What to Do in ‘Dissidia Final Fantasy OO’ After You’ve Beaten It

So you’ve made it all the way to the end of Dissidia Final Fantasy OO [Free]. First off, congratulations. That means you’ve watched a ton of cutscenes and battled your way through all five chapters of the story so far, undoubtedly tackling plenty of optional quests along the way. Nevertheless, there’s probably some stirring in some corner of the gamer part of your soul, wondering if that’s all there is (or maybe the regular part of your soul too, if you’re the existential part). The answer is no, because not only is there assuredly more to come on the story front — and if you’ve beaten what the game has laid out to date, you know that there’s nothing close to a resolution to its epic tale — there’s plenty to do while you wait for the developers to add more to the main quest line. If you want to keep playing, here’s what you should be doing every day to make sure your characters are as well-prepared as they can be for what eventually lies ahead.


Play Story Chapters on Hard Mode

Dissidia Final Fantasy OO

What you get: Gems, crystals, XP for leveling

While you may not have given it much thought at the time, beating any of the game’s story chapters the first time unlocks a Hard difficulty setting that applies to all of the main and side quests therein. It’s exactly what it sounds like, as all of the same battles are present, just with tougher enemies.

It’s worth your time to go back through all of them, as you can rack up more Gems by knocking out the mission goals in each fight. As well, Hard mode battles are good sources of base level crystals that you eventually run out of ways to gather as you get into the later chapters of the game’s story mode but still need to make your characters stronger.

Finally, Hard mode can be used to effectively level up some of the characters you don’t use as often as your mains, keeping them at least somewhat usable for the new content coming down the pike, some of which is guaranteed to force you to use certain characters to max out on rewards as we’ve seen so far.


Tackle Character-Specific Events

Dissidia Final Fantasy OO

What you get: New allies you can’t get through draws, 5-star armor, Gems

Along with the daily cycle quests, Dissidia Final Fantasy OO offers time-limited events based on a specific character. The first two introduced Squall (from Final Fantasy VIII) and Vanille (Final Fantasy XIII), and made it fairly easy to recruit them, requiring you to watch just two cutscenes and beat one level 10 quest. Easy peasy.

They’re even more rewarding if you keep playing, though, because they give you a chance to win two pieces of 5-star armor specifically for those characters: one for them to wear and another to level break the first one or give to another character, depending on your preference.

Since these events are only around for a few weeks, you’ll want to keep an eye on the Events tab daily to make sure you don’t miss any.


Visit the World of Illusions

Dissidia Final Fantasy OO

What you get: Summon enhancement materials, Gems, draw tickets, double XP for specific characters

The World of Illusions only opens up from time to time, so playing daily is the best way to ensure you don’t miss out when it’s available. The main draw for these quests is to provide enhancement materials to level up your Summons, which is valuable enough. But don’t sleep on the Gems they provide either, as some of the quests give you as many as 500 Gems for your first clear.

Another side benefit to each World of Illusions quest line is that it grants double XP to three different characters. So if you’re looking for another way to level up heroes that aren’t your mains, this is it — just don’t forget that these quests use Stamina Points (SP) that are connected to your overall player rank.


Grind Out Cycle Quests

Dissidia Final Fantasy OO

What you get: Crystals, Gems, Gil

This is undoubtedly the least interesting endgame content at the moment, but it still serves a purpose. You’re able to clear 10 Cycle Quests per day, which rotate between the different colors of crystals and one where Gil is the main objective.

The current Cycle Quest schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: Black crystals
  • Tuesday: Red crystals
  • Wednesday: Blue crystals
  • Thursday: Green crystals
  • Friday: Yellow crystals
  • Saturday: White crystals
  • Sunday: Gil

Don’t feel like waiting? You can unlock any Cycle Quest for 30 minutes by using a Cycle Quest Key. If you run out of those, you can buy more using Dissidia Points. Just tap on the stylized ‘D’ icon on the game’s home screen, and you’ll see a pop-up window allowing you to exchange 100 Dissidia Points for one Cycle Quest Key.

One more thing to remember about Cycle Quests is that while they focus on a particular color, you do earn smaller amounts of crystals of other colors while you clear them. So even if you are well-stocked with that day’s color, it’s not a bad idea to play your daily allotment of 10 quests regardless.


Team Up for Level 50 Co-Op Quests

Dissidia Final Fantasy OO

What you get: Gems, crystals, more

For now, these are the ultimate Dissidia Final Fantasy endgame content. You can’t take on a Level 50 Co-Op Quest solo even if you wanted to since the game doesn’t give you the option, and you probably don’t want to anyway.

An interesting twist that goes along with these quests is that you can earn additional rewards based on your cumulative score from clearing the Level 50 Co-Op Quest repeatedly, regardless of whether you play as the host or a guest. Among the loot available for the first one, the Dragon of Death is additional Gems, support items, draw tickets and five-digit amounts of Gil.

Don’t forget that while Co-Op Quests use Link Bells to limit how often you play, only the Host uses one. You’re free to join as a Guest as often as you like, and the cumulative rewards for Event Missions make it actually worth your while to do so as long as they are running.


Why You Should Be Saving Gems

Dissidia Final Fantasy OO

In any game with a gacha system like Dissidia Final Fantasy OO, it’s tempting to just hit the store and spend your premium currency as soon as you get enough for whatever the best purchase might be. In this case, it’s 5000 Gems to get 11 item draws, which is a good deal not only because you get one extra item (which would normally cost you 500 Gems or a draw ticket), but also because you are guaranteed a 5-star weapon.

Yet there’s still another dimension to it beyond that, which is that some of the event draws and weekly draws give you as high as a 90 percent chance of obtaining the 5-star weapon for one of three different characters. Until you have every character on your roster matched up with his or her specific 5-star weapon, that’s a powerful incentive to stockpile Gems and spend them only when the draws that benefit you the most come around. It doesn’t totally negate the gacha aspect of the game, obviously, but it does mitigate it when you spend wisely.

Finally, something that only was added shortly before I wrote this guide is the addition of multiple 5-star weapons for some characters. For example, Cloud now has both the Crimson Edge and Ogrenix from Final Fantasy VII as options, both of which have different special abilities. That should be another factor in your mental calculus when deciding when and on what to spend your Gems.

Still, if you take nothing else away from this entire endgame discussion, it’s that there’s currently no good reason not to wait until you have 5000 Gems before taking a shot on gear draws, and even after completing all of the game’s story quests, there are plenty of opportunities to keep earning them daily to stockpile them for down the road.


Dissidia Final Fantasy OO: How to master the Bravery system

Dissidia Final Fantasy OO - Master the Bravery system

It’s time to get brave. Specifically, we’re going to talk about how to master the Bravery system that is at the very heart of combat in Dissidia Final Fantasy OO, which makes battles a matter of good timing even though they are 100 percent turn-based.

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Heroes and villains unite in Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia, now on mobile

Released in Japan last year, Opera Omnia is the first installment of Dissidia Final Fantasy to end up on the mobile platform. As with the other Dissidia titles, it throws together the greatest characters from the world of Final Fantasy to fight alongside each other. Now, publisher Square Enix (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts) and developer Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive) has launched the game worldwide. Time to dust off your gunblades.

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Square Enix’s latest RPG ‘Dissidia Final Fantasy Omnia’ is officially available

Dissidia Final Fantasy Omnia just came out of pre-registration and is officially available on the Play Store. It is a free-to-play gacha RPG that has centered its theme around the Playstation Portable’s series of Dissidia Final Fantasy games. Unlike the original PSP titles (and the new PS4 title), the gameplay is turn-based, though it does use the familiar Brave/HP offense/defense system just like the originals.

What is most notable about Dissidia Final Fantasy Omnia is the fact that there is no PvP, no timers, and no stamina system.

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Out Now: ‘Final Fantasy Dissidia Opera Omnia’, ‘PAKO 2’, ‘Disc Drivin’ 2′, ‘Bring You Home’, ‘Dice Soccer City’, ‘Mad Skills BMX 2’, ‘Run Gun Sports’, ‘Magic Golf’, ‘Unicycle Hero’, ‘Headshot ZD’ and More

Welcome to another week of new iOS game releases, and honestly, I don’t have anything coherent to say right now. I’ve been staring at my laptop for nearly 12 hours and the games just keep on coming. It’s unbelievable the number of awesome-looking stuff that launched this week, including the sequel to cult-classic PAKO, a new free to play Final Fantasy game, the stealth release of Bring You Home from the geniuses who brought us Tiny Thief and Love You To Bits, and of course the highly-anticipated sequel to THE game of TouchArcade with Disc Drivin’ 2. Seriously, my brain is mush and I probably should have eaten something today, but get your mind off my well being and onto the huge list of new games below and let us know which ones you’re interested in picking up this week.


A Hollow Doorway

iTunes Description

A Hollow Doorway is a meditation on the meaningless. A love letter to nothingness and an introspective look at the heart of purposeless infinity. Desperately swipe and spin your doorway in a futile attempt to match the rotation of rapidly approaching concentric walls as sweat pours from your armpits and your soul pours into your trembling thumb. It’s fun!

Forum Thread: A Hollow Doorway (by Kenny Sun)

Avicii | Gravity HD

iTunes Description

Global hit music game AVICII | GRAVITY returns in a massive expansion, packed with brand new and boosted original content:


Experience Avicii’s music in a whole new way. Your performance affects how his hit songs are played out. Watch as the environment changes dynamically to reflect your progress. Unlock new ships and use a wide range of powers to further enhance your performance.

Forum Thread: Avicii | Gravity HD (by Hello There)

Ayo: A Rain Tale

iTunes Description

Embark on a dangerous journey to help Ayo fetch water for her family. Overcome challenges and enemies as you explore Sub-Saharan Africa – gaining skills, wisdom, and courage along the way. Experience Ayo’s harsh desert environment as she confronts her fears and braves the unforgiving drought in this adventure platformer.

Ayo: A Rain Tale sheds the light on a young girl who regularly carries her tough water-fetching duty with courage. Ayo’s perilous struggle is shared by many girls in Sub-Saharan Africa who live in communities that have no access to clean water. The daily burden of fetching water is carried by women and children – who go on journeys to distant sources and return home shouldering 40-pound containers filled with water for their families.

Forum Thread: Ayo: A Rain Tale (by Inkline s.a.r.l)


iTunes Description

Swing for colorful balloons and avoid the bombs in this home run contest!

Earn coins to unlock the full cast of wacky characters!

Score as high as you can to rank up on the leaderboard!

Forum Thread: Baseballoons (by 43K Studios LLC)

Bouncy Ball NG

iTunes Description

Join Pixel Pete in this retro side scrolling action game, as he bounces his way to a secret lab in hopes of turning into a 3D bouncy ball. You control Pete’s left and right movement by touching the left or right side of the screen, while he perpetually bounces up and down. Gather enough green blocks by hitting them with Pete so you can exit the level. Avoid hitting death traps and falling off the world. Bouncy Ball NG (“Next Gen”) is a remake of the Color Computer “new-brew” game Bouncy Ball, and carefully designed to be a perfect fit for iPad and iPhone.

Forum Thread: Bouncy Ball NG (by AXORiON.com)

Bring You Home

iTunes Description

From the creators of Love You to Bits, Alike Studio presents BRING YOU HOME

BRING YOU HOME unravels the story of Polo, a humble alien hero who will traverse all kinds of worlds in a frenzied chase to rescue his kidnapped alien pet. BRING YOU HOME is a cute and accessible, purely visual, family-friendly puzzle adventure… with a twist in the gameplay. You don’t control the hero, you control the level ITSELF! How? Change and rearrange the pieces of every level to unveil the right path for Polo!

With this innovative mechanic, even failing can be fun! If poor Polo finds a deadly but hilarious fate, just go back in time and rewind the level. Venture into oodles of worlds stuffed with magical characters, bizarre surprises, and many treacherous dangers – all to catch the captors of your missing pet. Will you get to the bottom of this mystery?

Forum Thread: Bring You Home (by Alike Studio)

Cat Condo

iTunes Description

Build your own cat condo and populate them with cute furry feline friends!

Start with a small kitty. Then combine, mix and match your kittens to upgrade them to majestic cats.

Discover and unlock many types of cats. Complete achievements and gain rewards. Watch your condo grow to a big tower which is filled with toys all over.

Become a master kitty collector. Let’s find all the kawaii neko!

Forum Thread: Cat Condo (by Zepni Ltd.)


iTunes Description

You are a giant space caterpillar. You are hungry!

Live the daily life of an awesome planet destroying Space Caterpillar by eating everything that crosses your path! Unleash chaos and destruction as the planets of the galaxy attempt to stop you! Grow and upgrade your caterpillar to take on the most challenging foes in the galaxy! Become a (not so) beautiful butterfly!

Featuring a 100% destructible environment and a custom physics engine, hold on to your socks because they are about to get knocked off!

Forum Thread: Caterpillage (by Melonius Games)

Clawbert: ToyTown

iTunes Description

Manage a city filled with the cutest and most amazing toys! Your favorite claw machine character of 2017, Clawbert, is back in action! You are the manager of ToyTown, a fantastical world where you build amazingly cute toys!!!


Construct all your favorite toy characters from the original Clawbert classic, including: Toby, Poopy Muffin, Mr. Nanner, Pio, Quartermelon and even everyone’s favorite spud, Sad Potato. Visit ToyTown HQ and take Clawbert’s toy orders. Constructs toys and deliver them to Clawbert and get awesome rewards!

Forum Thread: Clawbert: ToyTown (by HyperBeard Games)

Coiny Block

iTunes Description

Fun retro action clicker game, with a twist! The legends were true… In the year of 1985, the evil Nega-Brain has stolen all the world’s Coins. Hero, you must defeat him and save the Coins! Start your adventure to save the world!

• Collect Coins!
• Unlock new Block types!
• Awesome Power-ups!
• Challenging Enemies, spikes and lava!
• Secrets and cheats to discover!
• Deluxe Paint quality 16-bit graphics!
• Multiple endings!
• Daily chests!

…and much more!

Forum Thread: Coiny Block (by Skyriser Media)

CreaVures 18

iTunes Description

CreaVures is remastered as an iOS exclusive title and now completely self-published! There are no ads, no in-app purchases – no charges whatsoever! Just download and play. The spirit behind creating CreaVures was one of conservation and perseverance. With that in mind, we want to humbly help with hurricane relief by offering a completely optional link to Unicef, with no content being dependent on a donation.

Take control of five cute, mythical creatures of miniature proportions called CreaVures. CreaVures always travel in pairs, and they must use their special abilities to help each other solve interesting platforming puzzles. Set in a world with beautiful phosphorescent colors, these tiny creatures journey to save their homeland and restore light to their dying forest.

Forum Thread: CreaVures 18 (by Muse Games)

Dice Soccer City

iTunes Description

Build your Town. Pick your Squad. Roll the Dice, and Score!! From the makers of Pixel People, comes a deep & charming game of strategy, luck and city-building, all rolled into one! As manager of a tiny colony’s soccer club, you must assemble a team of local residents, use whatever skills they may possess, and bring home the glory you deserve.

Gifted with tactics, talent, and technology, you are destined for success – but a host of challenges stand between you and your fate! Will you be able to attract enough players to your town? Will they be able to work together in winning combinations? Will you fulfil the dreams of becoming a Flagship City by winning the coveted Five Leagues? Who will you pick? Who will you drop? How far will you push them using the tools at your disposal? The choice is yours.

Or is it?

Forum Thread: Dice Soccer City (LambdaMu Games)

Disc Drivin’ 2

iTunes Description

Faceoff with friends in a turn-based, disc-swiping race as you compete to be the first to get your disc around the track. Tackle tracks with sweeping curves and elevation changes in physics-based environments. Play at your own pace as you master the action-packed sport of disc drivin’.

Based on the acclaimed original Disc Drivin’, Disc Drivin’ 2 is a combination of skill and tension-producing physics. Now with two swipes per turn, set up your shot and make a second move while still in motion to avoid an unexpected hazard at the last second. Armed with an arsenal of upgradable powers to slip past your enemy, decide the best way to outrace your opponent. Try your hand at the new Speedrun mode where you’ll race against the clock to improve your skills. Earn coins in competition to unlock cards, new powers, discs, and abilities.

A competitive battle to the finish line, Disc Drivin’ 2 is a fresh combination of friendly competition, anticipation, strategy, and hijinks on the track!

Forum Thread: Disc Drivin’ 2 (by Pixelocity Software)

Final Fantasy Dissidia Opera Omnia

iTunes Description

Legendary heroes and villains from across the FINAL FANTASY series come together in a compelling story of powerful deities and a world in peril. Fans of the series will see their favorite characters in a brand-new adventure, and newcomers will experience the compelling story, drama, and combat that the FINAL FANTASY series is known for!

Engage in simple yet strategic turn-based combat! The unique Bravery system challenges you to balance offense with defense as you build up your Bravery and wait for the right moment to strike!

Build parties from a cast of dozens of FINAL FANTASY heroes and villains and prepare them for battle with a variety of equipment and abilities. Embark on a journey alongside beloved characters and encounter familiar faces, summons, and more along the way!

Multiplayer quests allow you to join forces with up to two other players to bring down mighty enemies and earn fabulous rewards!

Forum Thread: Final Fantasy Dissidia Opera Omnia (Square Enix)

GLOBE – In A State of War

iTunes Description

An Alien invasion has been detected and the space station patrolling Earth has been attacked and all the astronauts have been dislodged into space, it is up to you to save all the astronauts and eliminate all threats before Earth is attacked.

Destroy Aliens and asteroids, earn SpaceDust and equip over 40 Mods from the Mod Workshop featuring a system all RPG fans love, the mods have been categorized into common, rare, very rare, epic and legendary. Level up your ship for permanent upgrades and complete 25 levels of pure arcade madness.

Forum Thread: GLOBE-In A State of War (by Optimum Games/ZPLAY)

Happy Pills: Ridiculous Fun

iTunes Description

The human nature is ridiculous. As ridiculous as your mission: Save the human body – or at least, what remained.

So, you want to know what “Happy Pills” is all about?
Basically, you’re this little pill. And you’re jumping through the human body. And you’re trying not to get killed by weird stuff like knives and needles and green slime stuff. It’s just like Flappy Bird. But without birds. And without pipes. And vertical.

Forum Thread: Happy Pills: Ridiculous Fun (by Daniel Mitteregger)

Headshot ZD

iTunes Description

Blitz through the oncoming zombies with headshots and rescue the survivors.
Gather valuable resources and survive through the post-apocalyptic zombie world of this 2D survival action game.

The Great Smog Apocalypse
Produced by chemical reaction of nuclear radiation and mysterious air pollutants, the great smog has swept across the globe. 99.9% of all living creatures that have inhaled the deadly smog have turned into the living dead. All nations as we know it have ceased to exist. However, for the 0.1% that have not turned, the fight for survival has just begun…

Forum Thread: Headshot ZD (by NANOO COMPANY Inc.)

Hero Hunters

iTunes Description

Build a Powerful Hero Team! Play the #1 Team Based RPG Shooting Game!

Join friends for incredible Hero battles. Over 40 Heroes to recruit and play with!

Play the Campaign Mode and take on Kurtz’s Army, join friends in epic Co-op Missions, compete world-wide in Real-time Online PvP Battles, or participate in Daily Events, Gauntlet Mode and Boss Raids!

Forum Thread: Hero Hunters (by Hothead Games)

Imperial Ambition

iTunes Description

Imperial Ambition is another brand new war strategy game developed by Haypi since the release of Haypi Kingdom in 2008. With novel game rules, diverse occupation gameplay and free sandbox strategy, Imperial Ambition,the elaborately designed next-gen magic strategy game,brings SLG into a new 3.0 era. This game pioneers Kingdom War, allowing all players to strive and conquer for hegemony in a world map, which explains why ONLY in Imperial Ambition you can fight fierce battles with other large legions.

Centuries after the battle against the Dark Dragon, evil rumors swept through the races. “When the Dark Dragon awake, the magic world will break.” Conflicts arises which leads the peace and order fallen to pieces. Human, Orcs, Elf, Dwarf, Revenant. The extremists from every race forge their armies and rise in revolt. Sieges! Invasions! Clashes! Wars! Everywhen and everywhere! Your majesty, will you be the savior of our world?

Forum Thread: Imperial Ambition (By Haypi Inc)

Just Freeskiing

iTunes Description

Just Freeskiing is a highly authentic freeski simulation with sheer endless possibilities to tweak (3D Touch), style and combine realistic tricks!

The numerous Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Big-Air, Jibbing (Rails, Boxes) and Backcountry challenge locations are covering a huge variety of freeskiing. The game features a powerful yet simple steering technology with supportive in-game tutorials and simple buttons for beginners and advanced possibilities (2x taps, swipes, etc.) as well as enhancements (Grab-Trick-Packages) for Pro’s.

Summarized, the aim of the game is to beat the world’s best scores and to master given challenges in order to improve your overall skiing skills. Let’s go and give it a try !!

Forum Thread: Just Freeskiing (by Randerline GmbH)

Kuros Classic

iTunes Description

Start playing Kuros Classic today, a New and Unique Puzzle game – use your Logic to find all Kuros from around the world!

Kuros Classic is played on a squared grid where some of the cells have Red Kuros with numbers. Each cell has to be filled by either a Kuros (TAP once) or a rock (TAP twice). The goal is to find out how to fill the whole grid following some simple rules to save the lost Kuros!

Just follow these simple rules and tips to find out which cells should have Kuros and which ones rocks in order to fill the board correctly and complete the level.

Forum Thread: Kuros Classic (by MyBox Game Studio)

Lord of Dice

iTunes Description

* Strategic Anime RPG with Hero Collection and Dice Mechanics!
* Adventure through the Sealed Infinity Tower!
* Choose & Customize Master with Unique Outfits and Special Skills!
– With Stunning Visuals and Power, Overwhelm Your Enemies!
* Collect Over 200 Unique Dicers and Build the Strongest Team!
– Evolve & Awaken Your Dicers to Lead You to Victory!
* New Battle Style Awaits You! Be Prepared for Dice Battles with Strategy!
* From the Solo-play to Multi Battles, Conquer Endless Hordes of Enemies on your Journey!
– Compete for Higher Ranks in the Real-time PvP!
– Battle Alongside Friends in Co-op Boss Raids!

Forum Thread: Lord of Dice (by Kakao Games Corp.)

Mad Skills BMX 2

iTunes Description

Mad Skills BMX 2 has finally arrived! See for yourself why Mad Skills games have been installed more than 40 million times worldwide, by action sports enthusiasts, professional athletes, and casual gamers alike. This is side-scrolling racing action as you’ve never experienced it, racing against people from across the globe on carefully designed tracks that will challenge your skills and — sometimes — your sanity.

Mad Skills BMX 2 will get major developer support, ensuring tons of meaningful updates in the weeks, months, and years to come. We already have additional game modes in the works!

Forum Thread: Mad Skills BMX 2 (by Turborilla)

Magic Golf

iTunes Description

Mini Golf like you never played before! Thousands of crazy courses are waiting for you. And once you’re ready for something else, start creating your own and share them with the world! Don’t forget to upgrade your character with tons of wacky accessories. And most importantly, have fun!

– PLAY thousands of player created courses
– COMPLETE challenging goals on each course
– CREATE and SHARE your own courses
– CUSTOMIZE your character with awesome acessories
– COMPETE with your friends in daily tournaments

Forum Thread: Magic Golf (by Qwiboo)

Match Dice

iTunes Description

Pure, Unique and Relaxed!

It looks simple, but it will burn your brain!
100 Levels in every world. You can unlock more. Big world’s big levels will be harder.

Though there are many puzzles, but “Match Dice” is unique,original and high quality.
“Match Dice” use mini 3D design. It is easy to learn: Roll same dices together. It will take your lots of time.

Forum Thread: Match Dice (by Xi You Di Wang)

Nova Empire

iTunes Description

Enter an epic battle for conquest of the galaxy with players around the world! An action-packed, next generation online space strategy experience!

Welcome to Nova Empire, a next generation strategy game. Get your fleets ready and fight for glory!

Forum Thread: Nova Empire (by GameBear Tech)

Nova Slash

iTunes Description

You play as a rogue government experiment named Noven, who has just been infused with the power of a dying star. Becoming one with the star gave Noven incredible powers, while also giving him speed, agility, and the ability to emit radiation from his body! Considered highly dangerous by his government, Noven has escaped into the city where he hopes to find refuge, but his government has already sent assassins to neutralize him.

Forum Thread: Nova Slash (by Icuzo LLC)


iTunes Description

In a time when demons and humans coexisted… Evil spirits from the underworld have begun a quest for power, strength, and dominance. The balance between the two worlds is now in jeopardy.

Fortunately, there’s a group of gifted humans who can read the stars and draw amulets. They have the power to connect the two worlds, and even tame the spirits. They are willing to lay everything on the line to maintain peace and order between the two worlds. They are known as Onmyoji.

The gate to this magical world of spirits and beauty will now open for you…

Forum Thread: Onmyoji (by NetEase Games)


iTunes Description

PAKO 2 is an arcade driving game where you work as a getaway driver. Pick up your crew from heist spot, escort them to safety in dramatic chase against the cops, repeat and compete in the leaderboards! Every run gains you money which can be used to buy new rides and locations. Get in, get out, get paid!

– Absolutely NO in-app purchases or ads
– Easy controls!
– Pick up crew members and escort them to safety
– Vast handcrafted levels full of detail
– Drive-by shooting action
– Huge arsenal of cars to buy
– Various guns and special perk items
– Electro soundtrack by DKSTR
– Leaderboards to compete
– Achievements

Forum Thread: PAKO 2 (by Tree Men Games)

Run Gun Sports

iTunes Description

Are you faster than a speeding bullet?
Sports are better when you have gun legs. Run faster! Jump higher! Shoot for the gold!

Attaching guns to your legs has revolutionized track and field competition forever! The recoil from your gun legs will send you flying over the running track. Pulverize those world records! Experiment with using the bazooka legs and fly even higher!

In RUN GUN SPORTS you travel the world competing in track and field championships. Barcelona, Atlanta, Osaka, Athens. Can you beat them all?

Forum Thread: Run Gun Sports (by Not My Jeans)

Scary Jack: Wild West Shooter

iTunes Description

Wild Wild West!

Jack with the best bounty!

Bounty hunters gather to catch him!

Destroy the crowded enemies and set up the best bounty record once again!

** How to play: It’s easy! Just kill the enemy! **

But never! You should not shoot hostages!

Forum Thread: Scary Jack: wild west shooter (by young ho kim)

StarONE: Origins

iTunes Description

Casual Tap & Idle Game … in Space!

In the distant future, in a galaxy far, far away…

You are Captain ONE. You board your Mothership.

Your trusty Crew beside you –

Your adventure starts now! Fend through waves of unknown beings blocking your path to saving the Universe. As Space is VAST: 3000 levels+ vast!

Forum Thread: StarONE : Origins (by Marumittu)

Tap Away

iTunes Description

The core is being blocked by spinning defences. To get points, use your cannon to shoot the core at the right time without hitting the defence.

Forum Thread: Tap Away (By Clickteam)

Tap Hina Logic

iTunes Description

“Tap” the cute animated characters!
“Tap” to enhance or Trance the Logicalists and Foreigners!!
“Tap” to form the strongest party from Hina Logic and Luck & Logic!!!

A whole new world unfolds featuring characters from the TCG, “Luck & Logic”! Join Tamaki, Yukari, Chloe, Mana, Veronica, Ashley, Aoi, Nina, Sena, Mejiko, Sieghard, Giselle, Lion, Mahiro, Yayoi, and Yuko as you Trance with them!

A game world which you can explore with simple “taps”.
A new entertainment experience for the fans of Luck & Logic and Hina Logic.

Forum Thread: Tap Hina Logic (by Bushiroad International)

Tapt 2

iTunes Description

Tapt 2 is here! It’s a musical memory game, which test your ability to remember your favourite songs. Try to play them well enough to earn stars, and see how many perfect songs you can manage.

Tapt 2 has tonnes of new features and improvements from the original, including better sounds, two-part harmonies, an all-new user interface, new and longer songs, and tonnes more!

Forum Thread: Tapt 2 (by Stephen Coyle)

Tri Breaker

iTunes Description

Introducing Tri Breaker a brick breaker game with a new twist. Your finger is the paddle and the bricks never stop coming. Simple and minimal gameplay that everyone can enjoy, but hard to master for those who love a challenge.

Forum Thread: Tri Breaker (by Nicholas De La Rosa)

Umbra: Amulet of Light AR

iTunes Description

This world is kept at balance thanks to the mysterious shadow blocks, but a dark and powerful wizard cast a spell and scattered many of the various shadowbox formations that kept the shadow at bay.

You have been chosen as the owner of the amulet to restore the balance between light and darkness.
As the amulet owner only you can control the shadowbox blocks and return them to their original state to bring balance back to our world.

Umbra is a simple and addictive 3D AR puzzle game. The goal is to match the shadow cast by the block to make a specific pattern. Players must use both their logic and creativity to analyze the 3D shape and match it with the pattern provided. A challenging brain game for everyone.

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Unicycle Hero

iTunes Description

Finally, your dream of balancing on a unicycle and hurling heavy objects HAS COME TRUE.

– More than SEVEN individual Olympic-style events! (there are eight.)
– Compete in Career Mode for the global high score.
– Near-professional sports commentators.
– Improve your skills with “enhancements.”
– Become a unicycling, object-tossing, world champion.

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125 Balls

iTunes Description

“125 Balls” is a 3D arcade and puzzle game.
It is mini, beautiful and addictive.

Easy to learn: shoot balls to the planet while don’t hit other balls.
Hard to master: it is from developer of “99.99%” and it is only for torturing yourself!

Can you challenge 125 balls?

Please support fresh, unique and original game. Thank you.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia for mobile

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

It’s that most special of days. There’s a new Final Fantasy game on the App Store. It’s called Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, and you’re right, that is a bit of a mouthful. But what is the game? And what are you going to be doing in it?

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‘Dissidia Final Fantasy OO’ Review – The Gang’s All Here

Final Fantasy games on mobile tend to fall into one of two categories.They’re either expensive-for-mobile ports of the console classics or free-to-play exercises in nostalgia, pulling characters together from throughout the series in the hopes that people will shell out money to chase their favorites. Dissidia Final Fantasy OO  [Free] belongs more to the latter category, but it’s also decidedly less cynical than you might expect and could even rate as a real treat for those who simply can’t get enough of the franchise.

Though it shares the first word of its title with the console fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, OO (which stands for Opera Omnia, in case you need that info to win a trivia contest sometime) goes its own way in terms of gameplay experience as a traditional RPG and tells its own story to boot. The backstory here involves warring deities, who have built their own world and forces warriors from many other realms to fight nonstop. Finally worn out, they discover a safe haven of sorts only to find that mysterious portals called Torsions are letting in monsters that threaten to spill back into the connected worlds and destroy everything. The less nasty of the two gods, Materia, charges one Mog with the task of rounding up heroes of light to turn back the monsters, seal up the Torsions and set things right.

Dissidia Final Fantasy OO

It’s actually a pretty good setup to introduce characters from various Final Fantasy games and get them to team together for the common good, to say nothing of a common art style. You start with four heroes — Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy), Vivi (Final Fantasy IX), Rem (Final Fantasy Type-0) and Sazh (Final Fantasy XIII) — but you can recruit more to your team within the first chapter of the game, probably in the first 10 to 15 minutes of play. This isn’t a gacha grab, at least when it comes to characters.

The absence of an energy system or other similar time restraint is welcome, and while there are literal gates that stand in your way at points until you meet certain conditions, you have some freedom in terms of the order you tackle the quests in each chapter. Some advance the story, others are side quests that offer better rewards if you have specific heroes on your team, and still others set you on a path to add someone new to your roster. There weren’t any events active at launch, but there’s a place for them on the world map and reason to believe those would be the most obvious way to add content down the road.

Dissidia Final Fantasy OO

Since every FF game needs to have a battle gimmick to call its own, this one takes the Bravery concept from NT and adopts it to turn-based RPG combat. When it’s a character’s turn to act, you have the option to use a Bravery or HP based-attack, as well as one of up to two special abilities. The amount of HP damage you can do depends on how much Bravery you have saved up, so the flow of battle consists of weakening enemies with Bravery attacks until they enter a break state (which assures critical hits) and you can finish them off quickly with HP attacks. Timing is important because every HP attack takes your Bravery all the way down to zero.

There are other familiar twists that come into play, including elemental weaknesses and powerful summons, but except for the battles with the large, imposing, beautifully rendered bosses, there aren’t many times in the first few hours that you’ll have to strategize too carefully. Once you’ve got the Bravery system down to a science, even rotating characters to level them up at roughly the same speed will see you in plenty of easy fights, many of which you can win without more than one character taking any damage. A stirring challenge for the tactical side of your brain this is not, though clearing all of the quests in a chapter does unlock a hard mode which is, well, harder.

Dissidia Final Fantasy OO

That’s even truer if you’ve got the game’s most powerful weapons, and since Koei Tecmo and Square Enix aren’t just giving us a mobile RPG with hours of free content out of the goodness of their hearts, those are dependent on random draws fueled by premium currency. Still, the game is pretty generous about giving you ways to earn it, including some stages that don’t even have any fighting, daily achievements, and events. The idea is to match the characters up with the weapons for which they are most famous, making them even more formidable than they would be with normal gear.

Even if the gameplay doesn’t grab you, there’s a chance you might be won over by the story and character interactions that make up a surprisingly large part of the overall Dissidia Final Fantasy OO experience. As the cast grows with each new chapter, it’s not hard to pick out something and nod your head in agreement with the script, from Zidane hitting on most of his female teammates to Cecil questioning whether there’s enough good in him to be on the right side to Yuffie trying to steal stuff from the others. The ever so slightly exaggerated character models tie years worth of games together, as do the familiar strains of Final Fantasy themes that so many of us know by heart.

Dissidia Final Fantasy OO

So while Dissidia Final Fantasy OO is definitely fan service, it’s not only that, and that fact alone elevates it above some of the other F2P FF titles we’ve seen come through the App Store. If you’ve got a soft spot in your heart for the personalities from the world’s most famous RPG series and want to see them all come together in a way that doesn’t insult your intelligence, this is worth a download to see if you enjoy the rest of what it has to offer as well.


‘Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia’ Is Now Available on iOS and Android Devices

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia [Free] from Square Enix has finally released on iOS and Android devices in English. It may not be available in all regions at the start but it will slowly roll out as with many social RPGs like this one. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is the new social RPG from Square Enix with multiplayer modes and turn based combat. Pre-registrations were already underway with the final target being within reach as we inched closer to release day. Watch the trailer for it below:

This release coincides with the main home console Dissidia release on PlayStation 4 which released as well in form of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. In fact I expect a lot of tie in events across both games to get people interested in trying out Dissidia on another platform. It is going to be interesting seeing how this release plays out and the staying power of the game in general. It feels like we have a new social RPG from Square Enix every month right now. You can download Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia on iOS or Android for free. Check out our forum thread for it here.


‘Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia’ Pre-Registrations Are Now Open on Google Play

Square Enix has begun pre-registrations for the English release Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. This is a spinoff mobile game of a spinoff of the mainline Final Fantasy franchise will be releasing soon on the App Store and Google Play in Western regions. Unlike the console Dissidia games, this isn’t an arena brawler fighting game but a free to play RPG with turn based combat. It will also feature multiplayer allowing you to team up with other people to challenge large foes. Watch the announcement trailer for it below:

Dissida Final Fantasy Opera Omnia will have Bravery system challenges adding more depth to special attacks. Square Enix has been releasing quite a few mobile titles over the last year itself. It remains to be seen how this one does. They’ve been supporting games like Brave Exvius quite a bit over time.

Pre-registrations are now open on Google Play and you earn a special prize of up to 5000 Gems. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT releases on PlayStation 4 at the end of the month and this release will no doubt happen in conjunction with that. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is set to release soon on iOS and Android outside Japan. Pre-register on Google Play here.


The next ‘Final Fantasy’ brawler ‘Dissidia NT’ heads to PS4 in January

We knew that the next entry in Final Fantasy's all-star brawler Dissidia series would be coming to PS4, and a possible Amazon mishap clued us in to an end-of-2017 release. Square Enix has announced that Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will arrive a little…
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