Apple Drops 48 Points on Glassdoor’s ‘Best Places to Work’

According to Glassdoor’s 2018 list of the Best Places to Work in America, (a subjective annual analysis based almost entirely on employee feedback) Apple came in at 84th place for the first time ever — marking a massive drop of 48 points from its previous ranking at 36th place on 2017’s list.

Overall, Apple’s position on the list has fluctuated over the last decade that Glassdoor has been publishing its review. Below are the iPhone maker’s rankings in previous years, for comparison:

2009: 19th place
2010: 22nd place
2011: 20th place
2012: 10th place
2013: 34th place
2014: 35th place
2015: 22nd place
2016: 25th place
2017: 36th place
2018: 84th place

Glassdoor, which describes itself as “one of the fastest growing jobs and recruiting sites” on the web, says its ranking system is based on “a proprietary awards algorithm,” which is designed to calculate the “quantity, quality, and consistency of company reviews submitted by employees between November 1, 2016 and October 22, 2017.”

Interesting and worth pointing about these findings, first and foremost, is how substantially Apple dropped on this year’s list in relation to last. While its ranking has fluctuated over the years, to be sure, a massive 48 point drop like this might signify that Apple employees are not happy for some reason. Maybe because of Apple Park’s descriptively quirky layout? We obviously can’t make a definitive call on this; however, seeing as Apple employees are the ones whose opinions directly influence the results in the first place, it’s only reasonable to assume that something’s up..

Meanwhile, Apple’s ranking was surprisingly much lower on the list than other tech companies, including Facebook, Google and LinkedIn — who ranked first, fifth, and 21st, respectively. Also on this year’s list are Adobe, Microsoft and Yahoo, who clocked in at 31st, 39th, and 65th place, respectively.

Today’s analysis would appear to echo the findings of a recent Dice survey, which concluded that among the most “ideal employers” for tech professionals seeking jobs in the U.S., Apple comes in fourth place outranking Google, Amazon and Microsoft in that order.

Glassdoor also says that among the over 700,000 employers reviewed on its website, the average company rating is 3.3 out of 5 stars. Apple earned a modest 4.3 star rating for 2018, which is slightly higher than its overall rating on Glassdoor of 4.0 out of 5 stars.

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[Deal Alert] Pixel 2 drops to Rs 39,999 (Rs 21,001 off) starting December 7th on Flipkart in India was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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