Xiaomi deletes Twitter poll after users choose Android One over MIUI

Last week, Xiaomi ran a Twitter poll asking people to choose between MIUI 9 and Android One. As you may know, MIUI is the ROM that majority of the Xiaomi phones ship with while Android One comes directly from Google and is what you find on the Mi A1. It seems Xiaomi expected a landslide victory for its own MIUI over Android One, but the good people of Twitter had other thoughts. At last known count, Android One was leading by 57%, with the remaining 43% going to MIUI 9. And then it happened. Xiaomi deleted the tweet. But nothing is ever truly lost on the Internet and predictably…

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[MIUwhy] Xiaomi deletes Twitter poll after its own MIUI loses to Android One

Xiaomi devices consistently offer great hardware at low prices, but the company’s MIUI skin isn’t everyone’s favorite. So when the Android One-powered Mi A1 debuted, it was met with heaps of praise. A couple of days ago, Xiaomi ran a poll on Twitter asking its followers whether they preferred MIUI or Android One.

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NSA quietly deletes ‘honesty’ and ‘openness’ from mission statement

Since at least May of 2016, the National Security Agency prominently displayed a mission statement with “honesty” atop its core values. It appears its priorities have changed. On January 12, the NSA removed the mission statement before replacing it with a newer version. As The Intercept first noticed, the new “Mission & Values” statement not only removes “honesty” as its top priority, but strips any mention of “trust,” “honor,” and “openness” from the page. Other core values remain, such as “integrity,” “transparency,” and “respect for the law.” Replacing “honesty,” is “commitment to service” and “respect for people.” They read: Commitment…

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Facebook deletes accounts of Chechnya leader hit with US sanctions

Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of the Chechen Republic and one of Vladimir Putin's staunchest allies, was a frequent Facebook and Instagram user up until recently. The controversial leader found himself locked out of both social networks on December 23rd, leav…
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Comcast quietly deletes language about internet fast lanes

Comcast has, up to this point, has been one of the loudest ISPs singing the praises of the FCC’s planned net neutrality rollback. Now it seems to be quietly backing off on at least a few of its more ardent promises: namely, that it won’t offer internet “fast lanes” which cost more. It’s not even so much what Comcast have said so much as what it hasn’t said. According to Ars Technica, in 2014 Comcast explicitly stated, “we’re not considering entering into any paid prioritization creating fast lane deals with content owners.” It reiterated this position (as it’s a common sticking…

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