LG’s iPhone X Clone Looks Just as Disappointing as the Rest

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Ever since Apple unveiled its radically redesigned, edge-to-edge display-equipped iPhone X last October, Android OEMs have been scrambling left and right to build flagship smartphones mimic Apple’s crown jewel from an aesthetic standpoint and try (unsuccessfully) to incorporate some of Cupertino’s most advanced new technologies. We’ve witnessed an overwhelming number of Android flagships from the […]
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HomePod gets first (disappointing) update

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The software update Apple just released for the HomePod doesn’t include AirPlay 2, the most anticipated new feature. In fact, this new version doesn’t seem to have any enhancements, though maybe that’s to be expected from a smart speaker that just launched last month. AirPlay allows you to wirelessly stream audio from your iOS device […]

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Apple’s $1T dreams are on hold as it delivers a disappointing quarter despite iPhone X launch

 Apple’s dream of becoming a $ 1 trillion company will have to wait — at least for a little while. Despite the release of the iPhone X, which was accompanied by a wave of positive reviews and seen as Apple’s interpretation of what a next-generation smartphone looks like, Apple wasn’t able to create the so-called “supercycle” that would prompt a massive wave of… Read More
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Apple reportedly halves iPhone X production after disappointing holiday sales

Starting at $ 999, the iPhone X is Apple’s most advanced model to date, but it’s apparently not selling well enough to keep manufacturing at current rates. Nikkei reports that Apple is cutting iPhone X production in half due to slower-than-expected sales in the U.S., Europe, and China, notably after less than three months on the market.

According to the report, Apple is cutting its iPhone X production targets from 40 million units in the quarter to around 20 million units, as inventories have swelled. Nikkei notes that the cuts will “have a domino effect on manufacturers” supplying parts for the iPhone X, with a likely impact totaling billions of dollars.

One possible casualty for both Apple and other manufacturers is a slowdown in their expected shifts from LED to OLED screens. Well-sourced analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has forecast that Apple will release a larger OLED version of the iPhone X and a mid-range LED model later this year.

Rumors of iPhone X production cuts have been swirling for a month thanks to a post-Christmas report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, which claimed that Apple’s initial manufacturing target of 50 million units had been cut to 30 million units. Apple did not comment on that report, and its shares dropped; they have fallen around 2% today, and are near a three-month low. Over the past week, further rumors have suggested that the iPhone X will be discontinued after only a year on the market, causing some prospective customers to question its future.

Historically, Apple has refused to provide specific sales figures for individual iPhone models, saying that it wanted to keep competitors from targeting particularly popular devices. But reputable reports of large supply chain cuts can provide some insight into sales trends, as can major changes in the average selling price of iPhone devices. Apple’s quarterly earnings release on February 1 will provide further insight into the iPhone X’s impact on overall iPhone sales.

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The meaning behind Apple’s ‘i’ is really disappointing (for some)

If you share love for Apple like I do, you’ve come to greatly appreciate that little lowercase ‘i.’ There’s an intrinsic charge about it; it certainly represents something. What “i” think The other night I pondered the implication behind Apple’s signature prefix. Before any research, I knew nothing about the ‘i’ and what it really stood for. First thing I thought of? The concept of self. The ‘i’ represents you, the user. The device is an extension of who you are, what you think, and what you do. My iPhone represents the things I love and care about. It reflects my personal…

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Sphero forced to make staff cuts following disappointing holiday sales

Interactive toy-maker Sphero appeared to all the world as though it was in fine shape as the holiday season approached last year. Thanks to licensing deals with Disney and Marvel spawning a range of remote control Star Wars robots and an app-enabled Spider-Man toy, the company’s product portfolio burgeoned in 2017. The more affordable Sphero Mini came out towards the end of the year but apparently wasn’t enough to ensure decent holiday sales numbers.

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Dara Khosrowshahi has called Travis Kalanick’s board move “disappointing” and “unusual” to Uber staff

It’s a short but not so sweet note about his ousted predecessor’s latest drama

As Recode noted last night, Uber and its board slapped back at ousted CEO Travis Kalanick after he appointed two directors — former Xerox CEO Ursula Burns and former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain — to the board without warning to anyone.

His replacement, new Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, responded in a letter to the staff of the troubled car-hailing company, in which he called the action “disappointing news” and “highly unusual.”

Well, yes, if this was a functional situation. But it is Uber, so it’s also par for the course. What will happen next week is anyone’s guess, except to say: More mishegas!

Here is Khosrowshahi note in its entirety:

Team —

I wanted to update you on some disappointing news from today. Travis appointed two new members to Uber’s Board without discussing it with me or the Board of Directors more broadly. Anyone would tell you that this is highly unusual.

If your family or friends ask you about it, here is our press statement:

“The appointments of Ms. Burns and Mr. Thain to Uber’s Board of Directors came as a complete surprise to Uber and its Board. That is precisely why we are working to put in place world-class governance to ensure that we are building a company every employee and shareholder can be proud of.”

Just know that the most important work here is the hard work you’re doing on behalf of our Company. Keep focused, keep together, and keep going.

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Apple assembly partner Foxconn reports disappointing quarter ahead of ‘iPhone 8’

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Hon Hai — better known as Foxconn — reported net income of just $ 589 million in the June quarter, missing analyst forecasts ahead of Apple’s launch of the "iPhone 8" and "iPhone 7s" this fall.
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Fugoo Style-S review: Stylish, but ultimately disappointing

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days, now more so than ever. Fugoo is not necessarily a brand you might find on the shelf at your local electronics retailer, but the company is certainly not new to us here at Android Police. Known for making impressive weather-proof devices that still have good sound, Fugoo is back with two new offerings for those who want waterproof, outdoor Bluetooth speakers. The first of these is the Style-S, the larger and more robust of the two — the Go will star in its own review to follow.

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