Exhaustive acoustical analysis demonstrates HomePod is ‘100 percent an audiophile-grade speaker’

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The audiophile community now has their hands on the HomePod, and one Reddit user has thoroughly examined the device from an acoustical standpoint, calling it ‘witchcraft" plus "100 percent an Audiophile grade Speaker."
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AI facial analysis demonstrates both racial and gender bias

Researchers from MIT and Stanford University found that that three different facial analysis programs demonstrate both gender and skin color biases. The full article will be presented at the Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency la…
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Adobe demonstrates future Photoshop tool that uses machine learning to select image subjects

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Adobe has teased one of the AI-based features coming to Photoshop in the future, with the ‘Select Subject’ function simplifying the selection of an object, person, or animal in a scene, using machine learning to determine what is likely to be the main focus of an image.
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Apple TV 4K teardown demonstrates new cooling system for A10X processor

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A disassembly of the new Apple TV 4K shows not only the improved processor in the device, but a completely redesigned cooling solution complete with "serious thermal venting" plus a fan.
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Essential Phone drop test demonstrates a strong ceramic back, but an easily broken screen

JerryRigEverything does teardowns and torture tests pretty often, but a drop test from the channel is rare to see. The torture tests that Zack does compromise the devices’ strength, and drop tests are pretty expensive in the first place. But for the titanium- and ceramic-constructed Essential Phone, an exception was made, giving us the video you see here.

Using his Galaxy S8+ and Note8 as slow-motion cameras, Zack gets the fun going with a simple drop from sitting height.

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Essential Phone drop test demonstrates a strong ceramic back, but an easily broken screen was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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