sleep” Expansion

Beholder [$ 4.99] is a very well designed dystopia simulator where you have to make very difficult choices as the landlord in a totalitarian regime, and now you can enjoy even more despair in the expansion Blissful Sleep, which is now available as an IAP. Blissful Sleep lets you explore the backstory to Beholder, in the process adding deeper and more complicated characters backgrounds that should help bring all those characters to life even better (and, in turn, make your decisions even harder and more costly). The game starts with you as Hector, the landlord who was promptly beaten and dragged away in the beginning of Beholder, and life is about to get difficult.

You’ll once again have to make very difficult choices that will you have balancing the well-being of others and the well-being of your own family. Even if you don’t want to play the game as a cog in the authoritarian machine, you’re forced to do so by circumstances. If you enjoyed Beholder, with its “fun” story twists and excellent art direction, you should go grab Blissful Sleep, available now for $ 1.99. Read our review of the original game if you’re unsure whether Beholder is your kind of game (torture).


Could UBI Keep Society From Becoming a “Total Work” Dystopia?

Practical philosopher Andrew Taggart believes UBI is the ideological push we need to question why we’re so obsessed with work.

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YouTube’s paid chats are an abomination from a capitalist dystopia I want no part of

If YouTube comments stink, and they do, then YouTube live stream chats are positively radioactive in their toxicity. You can pick the most innocent of topics, like say kittens napping in a wicker basket on a sunny day, and it won’t take you long to find a prodigiously persistent troll spamming the chat with Nazi insignia, racist abuse, or anything else designed to shock and offend the greatest number of people. So yes, YouTube chats need a remedy, but Google’s Super Chat idea is the worst possible solution to the problem.

What is a Super Chat? It’s a method to amplify the visibility of your chat message on a live stream by making it larger, giving it some color, and pinning it atop the chat window for a period of time. Oh, and it costs…

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